Superliminal (FULL GAME) 

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Superliminal will blow your mind over and over until there's nothing left but ashes and dust at the bottom of reality and then it'll do it all over again!
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Nov 18, 2020




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Comments 100   
Jacob 19 minutes ago
Just came back, and got completdly terrfied to see long hair mark. *just not used to that*
Kritz Sononishian
Kritz Sononishian 35 minutes ago
the stanley parable, portal, and P.T. walk into a bar. it turns out that bar wasn't actually there and it was in fact a lie.
FaKoBaCo 38 minutes ago
You are talking way too much.
Daniel Salgado
I wasn't expecting the really deep and profound message at the end of this game that made me almost tear up, what a lovely gaming experience. Good shit
em ma
em ma Hour ago
Dr. Glenn's irish accent fits perfectly with the vibe
Spaghoot Spaghett Man
Imagine this in vr...
arrontheemo 2 hours ago
Poor markiplier he looked so fed up during most of this
Cherry Vinyl
Cherry Vinyl 2 hours ago
1:02:32 why does that massive fan remind me of something, I feel like it’s from a cartoon but I can’t remember which one it’s from
Starion The Darkest
mark's brain eventually: how the hell do i turn things?
zem 2 hours ago
i love how in both mark's and seán's gameplay of this, they both had soda as their buddy
뿔몬 3 hours ago
Christina Russell
Christina Russell 3 hours ago
That was really freaking cool.
Tyler E
Tyler E 3 hours ago
To whoever disliked this video: you suck as a person Loved this game mark thank you for playing and sharing this experience with us ❤️
Brook 3 hours ago
Why did it make me cry
Lisa Lutz
Lisa Lutz 3 hours ago
Smile more😁
GIAN GIUGGIOLO 4 hours ago
Degenerate Taco Meat
This is just museum of simulation technology wtf. I'm surprised he didn't even notice that that game existed during this
Noah Venesile
Noah Venesile 5 hours ago
How’d you know that was the message the entire time? I was oblivious
Husko Busko
Husko Busko 5 hours ago
So like, was this game made by the same people who made Museum of Simulation technology? It's the same concept but an actual story so idk of this is like the same people or the full version of the old game. Please help
Abdullah Albraiky
Abdullah Albraiky 5 hours ago
Mark finding Easter eggs left and right
moonyoonie 5 hours ago
the amount of times i’ve rewatched this is probably unhealthy. it’s just so nice tho
Tired Peach
Tired Peach 5 hours ago
That ending note from Glenn Pierce actually hit me like a semi truck...
S S 5 hours ago
Nobody tell him that blinking wakes you up from a dream
did i just watch this whole video? yes i did did i finish this at 2:59 am? yes i did would i do it again? yes i will do i regret it? not at all
Jordin Davis
Jordin Davis 6 hours ago
“Who are you unus annus?” 😂😭
savage child8
savage child8 6 hours ago
43:44 a guy in the plastic things
Caleb Lanza
Caleb Lanza 6 hours ago
15:06: Imagine you finally find the exit and run into a fucking protrusion because of the illusion 💀💀💀
Carlin Greenhouse
Carlin Greenhouse 6 hours ago
That was the absolute weirdest hour and a half with seven minutes in it, I've ever spent... But it was cool.
Billie Eyelash's Left Toe Cheese
Mark, Déjà Vu doesn't work like this.
Tatsumi Knight
Tatsumi Knight 7 hours ago
murder murder murder murder murder murder *✨B E A N S✨*
SadWolfie 7 hours ago
11:13 Sat here laughing for 10 minutes
F A T 7 hours ago
Game: has a height limit. mark: bird up!
Gillian Herrington
Gillian Herrington 7 hours ago
C-long johns
C-long johns 7 hours ago
39:24, the first genuine scream from Mark I've heard in awhile, oddly refreshing
Brendan Rickey
Brendan Rickey 7 hours ago
(57:16) People with dyslexia can read and hear that normally.
cinema cinnamon critical
I hada funny feeling it was monday, but it's sunday :D
TruGh0sT 8 hours ago
No one: Me: pretends to squish marks head and starts to panic
evie goodin
evie goodin 8 hours ago
“Murder Murder Murder Murder Murder Murder .............BEANS!!!!”
