STAY AWAY FROM THE SPIDERS!! | Grounded - Part 2 

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Aug 5, 2020




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Comments 100   
Julian Charles
Julian Charles 14 hours ago
weird that there's a foot-long laboratory underground in someone's backyard
Venom Quill
Venom Quill Day ago
They kited the hell out of the spider and that was LEGIT AMAZING. Like, yeah, cheese, but they've killed literally nothing but harmless critters this entire game. Then they work together using shoddy spears and manipulated and used their environment to their advantage to kill a _wolf spider._ That's fantastic. I don't care which angle you look at it from. That's awesome.
big willy
big willy Day ago
with three people playing you can kill any enemy in
king of limones
king of limones 2 days ago
On 8:20 the robot hit him like. I like ur cut G
macie perez
macie perez 4 days ago
2:05 I feel that
Proxy Firewall
Proxy Firewall 4 days ago
There’s a new update for grounded
sur ronster is a legend fefe fefe
TAYZ.T: Locks onto everyone TAYZ.T: i like ya cut g 8:20
Joseph Santino
Joseph Santino 9 days ago
Wade:I don't care about hunger A second later also Wade:I now care about hunger
Tristin Lefebvre
Tristin Lefebvre 9 days ago
I love the Wade screeches and the editing for that lol
logan the dreemurr
logan the dreemurr 11 days ago
eyy my birthday video this year lol
Minesux 12 days ago
wow, there sure are a lot of BUGS in this game
Rosa Saguman
Rosa Saguman 13 days ago
the greatest enemy spider me:what?
Gabriel Germain
Gabriel Germain 15 days ago
I love how Mark and Bob are chillng and then they just hear Wade screaming in agony
Ross Bermudez
Ross Bermudez 16 days ago
Aww this game is so good with the new update now, wish I had buddies to play with too lol XD
Rose's Creations
Rose's Creations 22 days ago
Oh bro thats an Australian wolf spider ur in Australia!!!!!!! Be worried bro.. be worried
Spykid Gaming
Spykid Gaming 22 days ago
Let’s just take a moment to notice how Mark, bob, and wade killed a wolf spider with tier 1 weapons
Christopher Ventura
Like he went passed it like it didn't even exist
Christopher Ventura
In the beginning of this video, my mind really questions itself on how did mark not see the grass bow
Dominic Fields
Dominic Fields 27 days ago
this is why i hate spiders
Bloxy 28 days ago
whats the music at 15:27??? pls tell me
koravel Month ago
That wolf spider fight was the most epic part of this video, imo.
Joseph Caskey
Joseph Caskey Month ago
What was with that juice drop
Alice Knight
Alice Knight Month ago
Markiplier's scream startles my rabbit every time.
Scotty Eggleston
7:20 I heard claptrap why did I hear claptrap
shadow mozez
shadow mozez Month ago
Anyone feel like mark or Lyxian used a trapdoor spider on the thumbnail?
cupcakes with embolism
Mark, comfortingly to Wade: it's okay, it's alright Me, who constantly needs affection: 🥺
anakin skywalker
666 dislikes....yeah that makes a lot of sense now
amanda ruckman
amanda ruckman Month ago
This is so hilarious
luka stupic
luka stupic Month ago
just dont inGAIGE
Ms. Anonymous
Ms. Anonymous Month ago
I appreciate Mark's SpongeBob references 🙏
Jarl Sunshot
Jarl Sunshot Month ago
5:26 The genuine shock and instant terror on marks face is so real, cause he even gets that embarrassed like, "okay, calm down and laugh about it" vibe afterwards
ChaosSakia Month ago
8:19 𝙄 𝙥𝙝𝙮𝙨𝙞𝙘𝙖𝙡𝙡𝙮 𝙨𝙝𝙤𝙪𝙡𝙙 𝙣𝙤𝙩 𝙝𝙖𝙫𝙚 𝙡𝙖𝙪𝙜𝙝𝙚𝙙 𝙖𝙨 𝙝𝙖𝙧𝙙 𝙖𝙨 𝙄 𝙙𝙞𝙙-
Mr12Relic Month ago
16:13 Robin Williams in Jumanji
emerald destroyers
More of this
Mike Alinan
Mike Alinan Month ago
Me: *waiting for more grounded and raft*
T H Month ago
Hell noooooooo!!!! No spiders! No wolf spiders!!!! Dear god...this is more terrifying to me than Amnesia...and for me, thats saying something!🕷😱🕷
PockyPeachYT Month ago
am i the only one who thought it sounded like wade or bob moaned at the end when the spider came and attacked kiujyhgtrfdeiujhygtf
A Person
A Person 2 months ago
Lixians editing is amazing
Alex Coal
Alex Coal 2 months ago
How do we get new episodes of raft and grounded 🥺❤
Daemon Wendidutchii
Daemon Wendidutchii 2 months ago
Idk how many times I’ve watched this video, but every time wade runs into a spider I laugh like he did when mark drowned because they couldn’t open the subs hatch XD
Grimmy 2 months ago
Wait, weren't there 4 of them?
