SOMETHING'S WRONG WITH ME... | Amnesia: Rebirth - Part 2 

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Amnesia Rebirth continues and something is very very wrong with me and my delightful definitely human baby...
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Oct 26, 2020




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Comments 100   
Lucifronz 4 hours ago
Leave it to Mark to roleplay the big baby instead of the mother he's controlling. lol
Autum Wright
Autum Wright 5 hours ago
Yet another bald, scary-faced, humanoid monster, how disappointing.
Steven A
Steven A 13 hours ago
9900k and 10k is LOW and HOT and 3k R7 works smooth 5k are extra smooth
Rachel Morse
Rachel Morse 14 hours ago
Whenever I see the black things in the woman's vision, I was getting the Venom (2018 movie) vibes on how they sound as well. The man in the Venom movie (as Eddie Brock and Venom) did a 1000% good job, tbh. XD
Jess R
Jess R Day ago
52:05 waking up after a one-night stand be like
Mouse Day ago
Mother I crave violence
OddCrafter Day ago
19:00 - Oh, you are *_so_* cursed.
ILwolf96 2 days ago
So far Not a single jumpscare got me, But the Ads, damn every single time.
Eliot TheWonderful
Book mark for me: 11:40
Bratty 2 days ago
Amazing gameplay mark
Butchers names from book of solomon. Accidentally summons them all
thediamond lord
thediamond lord 2 days ago
any one elas wondering how pregnet she
Party Penguin
Party Penguin 2 days ago
Heavy pregnancy theme through the game
Forge Souls
Forge Souls 2 days ago
Mark: i'm gonna talk to my baby a lot to calm my nerves also Mark: OH HI MOM HOW YOU DOING UP THERE
Duckweed 3 days ago
27:30 *now this is looking like amnesia*
Ben Cooke-No Backup Dream
54:49 bookmark
Gecko Smoke
Gecko Smoke 4 days ago
That baby is a cringe baby
Void Frake
Void Frake 4 days ago
48:43 - Apollo Justice be like :
Andrea TheNineTalesHuman
Good video Markiplier.
Poop Brush
Poop Brush 4 days ago
Miss. Danni Tiger
2:30 27:00 27:40
CrispPencil 9442
CrispPencil 9442 4 days ago
Its an ok game, it has its moments, but i also feel like its a bit tedious and silly at time. Great video though.
Tina Bean
Tina Bean 4 days ago
Thanks Mark, and onto the next! Yeehaw!
Tina Bean
Tina Bean 4 days ago
1:08:51 at this point, all I have to say is that if she knew she was pregnant (still unsure 'cus it hasn't been mentioned in the letters), why the eff did she go on this kind of journey with this crew and her husband? I'm still confused.
Tina Bean
Tina Bean 4 days ago
1:02:07 Nice symbolic interpretation
Tina Bean
Tina Bean 4 days ago
Words that US-first won't demonetize you for (.....yet): 49:23 XD
Goofy Goober
Goofy Goober 4 days ago
Why is there a doctor on the "phone"? Shouldn't there be literally anyone but a doctor? Like military personnel, an archeologist, a police officer from the rescue team? Also why isn't he surprised to hear her, he even explicit called out to her and salim, why would he do that if they left her to die on the plane? So many questions, so little time.
Tina Bean
Tina Bean 4 days ago
35:07 Lmao it's okay Mark, tread as much water as you can with all the feminist propaganda that's popping up. Smart choice to take the role of the baby xD
Tina Bean
Tina Bean 4 days ago
25:50 Yeah, that baby is using its left hand, obviously a demon
Tina Bean
Tina Bean 4 days ago
17:53 My thoughts exactly
FBI Horse
FBI Horse 5 days ago
Why does this video smell like coffee?
Reem Kh.
Reem Kh. 5 days ago
"listen mama, lemme tell u a thing or two about a thing or two" LMFAO
Titanlord 02
Titanlord 02 5 days ago
Mark says get this baby some beer, mark earlier said he's the baby, the baby is an adrenaline seeker, so he is seeking adrenaline by suicide
Ryan Hamdyl
Ryan Hamdyl 6 days ago
Is that a bloody FT-17? In Algeria?
