THAT CAN'T BE GOOD... | Darkwood - Part 8 

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I've made quite a few errors in judgement in my adventures in Darkwood... but I don't think this was really my fault...
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Aug 16, 2020




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Ava ?
Ava ? 2 days ago
Birthday post yay
Daniel Abarca
Daniel Abarca 3 days ago
No offense but u look like John wick
Sir Shabaz
Sir Shabaz 10 days ago
Mark: Almost too easy 😏 *One Second Later* Mark: OH MA GAD OH MA GAD!!!! 😱
Melon Man
Melon Man 11 days ago
You know what. Every single time I face a genuinely hard challenge I'll just say "Almost too easy!"
Grizzly 15 days ago
Says he is stopping recording because he has been going a hour and half. Click on this video... Same Clothes
Eric Cardoso
Eric Cardoso 17 days ago
hey dude bye dude sorry dude BRUH THESE LINES
Gloria Romæ!
Gloria Romæ! 19 days ago
Oh, shit! I just realized that the "Pretty Lady" was probably the wolf's girlfriend and *AND MARK SAVED HER FROM THE CREEPY KID!* (or rather... saved him from her) The way the kid talked reminded me of those weird, creepy "nice guys" you'd find in r/Niceguys. He probably IS a Nice Guy (TM) trying to steal the wolf's girlfriend and forcefully get her to marry him (hence, why the wolf said he got "his girl" back in this episode). You know, Nice Guys have a really terrible habit of trying to get girls to cheat on their boyfriends with them (and obviously, failing miserably) so that shit was something I TOTALLY predicted. (I know I could be wrong here, but that seems like the most likely scenario)
Annika Rowan
Annika Rowan 22 days ago
At least we know that if Mark ever stops doing US-first he could still make good money reading audiobooks
trentin shively
trentin shively 28 days ago
1:44 when he found the generator 😂😂😂
TonyWyzenGaming 28 days ago
Th funniest part of this whole series is Markiplier never figured out that it’s the Bike Man drinking all of his alcohol when he brings him his stash from hideout to hideout lol
Tyler MacDonald
Tyler MacDonald Month ago
Mark. Why do you sell all your weapon parts? Like bruh
Happy Reading
Happy Reading Month ago
His voice is very soothing. I can listen to it whole day. Eargasm
GeneralGhandi Month ago
Have you tried switching to Shovel?
I watched him play through this game about 2 months ago and now I am just rewatching it already because i loved it so much
LEGO2055 Month ago
8:00 Ah Yes, ''Homo-Coptotermes Formosanus'' The Most Well Known Tree.
tona11Qapik Month ago
0:58 it's interesting to see Mark read basicaly eqiuvalent of his name... like that =D
Finnegan McFarland
“Did I put my Booze in the sawmill?” -Markiplier 2020
Alexis Kelley
Alexis Kelley Month ago
Mark finding the working generator was funnier then It should be.
lilLeeLaLoy Artz
I think it's the shrooms that are causing Mark to take a trip to vision Ville if ya know what I mean. 😉
Caron the Weird guy
All hail papiplier
The Legion
The Legion Month ago
Mark: oh god, is that loud screaming thing that makes babies in my house gunna be permanent?! I don't want that to be permanent! Boomers: hehe... Wife.
June Eclipse
June Eclipse Month ago
Sooo,, Mark's either sweater/long sleeve. Want to find the sauce to such apparel •∆•
Leila Banihashem
Is it just me that finds the thought of the wolf eating that uh... Chicken lady's sister romantic? No? Well, looks like I've been reading too much twisted fanfiction lately...
Gigi Hide
Gigi Hide Month ago
new drinking game: every time mark says "its almost to easy" or something similar, take a shot or a sip of whatever you are drinking. This works well with the last episode too lol. Don't blame me if youre fucked up after lol
Le Shifty
Le Shifty Month ago
so, the protagonist ate planks. the wolfman ate the pretty lady. reminds me of hell's kitchen.
