THE ELEPHANTS | Darkwood - Part 14 

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Darkwood is back and there's apparently plenty of new characters that I have yet to meet... these are The Elephants
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Sep 5, 2020




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Comments 100   
Miss. Danni Tiger
22:00 omg wow humans finally 27:50
CrossWind Ministries
I would have to say this is the best series Mark has made😃
TimeARDISpace 5 days ago
I'm so glad he decided not to start over! Can ya'll imagine just how awful it would've been if he replayed it to get to that point and then failed it again?
filip_boucek 6 days ago
Mark: NO... i DoNt NeEED gAS! Mark when night comes: Oh shit, I’m out of gas
Rubb3r Lizard
Rubb3r Lizard 10 days ago
I just realized that kid is the same kid he met before.
IrisBlue93 11 days ago
the child, is it the same child that had a crush on the "pretty lady" that the wolfman took?
Eric French
Eric French 23 days ago
He is a big whumpus. He is a big whumpy boi.
madam suna
madam suna 26 days ago
Bob The Bone Boy
When mark left the kids room without taking the drawings a part of me died inside, you NEED that item to progress.
No Name No Name
No Name No Name Month ago
3:05 I wished so badly that that there was a choice to kindly let him keep the rat for himself. At 7:37 I was close to tears when I learned that taking away his ball was an option in the game. I hate how this character plays to my emotions.
itsfreddy Month ago
Love Mark's videos
Lex Month ago
The comments here are basically, "Mark says something, then does the opposite."
Finnegan McFarland
One of these times when mark starts screaming “Ho Ho Ho,” lixian has to edit in a beard over mark’s face like he’s Santa
Storm DragonDen 1&only
Twisted Fingers
Twisted Fingers Month ago
Young child: What’s molly Me showing 18:24 Markiplier:. Ok!.. Molly
Syazreen Farlina
it just warms my heart when Mark always check on that boy whenever he come back home or after killing the creatures. dead corpses n bloods splatters everywhere n Mark simply enter the boy room asking "how u doin"
Simonsaysgaming Month ago
e l e p h o o n
Horrible Smile SKM
CopyCat Month ago
Nobody: Santa at the local mall: 31:33
vanko gaming
vanko gaming Month ago
Do you have to continue to try not to laugh challenge the 23rd one you actually lost do you have to continue o
vanko gaming
vanko gaming Month ago
Do you have to continue to try not to laugh challenge the 23rd one you actually lost do you have to continue o
Yale Werner
Yale Werner Month ago
Dog: whimpered moan. Mark: What a waste of ammo.
Can0e Month ago
play terraria plz. I think it would be very fun. thank you
FLIPFLOPCOP 21 Month ago
Every character in this game has an item there attached to like the music kid likes his violin the chicken lady like her chickens but mark is shovels and taders
Highland Sky Cunningham
I feel so horrible for the musician, and I really hope you can protect him. I feel like he'll probably die..
Bunny Whispers
Bunny Whispers 2 months ago
I miss the old Trader :(
Aceofspades 2 months ago
Beware of the elephant
Rick but its not Astley
semprebrio 2 months ago
What is this game,, i didnt watch the kther vdis
Gta san Andrea's addict
I swear at 3 minutes on this video when he was reading it made me horny😂
_mauRix 2 months ago
GamerTroll 2 months ago
I hope the kid doesn’t turn into a monster that mark has to kill, if he does, I’d feel real bad and sad
AbaddonArts 2 months ago
The way that Mark spoke when he realized the children had oxygen tanks on was a bit creepy, but it makes sense. Spend long enough in these woods without an escape, you'll become one with the savages.
Zima 2 months ago
Lol, I wish all issues of the world can easily boop out of existence like the long-worm-neck monster thing.
Maker111 2 months ago
sad boy :(
Mr. Clock
Mr. Clock 2 months ago
9:56 Nobody: Mark: "I am a man who own's three shovels"
Narno Narno
Narno Narno 2 months ago
Am I the only one that doesn't like Darkwood? Don't get me wrong, it's a great game with a beautiful plot and well made characters, and its obviously one of Mark's best series, but I'm just not getting that scared from it. There are tense moments when the monsters are chasing Mark but the parts in between seem very dull to me. This is the third time I've fallen asleep during one of these episodes. I don't know if its the endless need to collect items or if its the design style, but Darkwood is just not my cup of tea.
Lil' Lizard
Lil' Lizard 2 months ago
Thinking that maybe the hunting rifle had more piercing damage and killed the crocodile people easier because it penetrates scales
Tim West
Tim West 2 months ago
2:25 lol not even 3 minutes in and Markiplier has me laughing so hard 😂
Kee B
Kee B 2 months ago
I wasn’t going to watch this series but I changed my mind and I’m glad I did.
Xornedge 2 months ago
Are you gonna play the game again? This way we get a longer series!
Sue-Fung Yi
Sue-Fung Yi 2 months ago
these type of games are my favourite Markiplier Let's Plays
Lucas TEP
Lucas TEP 2 months ago
I CALLED IT, HE USED THE EXACT WORDS I USED!!! If I just was unto date on his video.
Lucas TEP
Lucas TEP 2 months ago
I knew should have watched it when it was released. I am genuinely mad at myself.
Mister Omegonnaise
Mister Omegonnaise 2 months ago
Virgin old place: Boring dogs and savages Chad new place: CREEPER, AW MAN
levigerrardhades 2 months ago
I love this game so much
Mr. Popish
Mr. Popish 2 months ago
My dose of mushy seems as close as ever
A M 2 months ago
diego lobos
diego lobos 2 months ago
Mark, you've come so far... i feel so proud of your mature vision on these matters, you have my support and Cheer. Blessings to you, friend.