Trickpants 2 months ago
I love the faces of Wade with gigant eyes - The entire sequence where he's chased by the spider is so damn hilarious with those faces!
btob x svt
btob x svt 2 months ago
Wade is freaking hilarious 😂
Lizard Love
Lizard Love 2 months ago
1:55 welp that sounds wrong. NONONO DONT "COME" "IN" NOOOOOO. *squish*
Lizard Love
Lizard Love 2 months ago
J X 2 months ago
5:22 is something really cool
SoulxWolf 232
SoulxWolf 232 2 months ago
What if they add a garden snake
ActualPhactual 2 months ago
Eccentric Digital Media
14:36 Goofy?.? 😂😂😂
Eccentric Digital Media
11:46 LMFAO
Vernon Riedle
Vernon Riedle 2 months ago
when will there be more grounded? Because I would like to see wade freak out more
Fishy dog
Fishy dog 2 months ago
I'm watching three people trying to kill one spider while I'm out here alone hunting spiders with my club
jedder 2 months ago
I wish I could forget what year it was as well as Wade can.
Colin Humphrey
Colin Humphrey 2 months ago
That reaction from wade was very realistic, i almost thought he was getting murdered lol
tip chaser
tip chaser 2 months ago
wade is out here screaming like patrick star
Doughnut_Vans_5573 2 months ago
this is game is dope as hell!!
plague senpai
plague senpai 2 months ago
5:27 I hate spiders 0_0
T H Month ago
Nick P
Nick P 2 months ago
I punched myself in the balls when the spider almost got killed by the spider
Aoífe Zolari
Aoífe Zolari 2 months ago
Tayz T. is supossed to be Tasty. Like Burg L. is Burgl.
Dagan Amaral
Dagan Amaral 2 months ago
i love how they couldn't even beat a lady bug before and now they are already going after the spiders
Miaruuu 2 months ago
Every time wade screams, he sounds like Courage the Cowardly Dog
Ultra Instinct Goku
Ultra Instinct Goku 2 months ago
I just Like pets- 1010
I feel like whenever they find a different bug that's aggresive it's like "You guys are going south.....TOWARD HELL-"
Keara O'Shaughnessy
Keara O'Shaughnessy 2 months ago
Tristan Dean
Tristan Dean 2 months ago
The boys: It's out there it's watching Me: ITS STANDING THERE MENACINGLY!!!!!!!!!!!!
InkyFoxes 2 months ago
Bruh I looked away and the. Looked back at 4:17 and nearly pissed myself; who said this game didn’t have jump scares ???
Fluffy Wolfy
Fluffy Wolfy 2 months ago
Them: SPIDERS Me: *cries in arachnophobia*
BumbleHyena 2 months ago
100000th! Like
Dolan Phan
Dolan Phan 2 months ago
"You Have liquified him into Science" Isn't That Obvious?
Ava Brown
Ava Brown 2 months ago
Nobody: Not a Single Soul: Max: That beetle looks like my dad!
Assem Hassan
Assem Hassan 2 months ago
Every single time Bob is scared he sounds like an old lady or a French man
Chaninzard674 2 months ago
Is something wrong with Wade’s mic?
VfB 2 months ago
Looks like my fear of spiders has increased by a factor of 2 point 5
Malcolm Fitzgerald
Malcolm Fitzgerald 2 months ago
"It's alive and it found me" sounds like an IGP video title
Aranza Aranda
Aranza Aranda 2 months ago
the slap on Burgl LOL
E3zy clappzz Reee
E3zy clappzz Reee 2 months ago
Part 4?
Sydney Ingram
Sydney Ingram 2 months ago
"Um why does it say threat engaged?" "Just *don't engage"*
MARCOTHELORD YT 2 months ago
Markiplier should play scrutinized
Wow My name
Wow My name 3 months ago
Look at the text at 9:15 Its Mark!!
Gregory Houston
Gregory Houston 3 months ago
Is bob hispanic cause he nailed that noise we Hispanics make when at a party 🤣
Blah Blah
Blah Blah 3 months ago
You've never played Roblox before you should probably download the game Roblox
Laiflower lai
Laiflower lai 3 months ago
I dont understand why im watching this when I have a phobia of insects qwq
SoooTruthfull ForGaming
New update for grounded is out. I'd love to see a sequel for it...
Bruce Bowman
Bruce Bowman 3 months ago
Always enjoy the gameplay and commentary of mark and his friends...
Joaquin Crawford
Joaquin Crawford 3 months ago
This is honey I shrunk the kids
Disgraceful 3 months ago
14:12 eww...... lol
Magoogoo 1
Magoogoo 1 3 months ago
14:10 thank me later
Yuga Aoyoma
Yuga Aoyoma 3 months ago
8:19 Did he just....... Bitch slap BURG.L?
Yuga Aoyoma
Yuga Aoyoma 3 months ago
1:50 trust me Edit I laughed my ass off
Josephe Krakowski
Josephe Krakowski 3 months ago
But after all it a game
Josephe Krakowski
Josephe Krakowski 3 months ago
Ok but I’m probably not the only one thinking about if this were even possible and you were that tine that you could still punch a spider and it would go all over the grass or wood what ever is behind it like just think about it if you go small you shouldn’t loos you’re strength
Soulanna 3 months ago
the death at 5:56 made me spit out all of the water in my mouth. there is water EVERYWHERE. that was the funniest thing ever.
kirbo 3 months ago
they killed the strongest spider
Évan Audet
Évan Audet 3 months ago
12:04 😂
Quarter Thanos
Quarter Thanos 3 months ago
Spooders are scary. :|
Maliek Caines
Maliek Caines 3 months ago
Eva Cees
Eva Cees 3 months ago
5:30 I audibly shouted the most guttural AHH as soon as that spider jumped down
RedHotChiliPandas 3 months ago
This game reminds me of the insect horde scene from King Kong lol
JOHNPAUL KUN 3 months ago
man I gotta give to lixian really made this game scarier than it already is
Delete Sheeva
Delete Sheeva 3 months ago
His name's *Tay zee tee* Bruh xD