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Darkwood continues with the most incredibly unfair thing I've ever experienced in a game... I'm actually angry...
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Aug 28, 2020




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Comments 100   
Sean Pate
Sean Pate 3 days ago
The word thief is in polish
Jackie 4 days ago
I wonder what would have happened if he had given the key to the violin boy and not the wolf. Would the wolf have died? Assuming thst he died of starvation or something. Would the trader have given him the key instead? Therefore saving the trader from his doom? Is it like a sacrifice one character for another type situation?
Derby Face
Derby Face 4 days ago
I dont know which is creepier, the human centipede or the human spider?
No 6 days ago
angry mark is... its something thats for sure
Mad Mouse
Mad Mouse 8 days ago
Hey, so, no major spoilers...but what was mark supposed to do at the chomping maw part? I’m really curious.
Dblaine Rosequist
What happened to episode 12 I cant find it and am kind of lost
Moa 8 days ago
take a shot everytime mark forgets to turn the generator off throughout this whole game, i'd be wasted xD
Lizabeth Mckenzie
Lizabeth Mckenzie 15 days ago
its ok mark there is still more to the game so the isnt entirely ruined.btw u look good in shorts ;3
Eliza May
Eliza May 24 days ago
Mark: almost too easy 😏 *gets ambushed not two minutes later*
Eric French
Eric French 24 days ago
WTF is the beginning
NolandSpring 28 days ago
i understand your pain mark.... it’s infuriating
Nikita Cheney
Nikita Cheney 29 days ago
Mark: doesn't barricade anything Also Mark: "HOW DID YOU GET IN HERE!?!?" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
FatedGamer 29 days ago
Ya no mark thats not unfair thats you doing the dumb. It had constantly told you to just follow the path during that. It was trying to train you to just do and not question. You hesitated and got punished for it.
Tyler MacDonald
Tyler MacDonald 29 days ago
That suuuuuucks
Tyler MacDonald
Tyler MacDonald 29 days ago
He was soooooooo close
Revitre Month ago
this is like making one mistake in the metro games and not getting the good ending
tearfilledrum Month ago
doctor: the quarry is in the south mark: *goes west in previous episode, now decides to go NORTH* me: ...mark wtf
Shahido-kun Month ago
mark:i am rich with potatoes jacksepticeye would like to know your location
Kelly Fox
Kelly Fox Month ago
WOW!!!! he was so mad. I don't think I have EVER! seen him so angry
Logan Kranrod
Logan Kranrod Month ago
He really had no idea what to do but almost beat the alternate route, just hesitated near the end... although I’m kinda glad so now he’ll get to explore more rather than finishing the game quick
Leiviosa Month ago
Uses Luck and Skill to navigate the dream sequence Last part "I get it" Walks in mouth *NOW YOU DIE*
M0ND4Y Month ago
Mark: runs into a mouth “is this what do?!” Mark: gets eaten Mark: surprised pikachu face
grim_l_l_entertainment v2
16:17 *going to protests in America*
Cramspot Month ago
I was opening a bag of chips for the fist like 32 seconds of the video and when I finally get it open all I hear is “regret it”
vanko gaming
vanko gaming Month ago
Do you have to continue to try not to laugh challenge the 23rd one you actually lost do you have to continue o
vanko gaming
vanko gaming Month ago
Do you have to continue to try not to laugh challenge the 23rd one you actually lost do you have to continue o
Maisie Gomer
Maisie Gomer Month ago
Does anybody else feel like a kid watching their parent get mad at somebody else when Markiplier gets genuinely mad like this?? Like, I feel like I'm in trouble even though I know I didn't do anything wrong. Lol
emostiker222 Month ago
i haven't seen mark this kind of mad since until dawn...
Can0e Month ago
play terraria plz. I think it would be very fun. thank you
Ҡ卂丨 Month ago
Too easy😂
PredatorKingX Month ago
Me: *asked to babysit for a couple of hours* Also me 10 minutes later: 24:30
Fastwas Bucket
Fastwas Bucket Month ago
Lmao the game said it would be unfair you nerd
Sean OReilly
Sean OReilly Month ago
Mark: I am the most prepared I've ever been. I know exactly what to do. Almost making this too easy... Ten seconds later Mark: I'm on FIIIIIRE!