ZovaZey Month ago
lmao he just has all the lights on like a fuckin lighthouse
MutantGoatman Month ago
Someone should make a compilation of Mark saying "heh, almost too easy"
Gym coachs hate him wacht how he lost 50 kilos with this easy diet (can you guess who it is)
Chaotic Month ago
Mark: Fights Mutated Humanoid Creatures That Possess Extreme Strength And Endurance Also Mark: Struggles The Most Against Angry Dogs And Still Feels Sorry For Killing Them.
amipotato 2 months ago
I'm currently recovering from a surgery and catching up on youtube videos I hadn't watched yet, and this series is so nice to binge watch. And the biggest part of what makes it so great, is how happy and inspired Mark himself is while recording! Like I love to see the smile on his face and the gleam of excitement in his eyes! It has been a while since he was this excited about something, and I instantly get happy when seeing him so happy.
Michael Luigi
Michael Luigi 2 months ago
Im really glad he didn't find the generator on his first night.
Rebecca Durbin
Rebecca Durbin 2 months ago
this entire video: Famous last words. lol
TheCasualLife 2 months ago
'almost too easy.' mark, not even a second later: OH MY GOD I WOULD LIKE TO.. RUN AWAY
SalutaryGolem6 Games
Mark giving me a disease when he says he wants the scrap metal but not the weapon parts
Shijin Izamura
Shijin Izamura 2 months ago
Can't stop laughin'
Felipe Salvador
Felipe Salvador 2 months ago
Mason Fricke
Mason Fricke 2 months ago
Dislikes are karens
Trebla Nevilos
Trebla Nevilos 2 months ago
Mark got trolled
Ol' Dreäddy
Ol' Dreäddy 2 months ago
*On this episode of Freaky Eaters!*
RedWingedAngel02 2 months ago
So we're turning into wood people that don't sleep? XD
Connor Milam
Connor Milam 2 months ago
mark sees generator also mark mental breakdown and sever ptsd
Karen Lau
Karen Lau 2 months ago
27:28 this sounds like a wattpad story LMAO
YF21_Septic 2 months ago
Marks new catchphrase “almost made it to easy”
JesBchill _
JesBchill _ 2 months ago
Sooner or later, game graphics are gonna be so real, watching in 720p feels like 240p
Chommi 2 months ago
Mark is literally the only person who plays this game who can keep me invested
Brent Metal
Brent Metal 2 months ago
Mark: “ok I’m gonna take a fast acting pill” *All hell breaks loose*
Tracy Guinn
Tracy Guinn 2 months ago
at 9:20 did anyone else notice the chair in the generator room move
JD YT 2 months ago
Riash Joga
Riash Joga 2 months ago
He is now TERMITE MAN no plank, log nor branch can resist his insatiable hunger. However his one weakness, NAILS. The blasted NAILS.
DubskiDude 2 months ago
"Here's something that's gonna scream your head off and make babies in your house!" Sounds like my marriage.
aare pelaa
aare pelaa 2 months ago
Cuul 420 dislikes.
Josh 2 months ago
LOL he went through hell and there was a generator right there *BRUH*
Zoë 2 months ago
Mark making his character eat wood; Vegan EXTREME
General Butterscotch
"Maybe I should just throw meat for the dogs instead of killing them..." >Proceeds to never once throw any meat
The Deppy Files
The Deppy Files 2 months ago
Would... you eat it? Mark: Wood? I eat it.
Sub To Me
Sub To Me 2 months ago
Absolutely no one ever: Mark: they're makin' this too easy
Karli Mulligan
Karli Mulligan 2 months ago
wasn't there someone who wanted you to bring him a lynx...?
A M 2 months ago
name_not_important 2 months ago
"almost to easy"
Trenton Wieberg
Trenton Wieberg 2 months ago
This content is hilarious and I and would love to see more of it. This comment is sponsored by Raid Shadow Legends Verified.
Werenix 2 months ago
it's NOT funny to repeatedly say "they're making this too easy". you've died a lot, quit lying. this confidence kick you're on is unarguably the worst thing to happen to the channel in years. stop trying to say you're the cream of the fking crop EVERY DAMN VIDEO! i honestly can't recommend anything past like 2015/16, because you've become such a conceded douche...
