STILL NOTHING TO SEE HERE | There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension - Part 2 

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Why are you here? There still isn't a game here. Just me talking to nothing for about an hour so SHOO!!
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Oct 8, 2020




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NeonThunder Hour ago
52:56 me screaming that he can remember the order
Damien Paxton
Damien Paxton 3 hours ago
Thank you for NOT playing this game.
Jessica Harper
Jessica Harper 16 hours ago
The shots at the free to plays though
My Nguyen
My Nguyen 20 hours ago
Was Legend Of The Secret just a copy of The Legend Of Zelda? I know it is anyways
Critika [Salihmeylani]
"It's thanks to special technique of rotational insistence." That's called *rushing.*
Blitzkrieg Day ago
I know a most people recognize the Legend of Zelda theme, but am I the only one who sees the Adventure Time theme as the logo?
Rayden Lara
Rayden Lara Day ago
20:11 comon, I thought you were big brain?!🧐
Marker Studio
Am I the only one struggling to find a merch page?
ajmod73 Day ago
I wish my furniture would spit out money when I hit them... can only imagine how much money xQc and Tyler1 would make with that power...
Dagurtheone Day ago
Hello *Hello* -Hello- (to do the strikethrough, do a dash at the start of the word(s) and then at the end aswell.
Dagurtheone Day ago
13:48 Heh! HeH hEH HEh! **distorted** hEah! hEAh heaH HeAH!
tridixx¡ Day ago
35:17 personal timestamp
Kiki _Chan_NP
Kiki _Chan_NP 2 days ago
1:04:32 I have a queastion!What the hell take him that long xD?
Paris M
Paris M 2 days ago
does he not know zelda?? what!!
Paris M
Paris M 2 days ago
I love that the cinematics have film reel guides on the sides. cuz it's a cinematic! get it?
ricmikkel 2 days ago
mAArk's vOoice for the HEEro is aAActually pretty iMMEERRsive
TimeKid Sans
TimeKid Sans 2 days ago
Mark Robinson Crusoe is an actual book. And book character stranded on an island but I forgot most of the book because it has been a long time since i read it
Do you know how much money I would pay for the dev to make Please, Paper! ?
J Gallo
J Gallo 3 days ago
Mark: "I think we have to choose" Game: "I think we have to pay" What the hell? How are you so in sync with the game? That's awesome 41:58
Foxglove 3 days ago
Watching Mark play this game is both infuriating and entertaining at the same time lmao.
Crazy Funtime Studios
36:40 That is more an energy bar, and yes it did drop all at once. Watch!
Michal Staník
Michal Staník 3 days ago
MARK!!! you blocked funny dialog 21:29
your normal weeb
your normal weeb 3 days ago
"a hree tuh plaeh" -markiplier 2020
Joli Goebel
Joli Goebel 3 days ago
Game: “You’re a real Robinson Crusoe, user” Mark: “I don’t know who that is” Me: Wait what? 😰
Jan Kopal
Jan Kopal 3 days ago
yeah :(
Emmar the indomitable
i would love to see the rest of this not game
Rebel Childress
Rebel Childress 3 days ago
I feel so smart. I figured out the map was the key and was shouting at my screen! Then they gave the hint and Mark's face was priceless lol
Bąmbøo Føoł
Bąmbøo Føoł 4 days ago
identity gacha
identity gacha 4 days ago
I like the one punch man achievement
Asya.Sco_ 4 days ago
Bruno Vescogni
Bruno Vescogni 5 days ago
FORCOD3D // Super D5210
Did I make it in time? Dang! I'm a month late
Marian Chiroi
Marian Chiroi 5 days ago
Oooooooooooooooh the sword of life is on the staaaaaaaaaaaa AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH...
Sarah Curran
Sarah Curran 5 days ago
Secret in the bushes
Sarah Curran
Sarah Curran 5 days ago
Srink him
Sarah Curran
Sarah Curran 5 days ago
Srink the Barrel
Sarah Curran
Sarah Curran 5 days ago
Use the map
Sarah Curran
Sarah Curran 5 days ago
There’s a secret in the bush
Charlie Jenkins
Charlie Jenkins 5 days ago
How has mark never played a Zelda game, oh wait... Nintendo
Sarah Curran
Sarah Curran 5 days ago
Sarah Curran
Sarah Curran 5 days ago
Smash the home button
אמה קדמי
אמה קדמי 6 days ago
in the start you so evil eve tho i don't care too! =w=
Teel Impostor
Teel Impostor 6 days ago
I'm a new comer
Neko Warrior Entertainment
I swear, there's some form of genius inside this game. Err, I mean... non-game. Err, is there even a game?
Damian Wayne
Damian Wayne 6 days ago
wait, wait, is mr. glitch gigi? cuz that would be hilarious.
Dummy Dummy
Dummy Dummy 6 days ago
*Call it a hunch, but I think there’s a lot of plot convenience.*
Merletastic 6 days ago
This was so dumb. I love it.
Gaming Idiot
Gaming Idiot 6 days ago
There is no comment section
Aleksandar Prekajski
01:05:16 What game?
Is it sad that I noticed a lot of the solutions before Markiplier did?
Disaster Peepo
Disaster Peepo 7 days ago
Mark: this is exactly how stupid Free to Play games are. Also Mark: DoWnLoAd AfK ArEnA fOr FrEe nOw.
AutreMondeAM 7 days ago
What's your problem with french people *suspicious look* ?? I'm watching U, be careful !
