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Seems like I might be in a bit of TROUBLE in Phasmophobia!
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Oct 27, 2020




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Natasha Lyn
Natasha Lyn 8 hours ago
Mark completely missed the orbs in the high school
Jake P
Jake P 8 hours ago
These edits are so good!
Jocelyn O'Laughlin
Jocelyn O'Laughlin 9 hours ago
you marked it as not yet discovered🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
Imposterr dReAm
Imposterr dReAm 11 hours ago
These guys make me feel a little happier. Been pretty down, and watching some people being so funny and just chaotic is nice.
Trevor Drakenor
Trevor Drakenor 13 hours ago
Think of it this way, Mark did put down the wraith in that book. but the selection reset soon as he switches evidence in the other part. So yes, he did, the game just resets it to not discovered after switching the other evidence.
The Zombiria
The Zombiria 14 hours ago
I'm a man of honor and I put down wraith Ghost type not yet discovered
Kevin 16 hours ago
funnily enough, my little cousins name was Elisabeth White
Nightwolf_377 17 hours ago
Dude mark didn’t die for like what, 7 hunts same ghost? Damn (Including when he was in the van)
Coulter Sheppard
Coulter Sheppard 22 hours ago
Tim Wilson
Tim Wilson 23 hours ago
Haha when he asks for the editor to show everyone. To be fair he had put down wraith... just then changed the third objective afterwards
Pixel Madness
Imagine him push that cross in that mouth of dat ghost to make him go away
minnie シ
minnie シ Day ago
17:07 mark’s sanity went up 2% after attempting to get bob killed after repeatedly saying ‘mark thompson’ what a madlad.
ShirtyBackup Day ago
The Crazy Lucario
19:49 *_M I I_*
My cousins last name is White..... but her first name isn't Elizabeth lmao! X'D
Thrythlind aka Luke Green
All the ghosts are potentially lethal....some are just slower to work up to killing you.
Thrythlind aka Luke Green
Ghost Event = Ghost becomes visible but isn't actually hunting.
Thrythlind aka Luke Green
The crucifix doesn't do anything once a ghost has started hunting. The way you use the crucifix is that you place it inside the ghost room because the ghost most often tries to spawn in that. And the way the crucifix works is that if the ghost tries to start a hunt within 3 meters of it, the hunt fails. So, it's sort of like a proximity mine or trap rather than an amulet of protection or a way to repel them. SMUDGE sticks will make a hunting ghost stop focusing for about 6 seconds, enough time to get some distance.
Bratty Day ago
Sup mark
Command64 Day ago
I don't hate Bob but GOD HIS LAUGH IS ANNOYING.
Sapphire Lily
Something funny?? My oldest niece’s name is Elizabeth... Her bio father’s last name is White. 😆
FatherRazor Day ago
This thumbnail hitting me with nostalgia
Jack Grizzle
Jack Grizzle Day ago
Mark is the master of "running the hell away, from a ghost".
YuiBestGirl 2 days ago
Legends have it that, to this day, Mark is still claiming he put Wraith.
Darkwarrior Playz
19:29 yes sir you did write wraith i agree 😀😀👍👍
felili 2 days ago
i got a ad abt afk arena talking abt how mark was a new npc
Katharina Mynte Pfaff
The end got me dead he believed it so much
matt kim
matt kim 2 days ago
“Wraiths can’t be tracked by footsteps!” The wraith: “STOMPITY STOMPITUH MOTHER TRUCKER-“
Spencer Meaney
Spencer Meaney 2 days ago
Mark: Where are you? Ghost: behind Mark: Oh great so we got a reading from the spir- OH GOD ITS BEHIND ME
8KingNazu 2 days ago
18:46 Me trying to explain how I’m not the impostor
Riley McPherson
Riley McPherson 2 days ago
MidNite Rain
MidNite Rain 2 days ago
18:56 😂😂😂
Lil Caleb W
Lil Caleb W 2 days ago
26:38 a bottle fell on the table so its definitely poltergeist
Wyatt Olson
Wyatt Olson 2 days ago
Iverson Peltier
Iverson Peltier 2 days ago
"I got the crusafix, I got the crukafux, I got thr crusafux" 😭
-*Ochaka Sisters*- -o-
Mark im ur biggest fan and it said not descoverd yet 😆😁😂🤣😅
Madison H
Madison H 2 days ago
I love bobs voice for some reason
Snowy3656 2 days ago
A ghost event is where it appears and you see it or your light flashes. Not when you see someone dies. Or when it interacts with you in some way or an object.
