SOMETHING'S WATCHING YOU... | Darkwood - Part 5 

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There's something lurking out there... watching me... watching you...
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Aug 9, 2020




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Random artist on the internet
Mark is just happy to have his tactical shovel with him during this trying expirience.
alix Day ago
It’s very satisfying how neat he keeps his inventory lmao
Joelfett 11 days ago
Mark: *hits a body on a bridge* Body: *splits in half and begins to chase mark*
FamousCoozie 16 days ago
Hey buds checking the comments, just want to let you know that if you throw the bottles down on the ground they shatter and create a glass trap that you can walk over without it damaging you. Happy Hunting.
caly 26 days ago
i really really like how the edits explain what marks talking about, like how much certain things are worth or what area he’s referencing even when he isn’t saying anything strictly important. it’s nice to feel included in things, so we don’t have to spend time trying to figure out what’s going on. it’s a refreshing change of pace from a lot of other youtubers’ videos
DrEaMe_ FoX
DrEaMe_ FoX Month ago
"someones watching you" crippling self doubt mixed with an overwhelming sense of disorganization and depression.
SoundRogue Month ago
If it GIVES YOU A WEAPON it means combat is going to happen. Number 1 horror game trope.
Hydro 07
Hydro 07 Month ago
ChumpShotgun Month ago
Then he would have a spear
ChumpShotgun Month ago
Why can’t mark use wire to wrap around the staff to hold a knife in place
Zsuzsanna vörös
the knife i good you idiot
Adam Ali
Adam Ali Month ago
Mark: Mystery is fascinating Me: Mark should be a detective
Alyssa Star
Alyssa Star Month ago
I love Lixian's little touches! "You're kinda useless, ain't ya?" Wolf: :_( "You're a real pal." Wolf: uwu
Autistic Pixel
Autistic Pixel Month ago
When he trades the 4 logs for 4 wooden boards..... facedesk
Noah Cooper
Noah Cooper Month ago
Gotta just hand it to our favorite Portuguese editor. It’s the small touches like moving the face cam to show the item notifications or slowly zooming in or enlarging something, etc. it’s so impressive and so seamless.
Random Letters
Random Letters Month ago
markiplier: no i dont wanna go into the vision world, *no i dont wanna do this..* *MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO-*
Grace Pine
Grace Pine Month ago
What is the meat he’s talking about?! I don’t understand what it is. I can’t see anything.
John W
John W 2 months ago
30:43 rappin hard
Graedyn Alex
Graedyn Alex 2 months ago
Marks facecam: *glitches* Me: dArK 👁👄👁 Lol
AlexTLG 2 months ago
mjv 2 months ago
Imagine if this game has a sequel with proper 3d graphics, tripleA quality and all that. It would be the next fallout frenchise on steroids. I also love the atmosphere and the whole game mechanics wise. Very awesome stuff.
Silver Dragon Eyes
Silver Dragon Eyes 2 months ago
Lovage(sometimes called sea parsley), chamomile, nettles and sauerkraut all have medicinal and culinary uses so the only thing that's unsettling about that note is who might need it and why. Indigestion, muscle inflammation, joint or muscle pain, arthritis, gout, eczema, insomnia, ulcers, wounds, stress and urinary infections are just a few of the many ailments that those ingredients could be used for. Nettles, even stinging nettles(must be cooked correctly, they're not called STINGING nettles for nothing) are very good for you and have been eaten by people for thousands of years. They're so nutritious that some people think that's why some species have developed those little stingers so that animals don't eat the plant before it has a chance to reproduce. They have other uses too but I won't bore you with that.(unless you have a garden, then i suggest looking up nettle compost tea)
Tobias Anderson
Tobias Anderson 2 months ago
He's just a heavy BrEaThEr. XD wtf
Jensen Wolfe
Jensen Wolfe 2 months ago
not sure how i feel about mark saying my name like 20 times
SC4R-Evo 2 months ago
Flare 2 months ago
F in comments for Glorg
David Chan PH
David Chan PH 2 months ago
3:59 Moose(is it a Moose): WHO'S THERE!? *ALERT 99.9*
faith Stringfellow
faith Stringfellow 2 months ago
Mark basically any time he finds stuff "I like your funny words magic man"
KiraAsakura14 2 months ago
I was positive wolfman would turn into a werewolf.
