THE BABY WITHIN... | Amnesia: Rebirth - Part 4 

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This baby is getting kinda big...
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Nov 17, 2020




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One45 43 minutes ago
43:13 - 43:19 literally everyone when i mind my own business and being quiet
Zafir S
Zafir S 2 hours ago
the views for this game on his channel is progressively getting worse. I'm assuming its cuz people don't like waiting this long for the story to continue so they watch it on someone elses channel instead.
Sunlight System
Sunlight System 5 hours ago
it's been 10 days, MARK
Jennifer Hall
Jennifer Hall 6 hours ago
I love Protective Mama Bear Mark.
Nabila Abou Ghanem
Nabila Abou Ghanem 6 hours ago
For real, how is a pregnant lady expected to make it through this elaborate adventure with zero miscarriages?? :/
Spicy Productions
Spicy Productions 7 hours ago
28:06 My mom as she scrolls through my internet history when I forget to use incognito.
Shadilay Warrior
Shadilay Warrior 8 hours ago
It has been 10 days, just counting for everyone
KamiSama Music
KamiSama Music 8 hours ago
"there wont be any more delay" he said :(
Brody Brady
Brody Brady 9 hours ago
Markkkk pleaseee more episodes
relievedfoxy 628
relievedfoxy 628 12 hours ago
First I guess
Mizery 13 hours ago
"Back in the day... called Caesar 'Big Scissors'"
Abi Orange
Abi Orange 16 hours ago
The short of Richard is dick... I know that’s what you meant to say
Skittle_Clouds 19 hours ago
No long delays YOU SAY?!?!
Trailers Tv
Trailers Tv 20 hours ago
When is the next one?
Niki Kawaii ʕっ•ᴥ•ʔっ
Markiplier: *wearing unnus annus T-shirt* Me: unnus annus still here...in our hearts ;w;
Good Stuff, Good Stuff. Can't wait for the next one
chahine gaming
chahine gaming 22 hours ago
Same i cant wait!
Dark Killer1987
"No long delays this time" Me, after one week: -_-
Dark Killer1987
Dark Killer1987 6 hours ago
@PaperVisage I'm not disappointed, just the situation is funny, where I after one week finally find the time to watch part 3 & 4, and then the game is still not over (which is nice, more to watch), then I thought, 'nah I've got time, let's watch part 5'... lol
PaperVisage 15 hours ago
​@Dark Killer1987 We all make mistakes, esp us with ADD, lol. We make promises not only to people but to ourselves. We promise we won't forget X but always manage to do it because we have so many other tabs open in our heads, lol. It's unfortunate but we gotta sort of lean away from making promises for this very reason (disappointment).
Dark Killer1987
Dark Killer1987 20 hours ago
@Somebody call the Whambulence I know, I was just kind of joking bc I know that he's one most hardworking creators here, it was just funny how he said sorry for the long wait, it won't take that long now and then over a week has passed
Somebody call the Whambulence
He's probably got stuff going on. He is a person too lol
Behind the WallYT
Swapnil Saha
Swapnil Saha Day ago
Where is the fifth part×€×
L F 4633
L F 4633 Day ago
I like how he says markiplier haha
Holy Pagan
Holy Pagan Day ago
I have a recently turned 1yo and I am trying to watch, but those memories are really giving me anxiety and emotional pain... I don't think I could ever lose my baby girl like that...
Adriana Plays
"Taljing like that is going to awaken mama bear.. i will rip your balls through your lungs."
Adriana Plays
12:06 is probably the most HORRIFYING thing. The most TERRIFYING DISGRACEFUL THING. That he could have seen in that moment.
Bratty Day ago
Helloooo mark
Jessix Day ago
"We gonna finish this up quick no long wait this time I promise" uploaded over a week ago and now its Thanksgiving :(
bruh, Mark don't do this again please upload the Amnesia series consistently :((
Mason Morrow
Mason Morrow Day ago
This reminds me of Soul Sacrifice, for anyone else bored enough to find a game like that on the PS Vita.