Conner • 5 years ago
No wonder mark is afraid of the water😂
C W 6 days ago
when mark kept saying not now the ad timer started going down lmao
Derpy Does Art
Derpy Does Art 6 days ago
Wow! Great that we find out Laudanum is bad for pregnant people AFTER we find out that Tasi is pregnant!
Matrix Boy
Matrix Boy 6 days ago
Those "worms" on screen are your eyelashes mark :P
NoDunk 6 days ago
I feel like I’m the only one who can’t see the monsters half the time
Oscar Quiles
Oscar Quiles 6 days ago
"What could go wrong" God damn it. You had to speak. *Tank falls through ground* Knew it
Tina Bean
Tina Bean 7 days ago
Totally fell asleep watching this, so I'll come back to it tonight
Tina Bean
Tina Bean 7 days ago
Tina Bean
Tina Bean 7 days ago
7:13 "Delicacies of political climate" L M A O The image that put in my head was so confusing and I love it. I'm pretty sure your brain fast forwarded and mooshed "delicate intricacies" into one word.. but that word already exists XD XD XD I can't stop LAUGHING EDIT: What's even funnier is that I think you realized what you said after saying it, and then go on about weird cravings, which, by the way, was pretty smooth and a good save. I'm sure it went over most people's heads though. EDIT 2: So maybe I'm just the crazy one, because when I hear the word "delicacy", I immediately think food. I looked it up and you did use the word in the correct context. Still funny in my very special mind though. The magic of words.
Tina Bean
Tina Bean 7 days ago
4:23 Mark see tank. Mark want tank. Your expression here is priceless.
Kelly Martin
Kelly Martin 7 days ago
I know this is amnesia but all i can think about is vanish
Marshall 7 days ago
56:49 Eustas!
Madison Tracy
Madison Tracy 7 days ago
anyone else think the oil canisters look like slushie cups
Jayden Donset
Jayden Donset 7 days ago
The main character struggles to die
UnLucky Catfish
UnLucky Catfish 7 days ago
Imagine giving birth to a child after experiencing that something like this can happen in the world and you are possibly cursed
Fun fact you're the qeen XD or not
Arstotzkan Plague Doctor
Well, *well, **_well_*
J.J. S.
J.J. S. 8 days ago
Can we talk about Mark's reaction to the water, THAT's a good game.
J.J. S.
J.J. S. 8 days ago
Honestly I'm pretty impressed with the well done portrayal of a pregnant woman too.
Foxglove 6 days ago
Yeah, Mark portrays a pregnant woman so well. I hope him and his alien baby get out of this alive. 😔✊
Solvent Entity
Solvent Entity 8 days ago
Mark your not da baby
Harrison Thomas
Harrison Thomas 8 days ago
i think the worms in the vison are eyelashes for vr
marco sensei
marco sensei 8 days ago
algiers is the capital of algeria, this game takes place in the algerian desert in the south.
Shoujo girl Art
Shoujo girl Art 8 days ago
See’s floating blue light. Mark: Pokeball!!
Enchiladas 8 days ago
Noah Bell
Noah Bell 8 days ago
There was way too many moments in this episode that made me freak the f**k out
RedEngineer 8 days ago
Why is it that so many people hate the water based areas of games?
RachellAnimates NStuff
I like how instead of Mark talking in the perspective of the character he’s playing, he puts himself as the baby lmao
Clyde 08
Clyde 08 8 days ago
I'm actually from Algeria and Algiers is our capital and this is our desert haha
Commenter54 9 days ago
Gotta love the water level reference from the first amnesiac
Meganuke5000 9 days ago
49:02 Good on Mark for getting in one wink for each eye of the baby. Shows real attention to detail.