Khaos Drawz
Khaos Drawz 2 months ago
17:01 *Jacksepticeye would like to know your location*
vernon daley
vernon daley 2 months ago
Yeah, sometimes we gotta take a step back and just enjoy the game even if we didn't get everything perfect. I know I'm a little too addicted to getting the best answers in persona games. Slowly changing that so I can just enjoy the game for what it is and then maybe do another playthrough where I try to perfect the game or whatever.
Nyarlathotep 2 months ago
The musician is the game's way of making you a reflection of the chicken lady
AiErudito __-_-__
AiErudito __-_-__ 2 months ago
hayden adams
hayden adams 2 months ago
You finally got that letter you missed 2 episodes ago
Alander8111 2 months ago
Please tell me I’m not the old one who lost it when Mark discovered the pump action shotgun?
bomber 2 months ago
does anyone else here like lixians avatar
MLG NINJA / TheseNadesOnly
Zombie night terror
cameron daniels
cameron daniels 2 months ago
wholesome child :)
Midnight S2
Midnight S2 2 months ago
The musician boy is so sweet
Whit M
Whit M 2 months ago
wy is this video THE ELEPHANT'S
Riria Revenna
Riria Revenna 2 months ago
So. Apparently don't feed the musician meat or mushrooms. And also burn the talking tree.
oD3 2 months ago
its funny how mark is sad for the kid in his base yet he is the one who did that too him
Face Lezz
Face Lezz 2 months ago
"Welcome to Scrutinized" Next PLEAAAASSSEEE :OOO
DedFelloe 2 months ago
Mark genuinely considering starting completely over just to get to that one point in the game is a perfect representation of how I play games.
Nyota Mwuaji
Nyota Mwuaji 2 months ago
Eat the Old Lady mark. do it. EAT HER
Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin 2 months ago
When your a guest at someones house and you have to eat their food 19:57
Rudrani Bhattacharjee
Well I am back for
Rudrani Bhattacharjee
Rudrani Bhattacharjee
Someone: Mark do you have kid Mark: yes * looks at musician kid * Kid: oh Kid: uh i am not an orphan anymoe
Alan Fulmer
Alan Fulmer 2 months ago
I too want to see the end so we can get back to the scp videos
zeppelin led
zeppelin led 2 months ago
Mark... Play this on a nightmare difficulty and let's see if it is still "Almost too easy" :D
triggerhappy 243
triggerhappy 243 2 months ago
Nothing is forever. Death comes for us all. *UNUS ANNUS*
Emily M.
Emily M. 2 months ago
Please continue this series! I love it so much
Bill Corey
Bill Corey 2 months ago
I'm just going to say this at the very beginning: huge respect for sticking with *this* playthrough and accepting the consequences. That's class. :)
demonslife 2 months ago
Hope he eventually plays scrutinized
gareth hodgson
gareth hodgson 2 months ago
Dude where’s the rest?!
William Chong
William Chong 2 months ago
Welcome back! Tilt is a real killer aha
Bambilinoo 2 months ago
Mark! I need to know what happens! I neeeed moreeee :)
Liam Muir
Liam Muir 2 months ago
Please make more
Mads G.S
Mads G.S 2 months ago
Sophia Caruso
Sophia Caruso 2 months ago
My favorite series by mark was Fran bow
Joel Niota
Joel Niota 2 months ago
Lmao the thumbnail
CMTimeout 2 months ago
More darkwood pls!!!
Vugen18 2 months ago
Mark could you play a "normal" horror game please? There are so many new horrorgames! And this game is ok but not scary
VileZX 2 months ago
YEAH!!! Back into the DORKNESS of the woods!
MegaMarsh 2 months ago
Markiplier you have the coolest voice 😎
brandon Kokichi
brandon Kokichi 2 months ago
Beware of the elephant
yummywifi 258
yummywifi 258 2 months ago
Wait was mark saying hoe hoe hoe hoe hoe hoe hoe hoe hoe or ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho?
Devin Cassell
Devin Cassell 2 months ago
Still waiting for next episode... sadness overwhelms me*
Fabiano ferrara
Fabiano ferrara 2 months ago
This game is only for PC or videogames? Have for android or iOS?
Kole Stephens
Kole Stephens 2 months ago
SamanthaKronos 2 months ago
I’ll be so disappointed if he doesn’t finish this series :(
Kai Sörensen
Kai Sörensen 2 months ago
polo kool
polo kool 2 months ago
Shadow Vertigo
Shadow Vertigo 2 months ago
Planning on making a Darkwood series too because you make it so fun but... I don't have a big brain and I just might die constantly--but the fun I'll have? No, death--but fun? AAAHHH!!!
Chalfin 2 months ago
I tier 3 if you play the rest in on stream...in one sitting...until it's finished....
Chalfin 2 months ago
More please D:
Robert Murdock
Robert Murdock 2 months ago
Godd I want more its so good
SaharThe49 2 months ago
Saw you back in 2014, was surprised to see you started again a month ago. Great series!
bigbrockbear 2 months ago
Where's Part 15????
Cade Mcmonigal
Cade Mcmonigal 2 months ago
more darkwood
Fabio Sungurlian
Fabio Sungurlian 2 months ago
Play the gnarled hag, it is a terrifying horror game with similar mechanics to those in lasagna boy.
Superliminal (FULL GAME)
goodbye fortnite