Nicholas Fleming
Nicholas Fleming 2 months ago
Every time he says to easy it’s so unexpected and I love it
Seth Vaughan
Seth Vaughan 2 months ago
skull pops up on the screen markiplier: loads Glock with malicious intent
EddyPlyz Channel
EddyPlyz Channel 2 months ago
To be Honest...... I never seen Mark this idiotic since I watch Mark's video😂😂
One Thousand Subscribers Before 2022
21:45 it’s called a wife
Cheese 2 months ago
he gets high off mushrooms
sxffer 2 months ago
Darkwood? Heh, more like MonchWood
JadeRabbit Futurist
JadeRabbit Futurist 2 months ago
But who got all those dogs pregnant? Wolfman Jack?
EU MEME OFFICER 345 2 months ago
Gyms hate him wacht how he turned buff in 10 days diet Eating wood
Caroline m Gunter
Caroline m Gunter 2 months ago
Does he not know the lights attract the monsters? He needs them on in the parts of the base he’ll use.
Whitney Colosimo
Whitney Colosimo 2 months ago
I'm thoroughly enjoying this series. "It's almost too easy" 😜
Alana Johnson
Alana Johnson 2 months ago
This video should have just been called “almost to easy”
Semih Uzun
Semih Uzun 2 months ago
somebody take this out of context 22:00
One Thousand Subscribers Before 2022
I don’t like his how he laughed after saying that
Maninderjit Buttar
Maninderjit Buttar 2 months ago
Watching Mark instead of furthering myself. Almost too easy
Amo 2 months ago
Don't you love it when you're watching this at almost midnight and one of your roommates decides then is a good time to finish studying so she going into the living room and moves something and nearly scares the piss out of you? No? Me neither.
Random_User 2 months ago
*good thing I've got a log in me* - markiplier 2020 14:16
EVENTHOR 2 months ago
Whats funny is that Mark has already had Banshees in his house at all the previous hideouts but managed to never look at them, which is how you avoid an encounter.
gabieisthebomb3 2 months ago
“M” 😂😂
Fernando Perez
Fernando Perez 2 months ago
Old Marki vibe... I really missed that. Love you Man!!
Trey 2 months ago
What's great for a snack, it fits on your back .... It's LOG LOG LOG!!!
Michelle Zagorski
Michelle Zagorski 2 months ago
can someone count how many times he said 'this is too easy" -
Tim West
Tim West 2 months ago
Mark did good surviving this episode 👍 very challenging this episode
Jake_ the_Dog
Jake_ the_Dog 2 months ago
“Good think I had a log in me”
THE Scratchyscratch!
I see mark has learned how we canadians survive by eating wood
Logan Bair
Logan Bair 2 months ago
This episode is basically the meme of gordon ramsay saying "finally some good F-ing food"
Bread Basket
Bread Basket 2 months ago
Mark, ffs click the mousewheel to do a faster attack
Lucas Fisher
Lucas Fisher 2 months ago
When he found a generator I felt legitimately disappointed in myself and everybody
Saeran 2 months ago
I think it'd be a great idea to make all the doors, right? So it's harder for the monsters to easily get to where you are in the structure/house.
Maddy K
Maddy K 2 months ago
Almost too easy counter: 10 or 12 I think.
Ivory D. Lagia
Ivory D. Lagia 2 months ago
antony brière
antony brière 2 months ago
The real ennemies aren’t the monchers or the banchees The real ennemies are....... Poochies
두엔키 2 months ago
2 banshee and panic shooting... and he made it somehow wow
Anonymous Child
Anonymous Child 2 months ago
My mom when taking about me...2:12
Maxxam812 2 months ago
I hurt my knee a while ago, during the dog attacks my knee moved quicker than it has since, I am pain
JustJeb Schaffer
JustJeb Schaffer 2 months ago
"There is something about this game that wants you have to fight dogs and I don't like it" man sounds like The Last of Us Part II
Dr. Jade Silver
Dr. Jade Silver 2 months ago
The way console handles shooting is so shitty. Marks lucky to have keyboard and mouse. The game is ass with melee weapons endgame. 🙄
zombie gunner35
zombie gunner35 2 months ago
My favorite part is where he says he doesn't get hit by traps couple minutes later he gets hit by a trap
FandomTOBY 2 months ago
Alternative title: ''A L M O S T TOO E A S Y''
Mr.Smiles 2 months ago
I love the reference in the previous video: “It is what it is...” next I expect, “Hello Ladies and Gentleman. Me Markiplier here.”
Crazy Constanta
Crazy Constanta 2 months ago
I wonder if the shiny stone can be used as a source of light...