Emily Wiskow
Emily Wiskow 9 days ago
i turn my brightness up thinking that the game has weird lighting, but homeboy is just walking in the pitch black darknesses
Damien Schmitt
Damien Schmitt 9 days ago
*hey remember the reversed horror game with the art that looked like a v*****? *
RainySkyMLP TM
RainySkyMLP TM 9 days ago
52:02 (I laughed so hard at this) Mark: Smash **throws pitcher** Monster: **jumps down from the heavens** Mark: WHY DID I SMASH??????!!!!!!!
Violingineer 9 days ago
Not Grace
Not Grace 9 days ago
I binge-watched the entirety of Mark's original Amnesia playthrough last night and lemme tell you- I've never been more stressed then that water monster segment. Horrifying.
Kozack 9 days ago
Why... didn't she just take the grenade?
Ariel Sanmiguel
Ariel Sanmiguel 9 days ago
man baby made out of iron been crushed alot 😂
Amare Odiea
Amare Odiea 9 days ago
Stand user: Tasi Stand name: Babyplier
6 9 days ago
did i hear scorpion?
Listening noob
Listening noob 9 days ago
I'd say she knew the body was Johnathan's because she knew him from the head down but it does not seem like I could even say from the neck down either...
Fabian Solorzano Pacheco
when does he like get jumpscared or die i wanna be ready
みくぴよ 9 days ago
Cassie 9 days ago
I wonder if Amy ever listens by the door, listening to the random shit Mark spits out
Your average FNaF fan
AI Delay
AI Delay 9 days ago
Game creators: You are playing the pregnant woman Tasi Mark: i'M tHe BaBY iN ThE WoMB! -^- Noice
Adrianna Pinzon
Adrianna Pinzon 9 days ago
No one: Literally no one: Mark: I SHOWED THOSE NAMES JUSTICE!!!
Garrett Hopkins
Garrett Hopkins 10 days ago
Yo anyone Remember growing up with the land before time?
Hamza Tanvir
Hamza Tanvir 10 days ago
No one : Mark : *B O I L*
June ValkyriaFreyason
⚠️Additional Warning for anyone of you how needs to know that: Flashing images often appear in this lets play ! So if you are sensetive to those watch with caution ! ⚠️
GeneralGrant 10 days ago
2:31 baby pog
Hooman Bean
Hooman Bean 10 days ago
*:')* that's all I gotta say
Kaitlynn Rost
Kaitlynn Rost 10 days ago
Dead bodies everywhere Mark looks at a pot: “that’s creepy”
timothy pierce
timothy pierce 10 days ago
every time you said no no no no a add popped up lmao
Mr. Turtle
Mr. Turtle 10 days ago
4:15 " i can't move this, not on my own" she says this while slightly moving it lol
Bea 10 days ago
U know ur a YT senior citizen when you know what Mark was referencing when he said “it’s not funneee it’s not funeeee »
FoxFighter 144
FoxFighter 144 10 days ago
Mark: Am I winking? *blinks* Perfect. Me: *pacefalm*
Annie Dodson
Annie Dodson 10 days ago
Lixian why did you edit out 1:18 I wanted to see what happened it may have been nothing but still if i still love you tho lixian but whyyyyy
ethan. Gilbreath
ethan. Gilbreath 10 days ago
Mark is fr amazing
Goose &Fish
Goose &Fish 10 days ago
Markiplier Amnesia gameplay: Need oil and omgomgomgomg monster!
Ryan Mathews
Ryan Mathews 10 days ago
Ah yes necromorphs... talk Dead Space to me ;)
Kyler Dowling
Kyler Dowling 10 days ago
Real slow burn this game.
Winter Green
Winter Green 10 days ago
Memento Mori.... Unus Annus.... will be never 4gotten....
Zach Toland
Zach Toland 10 days ago
Mark's persona of the baby births the identity of miniplier
Opal 10 days ago
Oh my god he didn't notice the creature scuttling away at the end of the hall at 16:25
Eve Gößner
Eve Gößner 10 days ago
The way Mark imitated fuck was soooo funny
Namjoon’s Cocoa
Namjoon’s Cocoa 10 days ago
Why this game so damn dark
Superliminal (FULL GAME)