Ben Sobicj
Ben Sobicj Day ago
Mark:No long delays Me(a week later): yea sure *wink* *wink*
Mister Bone's
and another week till the next episode
Blurry Eyes
Blurry Eyes Day ago
Damn, I've been waiting for this forever
Taco_man Day ago
12:41 lol
Forge Souls
Forge Souls Day ago
The crackhead energy of this man is so wondrous that it’s almost enough to make me forget about the camp Unus Annus shirt he’s wearing ...almost
MAD FATHER REMAKEEEE!! uwu new cutscenes and better graphics, 2 different story modes and a gallery/doll maker mode. Note: the doll maker mode is great, but not a huge part of the game. New modes in the game! 1: Blood 2: IF scenario 3: normal "A love only she can seduce, a murderous monster she had created." "a daughter was founded, a new murderer created" From under the bladed saw, only a heritage could make since of it." "An apple that only the tree could realize" 🍎
Joe Mama
Joe Mama 2 days ago
“Something tells me he didn’t REEEMEMBAA!”
Gold Fish
Gold Fish 2 days ago
Most games: Fall from two feet and almost die from it This game: Crushed by a giant rock or fall from six feet, you're perfectly fine
PaperVisage 15 hours ago
An underrated observation lmao.
Nico 2 days ago
nO lOnG DeLaYs ThIs TiMe
Siddharth Nair
Siddharth Nair 2 days ago
Mark: There will be no more delays ! Video: *Uploaded 1 week ago*
Mega Rayquaza
Mega Rayquaza 2 days ago
I've said this alot while watching this Series, *THAT CANNOT BE HEALTHY FOR THE BABY*
Justin Ristick
Justin Ristick 2 days ago
Why does it feel like mark isn’t interested in this game anymore?
MMSebastian Hour ago
@Jessix i feel the same way, i think he said in an interview he isnt a gamer anymore which is sad cause he was very entertaining back in the day and i personally dont like unnus annus or his "a heist with markiplier" project it doesnt appeal to me i just like him playing horror games..
Matt Hopper
Matt Hopper 13 hours ago
Like as people don't seem to be watching for some reason... he can post a vid about a can of corn and get 3 million views in two days, but a Amnesia at
Jessix 13 hours ago
@PaperVisage Sadly for me I joined his channel many years ago when he was mainly playing horror games, now I know he did not like the way his channel/mind was heading back then. But those are the only videos I am here for and now they are getting longer and further apart which is sad because I use to watch his videos daily..
PaperVisage 15 hours ago
He seems plenty interested in it, but it's certainly not a priority. He's got other things goin
Jessix Day ago
because its more than a week between each episode even when he said no long delay this time?
T'Lan Imass
T'Lan Imass 2 days ago
No long delays this time? What is it, cyberpunk sequel?
Klexyl D
Klexyl D 2 days ago
The memories are shredding my heart apart. I see my daughter so rarely; if anything happened to her, I would cease.
Dylan Budden
Dylan Budden 2 days ago
And here I am thinking another amnesia video wouldint come..... Guess I was wrong😅🙏
lambsauceman 2 days ago
Reginah Reign
Reginah Reign 2 days ago
I just love the fact that Mark's wearing the Camp UA shirt... memoriesss...
kid boo
kid boo 2 days ago
Why did this take so long holy shit
ANIME MAOU16 2 days ago
14:16 am not gonna lie i was frightened caz i wasn't expecting it to grab her😂, my heart almost jumped out
Breah Wright
Breah Wright 2 days ago
The Camp Unus Annus t shirt 😭
TheHUEZOX 2 days ago
next part when?? D:
Goatem 2 days ago
Ayandra the apostate thats mentioned in one of the alien notes has to be Alexander von brennenburg I’m absolutely certain of it
OddCrafter 14 hours ago
I had the same thought.