KioskTheWarlord 2 months ago
1:03 P5 in a nutshell.
JD YT 2 months ago
Transformers2Fan1 2 months ago
11:14 - was that... the sound from Myst/Riven/etc?
Brice Deluca
Brice Deluca 2 months ago
Mark with his sharpened tactical shovel: WhEr'S tHe BlAcKsMiTh?!
A M 2 months ago
Connor Milam
Connor Milam 2 months ago
why arnt you buying guns
TailStraw xD
TailStraw xD 2 months ago
Note to self: 12:19 GLORG WANT IN
Валя Вълова
Log Man Comments
Log Man Comments 2 months ago
Something IS watching you Mark! It's me! Hahahaha! From your window!
Josh 2 months ago
6:25 11 year old goths imaginations be like
Trenton Wieberg
Trenton Wieberg 2 months ago
Fs in the comment section for Glorg and his valuable head.
Trenton Wieberg
Trenton Wieberg 2 months ago
This content is hilarious and I and would love to see more of it. This comment is sponsored by Raid Shadow Legends Verified.
James Morgan
James Morgan 2 months ago
16:36 marks got his tactical shovel now all is okay, enemies beware
Player 117
Player 117 2 months ago
Mark killed the guys guarding the tank and then just runs away
James Nnabuihe
James Nnabuihe 2 months ago
12:20 This isn't a meme. I'm just holding onto this timestamp for if I ever want to hear this again.
Nightfall Alicorn
Nightfall Alicorn 2 months ago
If you love horror games with mystery were you got to explore to learn about the story with an unsettling environment. You may love Bloodborne on PS4, Mark.
Nathan Dielmann
Nathan Dielmann 2 months ago
will kill the parasites and your gut
Luna DeLoon
Luna DeLoon 2 months ago
You should try Sunless Seas and Sunless Skies. Both are top down survival horror games
WHAT GAMING 2 months ago
Wolf calls mark meatplier
Mimi Tatsuya
Mimi Tatsuya 2 months ago
Does anyone else like.. like it a bit too much when Wolfman calls you Meat 😳....or is it just me..
Jensen Befort
Jensen Befort 2 months ago
me, with the name Jensen, watching 33:05 👁️👄👁️
Cierrah 2 months ago
So.... rewatching this a second time whilst doing some school work at almost 2 am. The first time I watched this, I thought that the dude with the violin WAS the tractor. I realized this looking at the screen and seeing glowing eyes at 24:02
Martin Torterolo
Martin Torterolo 2 months ago
I imagine that under the hat the player is Ryan Reynolds Deadpool.
Cosmic Drew
Cosmic Drew 2 months ago
I miss glorg.
Politikdaking 2 months ago
This is the pre sequel to RE7.
OfficialDungeons 2 months ago
33:35 “siphon” no I’m pretty sure those are whippits ☠️🤣
subZero Electronics
subZero Electronics 2 months ago
RIP Glorrg 0:00 - 12:42
Jonsson 2 months ago
Toyoda car
Toyoda car 2 months ago
Trader-san is best girl
Mediocre Dude
Mediocre Dude 2 months ago
lemme work it, im going to put my thing down, twist it, and reverse it xDD
limowx 2 months ago
Im such a fucking furry for the Wolfman like holy shit
Chaz Hagans
Chaz Hagans 2 months ago
He gotten his ass beat by "A Red See Saw"
Dan Isaksson
Dan Isaksson 2 months ago
It's telling how punishing this have is that you're so wary not to go into territories you think are too dangerous in this game. You usually go all in. Also, loving the atmosphere.
Michael Katt
Michael Katt 2 months ago
I vibe with this game. It reminds me of a never ending dream that you cant wake up from.
LHart99 2 months ago
R.I.P glorg
Willianson Mafra
Willianson Mafra 2 months ago
14:45 Mark:"What do i do with empty glass bottles?" Russians: *OBSERVE*
Nogard 2 months ago
17:07 THERES A SKILL MENU?? I'm in freakin chapter 2 and only now i'm finding that out wth..
Nogard 2 months ago
Can't wait to see what Mark does, gotta say i messed up chapter 1 quite a bit by doing some things unintentionally because i wasn't paying attention to what was happening close enough and misscliked a certain option which derailed the whole thing since it auto-saved straight away. Kinda made me want to repeat the game again but i couldn't be asked to go through all of the looting process again, i've seen what happens already on other videos but i decided to see your path.