BaconBitz 8 hours ago
Imagine this but in vr
wormboy 8 hours ago
smaller😳 smaller😳 small😅 and bigger😏 bié kàn😃 wô xiâo💦 biê kàn😃 wô xiâo⁉️ dào kêyî👀 fàng kâ bāo😈smaller😳 smaller😳 small😅 and bigger😏 bié kàn😃 wô xiâo💦 biê kàn😃 wô xiâo⁉️ dào kêyî👀 fàng kâ bāo😈smaller😳 smaller😳 small😅 and bigger😏 bié kàn😃 wô xiâo💦 biê kàn😃 wô xiâo⁉️ dào kêyî👀 fàng kâ bāo😈smaller😳 smaller😳 small😅 and bigger😏 bié kàn😃 wô xiâo💦 biê kàn😃 wô xiâo⁉️ dào kêyî👀 fàng kâ bāo😈smaller😳 smaller😳 small😅 and bigger😏 bié kàn😃 wô xiâo💦 biê kàn😃 wô xiâo⁉️ dào kêyî👀 fàng kâ bāo😈
The Charred One
The Charred One 8 hours ago
Hasn't he played this before or something similar
Ismael Lechuga
Ismael Lechuga 9 hours ago
Hey does markiplier like black people
Ismael Lechuga
Ismael Lechuga 9 hours ago
He probably does
Junior Extreme
Junior Extreme 9 hours ago
I saw this game on the Xbox one and it said Horror game and this does not look like a horror game
Austin Swinky
Austin Swinky 9 hours ago
This game made me Motion sick near the end..... but I love the final message of the game
Marissa Pipp
Marissa Pipp 9 hours ago
Omg parts of this reminds me of the simulation apartment from the beginning of “Prey”, with all the loops and fake rooms.
Justeen 9 hours ago
I watched this entire video NGL, put me right to sleep. more episodes on this game plz
SonicSpeed 9 hours ago
Soda Steve will never be as good as Tiny Box Tim
dualsamurai 9 hours ago
I knew Mark was gonna like this game 12 years ago :)
ales__arte 9 hours ago
bruh the developer just took a shit load of Benadryl then made a game off his coma
Connor Smith
Connor Smith 9 hours ago
This game was amazing. I am in love with every aspect of it
im bored
im bored 9 hours ago
Honestly unus annus in a game
Christopher Holaday
Christopher Holaday 10 hours ago
33:01 he sounded like joe from family guy having a stroke
Justeen 10 hours ago
24:03 that barrier looks like something from Assassins Creed 2
Ash Catcher
Ash Catcher 10 hours ago
When Mark discovered the purpose of life ~ @55:00
goldfish juice
goldfish juice 10 hours ago
This game is actually really fascinating, it'd be cool if someone made it into a show or a movie
Stelthling 7604
Stelthling 7604 10 hours ago
11:50 Are you sure you want my dreams?
Aphoxtic 10 hours ago
Tiny box Tim, im suprised it was referenced.
the_martian artist
the_martian artist 10 hours ago
AI lady: "Exit this dream right now." Mark: "g i a n t d u c k"
Isley Gladis
Isley Gladis 10 hours ago
And kids this is why you don’t do drugs
tarra senpaii
tarra senpaii 11 hours ago
I thought I was watching the one he made 3 years ago and then he said unus anus and then I realized it wasn't and I legit a a momentary brain break down
ChaosCookie _
ChaosCookie _ 11 hours ago
getting some serious Portal vibes from this
Arwin Orso
Arwin Orso 11 hours ago
I guess? yeah
I guess? yeah 11 hours ago
i actually pop people's head like grapes just as markiplier said in the intro
EpicBananaMan 777
EpicBananaMan 777 11 hours ago
Mark in the description: This will blow your mind over and over Me: It can't be THAT bad, c'mon now. Mark, three minutes in: Looks through door, grabs pawn in different room, turns and pawn is in his room My brain: okdjsfghediopughaliadbngiohdruhguiohpoihrdafihnt
If there isn’t already, we NEED a vr version of this game
Kale Newburn
Kale Newburn 11 hours ago
Stop mentioning Unus Annus I can't handle it dfialjvnanfcfNLVM8ERM
Guido Mista
Guido Mista 11 hours ago
43:50 *my light*
Mr. Cringe
Mr. Cringe 11 hours ago
38:56 that's my brain when I have a nightmare
Gysmo The Diamond
Gysmo The Diamond 12 hours ago
12:09 everyone : ooh, A ramp! Markiplier: i haevth cheas
Braiden mcIlwain
Braiden mcIlwain 12 hours ago
I’ve heard that in the fourth dimension it’s main rules are size and time, this game reminds me of that
craig lasiter
craig lasiter 12 hours ago
i feel like towards the end of this game we caught a glimpse of the realm that unus and annus came from
Mark 13 hours ago
This is so awesomely epic
Señor Mittens
Señor Mittens 13 hours ago
“uh, no”
Barnabus 13 hours ago
FinBoyXD 13 hours ago
So now that you've played this, let me suggest you the game Antichamber. Really cool puzzle game where you have to learn how the world works to get through it.