Kiwi Fame
Kiwi Fame 2 days ago
Saint Wachter
Saint Wachter 2 days ago
Unus Annus is over and he says he's gonna get back into doing videos and no longer late... Instead he does two variety, comedy vids and two or three month old podcast edits. Oh well it's the holidays. These things happen.
XMrPainX 2 days ago
man he took forever to upload amnesia videos lol
William Barnhart
William Barnhart 2 days ago
"No long delays this time." Lies!!!
NeverGiveUp Day ago
I was looking for a comment like this lol
GeekJokes 2 days ago
i imagine the next part is coming tomorrow?
robo boy
robo boy 2 days ago
33:36 lyrics: mama bear going through get up oh get out of my way i'm coming through i'm running now [???] this way no no no no no, close the door behind me and lock it, did it so good i'm a passion on the neighborhood, here another one lock it and yes i'm great and i'm the best no one get out of me- *AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH !!!!* OKAY HERE WE GO GOING DOWN HALLWAY [???] MY GOD...
imani00011 2 days ago
I’d love it if they bring back the moose man and they show how the moose man is being made and Mark gets the living shit scared out of him
PanMav 3 days ago
IR Gamer
IR Gamer 3 days ago
Part 5 plz ;)
babu suke
babu suke 3 days ago
6 days ago
Izanagi 3 days ago
29:58 Thats actually a perfect Afrikaner accent, though? I know he meant it as a joke, but jesus
davidrew2 3 days ago
ini mini mine mo towards the oil i will go *Monster comes out* I WON'T GO THAT WAY HOLY SHIT OH MY GOD
Zach Sands
Zach Sands 3 days ago
4:21 Okay, you jump six feet down while you have a miniature human inside of you.
refried beans on bread
"I'll rip your balls out through your lungs" has got to be the most graphic thing I've ever heard
Mahema Singh
Mahema Singh 3 days ago
bruh i was doing alright until this episode its so scary all of a sudden
Kenedee Hansen
Kenedee Hansen 3 days ago
patiently waiting for the next video..
Miss. Danni Tiger
9:00 omg dont mess with mama bear 14:10 18:30 28:00 omg !!! 29:20 30:00 35:00 37:30 😭😥 44:00 45:50 47:29
Noli Global
Noli Global 3 days ago
Hey mark, you know how your a masochist and all? Have you heard of the US-first channel Seek Discomfort? I think you’ll like it.
joebob2299 3 days ago
Mark: I got a lot of oil *United States military has entered the chat*
Lin 3 days ago
Steampowerd 213
Steampowerd 213 3 days ago
what the fuck, Richard! (that is a vine reference)
Queen_Keisha RSN
Queen_Keisha RSN 3 days ago
Kan I get some help, I got a baby. LOOL
Payton Bodily
Payton Bodily 3 days ago
I guess Alys had Cystic Fibrous and it is hereditary so I'm guessing Amari has it to....maybe.
Amazing DOG!
Amazing DOG! 3 days ago
"I wont let the next episode take as long"... ITS BEEN 6 DAYS MARK
Trystin Rochel
Trystin Rochel 3 days ago
Still no episode 5... mark stop making empty promises. Plz for your health and mine.
Lacey Moon
Lacey Moon 21 hour ago
@squattopandtacos Yeah haha, Sorry US-first was updating and I forgot 😅
squattopandtacos 23 hours ago
@Lacey Moon Appreciate that lol. I try to stay chill, especially for stuff like games, they’re meant for a fun time. Don’t wanna stress anyone over it ya know
Lacey Moon
Lacey Moon 23 hours ago
@squattopandtacos I thought so as well but then he surprised us with part 4, But you sound like a pretty chill streamer
squattopandtacos 23 hours ago
@Lacey Moon typically if I am no longer going to continue I series I try to let people know that they shouldn’t wait for more. I typically do streaming on other platforms compared to uploads, so it’s a little different, and obviously my audience is much smaller than Mark’s. However if I said I was going to do something and then changed my mind about it, I’d say something about it personally and not leave people hanging. Personally I never even thought he would upload this episode, I thought he had dropped it alresdy
Lacey Moon
Lacey Moon 23 hours ago
@squattopandtacos I mean would you continue to play a game if people kept complaining about you taking a break off the game? Sure he could post on one of his social media but at the same time he really shouldn’t have to, yes I agree this isn’t his first time saying that it wouldn’t be as long of a wait but he’s human too and can’t keep tons of promises, But I see what you’re saying and agree with both of you
Kasey Conlon
Kasey Conlon 3 days ago
Aahhhh a side butt hole
Valoress Bqiskrnrjbx
Remember when Mark said he'd continue Amnesia?