Fi Fi
Fi Fi 7 days ago
Aw the crowdfunding campaign 🥺
Fi Fi
Fi Fi 7 days ago
I actually really love this guy, idk what to call him but the one who calls you user. I hope he gets a happy ending
Fi Fi
Fi Fi 7 days ago
I hate how the clicker game is something I would totally play
Fi Fi
Fi Fi 7 days ago
I watched someone else play a little bit of this part of the non-game and the time it took them to figure out the puzzles makes you suspiciously genius
Fi Fi
Fi Fi 7 days ago
Even if you did cheat, which you probably didn’t, I wouldn’t care since you have the best commentary and personality
Fi Fi
Fi Fi 7 days ago
“Easy pasisily”
LeaLeaBird 8 days ago
lol the way he laughed when he got the million coins
MisterTwister 8 days ago
“If only we could all plan our death like that” Oh how ironic
KawaiiBatgirl 8 days ago
1:02:35 That was spot on!
Senhor Farofa
Senhor Farofa 8 days ago
The new Zelda game looking good
Shattered God
Shattered God 8 days ago
53:58 damn squidward
chlep 8 days ago
this is not a comment seriously, there is nothing here stop reading, this is not a comment stop if you are reading this, have some tea ☕
Theunderlyinghater lol
Where's my tea?
kittycatotaku 45
kittycatotaku 45 4 days ago
thank you!!
SaberEagle92 Gaming
I really thought that you were gonna rickroll at the end but anyways nice comment
-*.ᒪIᒪᔕᑌᑭEᖇ ᖴᗩᑎGIᖇᒪ.*-
Guys, say it with me, Hero is Baby
FNAF FNAF 9 days ago
50:00 imagine hearing this with no context
sodov sodov
sodov sodov 9 days ago
I think he said a fuck
Vaughn Imperial
Vaughn Imperial 9 days ago
"Minecraft. Another indie game destined to fail" -Game Microsoft and the fanbase: I don't think so.
Winter Green
Winter Green 10 days ago
Memento Mori.... Unus Annus.... will be never 4gotten....
AjFan 10 days ago
mark just pilfered money from the hero’s bed
Derp Peds
Derp Peds 10 days ago
“mark... get back to my game that’s not a game”. Says narrator sadly
Ghost the Stormcaller
Queation: who is Michael Bay? Answer: literally the person who has 5,000 exploaions in a single movie
Creation 123
Creation 123 10 days ago
28:30 My sisters nick names is Gigi and now I’m dying of laughter
Mindore 11 days ago
Mark: Hey welcome back to there is no game. Allright that's it here we go.
Arum Apriliyana
Arum Apriliyana 11 days ago
it's so challenging watching this at office.. hahaaha
Cosmicwolf 11 days ago
43:58 “Me when I burn my tongue on a chicken tendie” 50:40 “When I stub my toe”
MONOCHR0MATIC 11 days ago
The LazyDj
The LazyDj 11 days ago
I'm disappointed that Mark really just said "Who's Michael Bay?"
Kick Starter
Kick Starter 11 days ago
very cool video
hman0987 12 days ago
Did anyone else notice that it says drown me a pixel?
Jenna Rose
Jenna Rose 12 days ago
"The legend of the hero" game is literally a crossover of legend of zelda and stardew valley i swear
4 Myer
4 Myer 12 days ago
So the game was develop by EA
Davide Di Paola
Davide Di Paola 12 days ago
I noticed that in the free2play the passage at on side of the bushes was open
Maria Rivera
Maria Rivera 12 days ago
Spoilers-game:haha! Imagine me singing [i thinly 1 episode later] game:*sings*
Jazzmine Bourke
Jazzmine Bourke 12 days ago
alarm clock na navi hmm i want a navi alarm clock i would probaly smash almost every time
Cole Gaming
Cole Gaming 13 days ago
53:42 Can anyone just talk about how he did it without looking at the ad thing?
B3 Yumi Cruz
B3 Yumi Cruz 13 days ago
Minish cap
B3 Yumi Cruz
B3 Yumi Cruz 13 days ago
Its zelda
Emberson -
Emberson - 13 days ago
I found the last map key right away but that’s probably because I’m just spectating the game and not playin it
DroveA Sublikey
DroveA Sublikey 13 days ago
If that free2play was real, some secret game programmer must have spent a week to save the playability from the game producer who is greedy of value but its a home alone experience for the secret progammer
RainbowMatrix 13 days ago
It's been a while since I've watched any new Markiplier, probably a year or so, and I gotta say, Lixian's editing is AMAZING.
Robert Cajucom
Robert Cajucom 14 days ago
41:47 I get it.
Hyung kook3
Hyung kook3 14 days ago
Achievement unlocked: one punch man why did nobody else find that hilarious- :0
Coren Bickel
Coren Bickel 14 days ago
Comments are disabled due to no game
Rhys dR
Rhys dR 14 days ago
paper please!!
T1mo666 14 days ago
47:37 To Infinity.. *AND BEYOND!!!* xD
Dylan Drew
Dylan Drew 15 days ago
special thanks to: MY CAT.
JAZZ 16 days ago
PeppyPerson3000 16 days ago
When "Hero" died he looked so happy XD.
Jaz Lascano
Jaz Lascano 16 days ago
Was he serious about not knowing who Robinson Crusoe is? I'm kinda surprised and disappointed.
Dylan Drew
Dylan Drew 16 days ago
anybody see my comment from first vid??
ludwig von koopa
ludwig von koopa 16 days ago
e non
e non 16 days ago
Terrible Puns
Terrible Puns 16 days ago
_I wanna buy Navi for 150 coins I punched out of my bed_
Superliminal (FULL GAME)