Okay Cook
Okay Cook 2 months ago
Noobcrafter YT
Noobcrafter YT 2 months ago
mark with his tactical shovel 20:23
Elly Belle
Elly Belle 2 months ago
am i the only one that finds wolf man kinda adorable
Daniel Cortez
Daniel Cortez 2 months ago
I’ll admit, I didn’t really like this game at first because it’s kinda hard to see anything. But Markiplier is right about all the horror aspects of the game. The low visibility actually makes the game better when you get into the world. :D
A 2 months ago
I can't get over how comforting it is to hear his intro every video. When I'm most stressed, I hear that familiar "my name is Markiplier" I sometimes want to cry with affection. Idk what I'm saying. Just thank you Mark.
Itsme Violet
Itsme Violet 2 months ago
I like to imagine the tractor in 24:50 is the one talking. It makes me happy for some reason
Mike Sacco
Mike Sacco 3 months ago
AJ Matheny
AJ Matheny 3 months ago
“GLÖRG” I’m sorry But that made my night for some damn reason
ryan rivers
ryan rivers 3 months ago
Jars of meat.. it’s like fast food, it’s all great and wonderful until you see how it’s made...
bloodydeath82 3 months ago
i wish mark would stop drinking from the well when he doesnt need to heal
EmbersCreed 3 months ago
Markiplier talking about paitence Me: puts play back speed to faster
Minueling Hex
Minueling Hex 3 months ago
You bring up an interesting point in this video. You really don't learn what your character looks like... but based on the behaviour of the villagers, and what Wolf says, I'd say it's safe to assume that you're a mutant akin to Wolf.
Sophia Smith
Sophia Smith 3 months ago
at 14:46 i left off if u see this u dont need to like it
RythmDevs 3 months ago
21:49 Mark : It's such a fascinating *unsiverse* *No Mark... It's not unsiverse. It's universe.*
JamesOfTrades 3 months ago
r.i.p. glorg one of a kind.
Landyn McCarty
Landyn McCarty 3 months ago
Anybody else catch the Metallica reference?
gurt 3 months ago
I sometimes forget how perfect his voice is with horror games
xXMekuXx 3 months ago
I apologize but I have to... "USE YOUR LEFT SIDE SHOTO" I'm WHEEZING!!!(≧▽≦)
Grant The Medic
Grant The Medic 3 months ago
Markiplier: *has seen multiple dogs/wolves Also Markiplier: I WoNDeR WHaT ThE BoNE Is FOr
Angel 3 months ago
The fact that this game is set in 1987 makes me think its chernobyl inspired. Cause all this things are mutated just like the trees and stuff
cherrysunrise 3 months ago
18:55 Me when I learn that school is beginning in less than a week
kinga moruś
kinga moruś 3 months ago
Mark at 4:54: "OOOOOOOOOOOOO" My dog, peeking up; what is this man on about
Super Fire 64 Gaming
Imagine if mark read comments and got gud at the game
David Bushyhead
David Bushyhead 3 months ago
Mark: i cant get enough of this game Me: yea me either
Thomas Doyle
Thomas Doyle 3 months ago
Hasn't even done the Wedding yet...!
The Chad Cruzaider
The Chad Cruzaider 3 months ago
The day mark became a kriegsman
Jaron Johnson
Jaron Johnson 3 months ago
How many times can Mark say the word gleaned in 1 sentence?
Megan Kiffiak
Megan Kiffiak 3 months ago
20:33 is when a guy sends you a message and you haven’t looked at it yet 🤣🤣
Patrick Johnson
Patrick Johnson 3 months ago
At 3:30 was that a Letterkenny reference??
Fallen Twilight
Fallen Twilight 3 months ago
I never thought this game could change from horror to furry lol
Owain The True Exalt
" If you rush into anything, you are dead." Speedrunners: I finished the game in 23 minutes and got the true ending.
Cream8Derp 3 months ago
Mark: Oh his Corprus is gone! Me: *Morrowind flashbacks*
Small_Potato 3 months ago
Who else here thinks that Wolf Man is the only one that looks freaking awesome 😎
Zeddicus919 3 months ago
Bang Bang Shooty Shooty