Madison Hines
Madison Hines 3 days ago
I love how he says he’s gonna try to finish the game quickly and meanwhile it’s been 6 days since this was posted and he hasn’t continued it, his content has been slow lately
wind master
wind master 3 days ago
How many times did mark say oh my god?
flodA reltiH
flodA reltiH 3 days ago
I'm glad they represented us South Africans in the form of Leon. We don't often find ourselves in video games as mainstream as Amnesia😂
Menthols 3 days ago
I like the idea that ancient humans with seemingly futuristic teleportation technology were so fond of using matchsticks and lanterns as a light source instead of using... you know... regular electricity, that they have stored packs of matches and lantern oil all throughout their teleportation system bases. Definitely not ridiculous and absurd, nope.
Garfield Davis
Garfield Davis 3 days ago
What about the other episodes waiting patiently
Ahmad Sabbagh
Ahmad Sabbagh 3 days ago
Legal 4 days ago
Why is this in my notifications now instead of 5 days ago?
ChouFN 4 days ago
Markiplier said filipino words he said "No Problema" 3:29
KABOOM 4 days ago
bro please we need more fast
Abrianna Miller
Abrianna Miller 4 days ago
Richard: Getting tortured. Markiplier: "Yep that's good, actually the greatest thing."
Samantha Sanders
Samantha Sanders 4 days ago
He said he wouldn’t take long this time
Soetdjuret 3 days ago
@Muffy Calm down it's just a video. I'm disappointed too. But we should not take it too far.
Muffy 3 days ago
Meanwhile he takes a week. Markipliers promises are not to be trusted. I started following him in 2013, and whatever promise he makes are absolute bullshit. He's a man with empty promises. He DOES complete his promises, but not after months after the date he promised.
NitrOxide 4 days ago
Mark:'this is too long and overly dramatic ' Tasi:'this is only going to get worse' Me:'Well that was perfectly timed.:
LA Juice
LA Juice 4 days ago
yes very "ICY" indeed
Jadimatic 4 days ago
Infinitus Annus, Memento Vita.
Deo 4 days ago
ill be uploading these episodes more often....5 days go by
Kit Miller
Kit Miller 4 days ago
Marzia: Make-a de more-a
GnomeXD 4 days ago
Mark: does something important Me: doesn't see anything cus im at 144p
Xander Crantz
Xander Crantz 4 days ago
Mark, I cant stress how much I love this game, it brings back when I was a much younger kid. I used to watch amnesia non-stop till I'd finish the entire series playthrough. Just wanted you to know I love the series and keep up the good work.
Connimoran 4 days ago
Leon sounds, awfully familiar, from a game with a... different, Leon... What're ya buyin'?
Brentt Baldwin
Brentt Baldwin 4 days ago
Marks gonna be a great dad....
Septers Storm
Septers Storm 4 days ago
"no long delays this time" *2 weeks later* Mark?
Damian Wootten
Damian Wootten 4 days ago
This is a really well put together game Mark. I can't wait for the next part to come out.
Mhmoud Osama
Mhmoud Osama 4 days ago
33:37 is the best part LOL
Kostas Batas
Kostas Batas 4 days ago
Superliminal (FULL GAME)