Martin Chladný
Martin Chladný 2 days ago
Markiplaplier is playing Dead by Daylight not Phasmophobia.
Malicious Toes
Malicious Toes 2 days ago
Bob is so evil. :)
Giovanni Gonzalez
man, mark is a BRAVE boy
BlazeBlue 999
BlazeBlue 999 2 days ago
Mark suffers from Anime Protagonist syndrome, no matter how dicey the situation looks, he cannot die cause plot armor
Mireya Akosima
Mireya Akosima 3 days ago
Mark: "Oh, Wade's dead." Bob: "Oooohh.." Mark: "Ooohhh.." Mark: "aNyWaYs-"
Mireya Akosima
Mireya Akosima 3 days ago
*FNaF vibes for no reason from this game.-*
Mr. Fizzlesticks
Mr. Fizzlesticks 3 days ago
i want this game so bad but i dont have $ buy it dam so scary
Michał Sobol
Michał Sobol 3 days ago
Markiplier:😱😱😱😱😱 I :😑😑😑😑😑
Skyler Dickson
Skyler Dickson 3 days ago
im upset that wade has no upload for this episode so we never get to see his inept solitary death in this one
Devon Lienemann
Devon Lienemann 3 days ago
Gets roasted by editor
Minato Arisato
Minato Arisato 3 days ago
To anyone who has watched JoJo's bizarre adventure, is it just me, or does Mark turn into part 3 Joseph whenever he starts panickly yelling?
Rage HeadHunter
Rage HeadHunter 3 days ago
Picks up weak flashlight MARKRK!!! drops phewww
Rage HeadHunter
Rage HeadHunter 3 days ago
Crosafux XD LMFAO
Avery Gardner
Avery Gardner 3 days ago
Mark in this one: literally unkillable Mark in the next one: literally unlivable
The Big Chezburger
He put in the evidence but didn't choose "Wraith" and I just facepalmed.
Lara Srakar
Lara Srakar 3 days ago
I feel like it's not a good idea to be watching all of the Phasmophobia videos at 2 o'clock in the morning... Oh well
TheBlankCanvas 3 days ago
Every time Mark was screaming and yelling all I could think about was the chicken from Moana.
Jack Mohamad
Jack Mohamad 3 days ago
Mark I think the emf was 5 like If u agree
Miamicra 3 days ago
19:26 Last time you talked about respect you got punched into a wall and I got sent into a musical number.
Luna •3•
Luna •3• 3 days ago
The song makes the video a whole lot better and their fights
Goose 3 days ago
26:39 Who else saw the bottle on the table fall over?
Kitty05 3 days ago
AIRLSS 3 days ago
He outran the ghost so much times he’s a lucky bastered
3xpandD0ng 3 days ago
That Dora Winifred is both scuffed and a masterpiece
Sankalpa -StAyInG fit & DrEaMiNg BIG
Wait was I supposed to be scared?
Azrael Games
Azrael Games 4 days ago
I want to see Mark play this in VR. That would be cool. How many likes do you think he would want for that hahha?
Gabriel Giroux
Gabriel Giroux 4 days ago
Oh no yeah he did put down wr(not yet discovered)aith
White Face #513
White Face #513 4 days ago
*I hate when people underestimitate my fastness. I'm fast. I'm SO fast, you couldn't even comprehend*
Ronaldo Soccer
Ronaldo Soccer 4 days ago
Oompa doompa doompadie dee
Juan Cuervo
Juan Cuervo 4 days ago
26:52 Im disappointed they didn't use the perfectly set up joke, "we're ghost master baiters" cuz that would've been HILARIOUS.