Señor Mittens
Señor Mittens 13 hours ago
fiddle my dingo🤣🤣🤣
Señor Mittens
Señor Mittens 13 hours ago
ahha. waa paa taa kaaa haaa laaaa haaaa aaahh
Polar pop
Polar pop 13 hours ago
23:51 me when the teacher says i can't go to the bathroom
Tomas RamanauskasJnr
15:10 that scared the living crap outta me As in, it triggered a flight or fight response in me
Marek Borgstahl
Marek Borgstahl 13 hours ago
R.I.P. Unnus Annus
Yumi Ishii
Yumi Ishii 13 hours ago
Man i have a jumpscare with these plants 40:12 Why i am like this... Im so impressed how mark just found eastereggs so easily
Brody Garner
Brody Garner 13 hours ago
Mark: Hits invisible ceiling Me: HA! Mark: *Angry noises* Me: *Angry noises*
Sirenytie Willette
Sirenytie Willette 14 hours ago
That part when he fell down through that shute, thats the dream where you fall without falling.
EonKnight321 14 hours ago
Perspective based games are awesome. I remember mark played a similar game years ago that used the perspective of every ledge in the environment to travel on, but I could never remember the name of the game.
Jacob Earle
Jacob Earle 14 hours ago
Imagine this is virtual reality
Rowan McIntyre
Rowan McIntyre 14 hours ago
Mark: *walks into the pool room at **1:04:03* Me: *flashbacks to a nightmare i had about being trapped in that exact pool*
bacon8tor 12 hours ago
Becus Rebecus
Becus Rebecus 14 hours ago
Markiplier: If I see my dad, I'm gonna punch him in the face and then run away, which makes sense 'cause he would be a zombie. I'm dead ☠️
Ace Q
Ace Q 6 hours ago
So is his dad
Crispy Memez
Crispy Memez 14 hours ago
23:55 when the Chinese guy starts trying to sell you something but u have no clue what he's saying
Marvin Moran
Marvin Moran 14 hours ago
100% mark is special
Francis Robitaille
Francis Robitaille 14 hours ago
This game is amazing. It allow the player to see a new perspective in life. It is a great vessel to pass on a message.
Loclyn LaBorde
Loclyn LaBorde 15 hours ago
I love when *Mark* plays a game that turns him into *Johnny Bravo,* every so often.
A Slice Of Cheesecake
I swear to god, I have seen some of these scenarios in my dreams.
Jedi Jack Attack Simmons
somebody get mat pat on the case
Sword Turtles
Sword Turtles 15 hours ago
Shadow Link;
Luciana Andreatta
Luciana Andreatta 15 hours ago
I love his voice
Kike Lopez
Kike Lopez 15 hours ago
What happened to soda steve
Hutch Besoins
Hutch Besoins 15 hours ago
Martin Luther King Jr. : I have a dream Trump : exists Martin Luther King Jr. : I had a dream
Thanos be like my perception is reality
Loclyn LaBorde
Loclyn LaBorde 16 hours ago
*Mark:* Oh, my- _well, well, well._ It's a little unwieldy, it's a bit big, I want it bigger. *Me:* _That's what she said._