Adam Waton
Adam Waton 4 days ago
hey mark. theres a prison level coming up. r u gonna play that?
chanshine 4 days ago
my name is elizabeth and i wasnt perturbed...just laughing the entire time 😂
Amelia Gump
Amelia Gump 4 days ago
Congrats mark! You put down wraith! We all believed in you!
Sydnee Moody
Sydnee Moody 4 days ago
Are we not going to talk about the bottle that got knocked over? 26:38 hahahaha
Jordyn Bourn-Hicks
so during the part where he almost got you, like right freaking there, i was tense and on the edge of my seat, and my cat jumped onto my lap unexpectedly and i almost fell out of my chair from jumping XD
Arthur Heinlein
Arthur Heinlein 4 days ago
can somebody kill bob ?!
Grim Reaper Studios
Ghosts: I fear no man Mark with plot armor: Ghosts: but that thing scares me
little_red 4 days ago
I love mark's videos and admire him because without fail, every time I have a panic attack, his videos somehow still manage to make me laugh.
Ella Williams
Ella Williams 4 days ago
What happens if your sanity reaches 0%?
X pekonimies X
X pekonimies X 4 days ago
s coozi ftw
s coozi ftw 5 days ago
thicc bunccus 😭🤚
star wood
star wood 5 days ago
19:21 yep
Cami Pinay
Cami Pinay 5 days ago
i like big patatoes lol
Dudus Dudus
Dudus Dudus 5 days ago
This game isn't as scary as i thought it would be.
EturnoLyon 5 days ago
This is how many times marky moo got chased by a ghost and somehow managed to survive | \/
Laura Chad
Laura Chad 5 days ago
Why doesn't your flashlight stay on?
Danika Van Rooyen
Ok first of all, I freaking love it when lixian pops up, great job with the editing your yreally good and always make me laugh! Secondly: Mark:I have crusafix, I'm in invincible!!! GHOST:bro you thought! I have a crush on you so I'm NOT going to kills you.
Stxrrŷ pēaćhu
Stxrrŷ pēaćhu 5 days ago
This is why I watch this dudes vids,he’s underrated and amazing,funny and yea- 👌🏻✌🏻
StormyOwl 2674
StormyOwl 2674 5 days ago
Hmmmm, I thought it was called a LuIGiBoaRd.
master_0f_war 5 days ago
mark, when u edit something in the journal it will reset the ghost type bar so you have to set that again
Gemau 6 days ago
What happened to the soundboard
Slav Cat
Slav Cat 6 days ago
spirit box: behind mark: okay we got a spirit box me : wait did it say behind? the ghost: hello there
Launcher Jake 3000
Whats the suspense music at the start called?
Ninja Gamer Playz
Nope you didn’t mark
Jeng Weng
Jeng Weng 6 days ago
14:44 at least wade died in a t pose
Eva Holgate
Eva Holgate 6 days ago
Can I just mention how hilarious I find the section where Lixian roasts Mark for actually NOT getting it is?
A man who always tells the truth...but is sometimes super mistaken
Messyalien 51
Messyalien 51 6 days ago
Everyone: Hide Mark: I'm fast as f*** BOI!!!!
Camilla The Bat
Camilla The Bat 6 days ago
Lol it made my laugh so hard that he didn’t notice that when he marked down wraith it immediately changed!🤣
Axᴇʟ Vᴜʟᴘᴇᴢ
16:03 The ghost: BeHInD. (as in behind you) Mark: Oh-p Welp, there we go spirt box! *turns around* The ghost: BISH- Mark three seconds later: *regrets everything*
Ghost 7352
Ghost 7352 6 days ago
Ghost Type: Not yet discovered
F1 Assassin
F1 Assassin 6 days ago
This series is genuinely good