Qt _McC
Qt _McC Month ago
Did anyone else see the note at night that mark missed
T Greaux
T Greaux Month ago
Mark has no idea how much he handicapped himself by not understanding the games mechanics throughout the entire game. Holy crap he made it as hard as possible for himself for no reason other than stubbornness. This is the man whos worth millions and millions of dollars for playing videogames and recording it. Think about that for a second. Really think about that.
AJ D Month ago
'Can't fuck _me_ off'
Sour Soap
Sour Soap 2 months ago
I felt this, when I got cheesed by dogs
Noah Rastel
Noah Rastel 2 months ago
Mark: I think its time to move forward Nobody: Ad: Its time to move forward
Zora The Magic
Zora The Magic 2 months ago
Feels bad
KarbineX 2 months ago
2014 mark: IM ON FIRE! 2020 mark: IM STILL ON FIRE!
Paya seed
Paya seed 2 months ago
I'm just gonna say I live how kind Mark is to the musician. The musician is so scared, and I love Mark's reactions.
Markus Exz
Markus Exz 2 months ago
I just realized this....the doctor has all of the serum upgrades...
Transformers2Fan1 2 months ago
Yeah that gamer rage is ENTIRELY your fault. Not paying attention and running around blabbering like a baby IS. YOUR. FAULT. NOT. THE. GAME'S. "I did that entire thing perfectly." NO YOU DIDN'T. You walked away from the mouth and ran in circles. STOP BASHING GAMES FOR YOUR FAILURES
Some Buddy
Some Buddy 2 months ago
R.I.P. the Youtooz :,(
Emily Johnson
Emily Johnson 2 months ago
A burning baby alert? You mean an ember alert?
Felipe Medina
Felipe Medina 2 months ago
38:15 me almost beating FF12 then looking about the best equips of the game
Watermelon Goddess
Watermelon Goddess 2 months ago
Fabian 2 months ago
Hey markiplier don't make your videos very long some are boring
Darkest Trinity
Darkest Trinity 2 months ago
Whenever I see a title like this I always remember Getting Over It Pt. 3
Drew Wilson
Drew Wilson 2 months ago
Someone's a bit salty
Drew Wilson
Drew Wilson 2 months ago
Hey mark what did you do today. Oh not much I just talked to a tree
Leigh McPetrie
Leigh McPetrie 2 months ago
Every time Mark says "I'm gonna Blow you" I get thrown back to Press B to Blow :P
[HH]General Burkhalter
22:06 nothing special, personal timestamp
Nobody 2 months ago
broooooo thats some serious bs i had to google it since u got killed by its teeth im guessing the ending was dope you find a way through the woods and find the road home from the picture after that you go home to your building and people are just normal they have no idea theres Chernobyl next door very interesting game since the outside world is just normal but the woods are infected with some fungus and theres mutants everywhere
Ariel Potter
Ariel Potter 2 months ago
"I can dodge if I want to, I can leave my enemys behind. I gotta attack and if I don't attack, then I might die tonight." Darkwoods if one heck of a trippy game.
Scorpio S8N
Scorpio S8N 2 months ago
w-where's the uh... part 12? it goes from 11 to 13, he probably just miss-typed but yeah it keeps going 14, 15..
Lucas TEP
Lucas TEP 2 months ago
I wouldn’t have been surprised if Mark pulled a until dawn.
Dr. Genesis
Dr. Genesis 2 months ago
just relized he coulda used a another save to get the right dream ending
Sapient Underground
Sapient Underground 2 months ago
I feel your pain. The more you like a game, the more invested you are, the more one shitty moment can sour the whole experience. When a book or movie does it, it just leaves you disappointed, but a game...that'll leave you fuming. Powerful new medium.
Banana Bob87
Banana Bob87 2 months ago
Where is part 12????
Neethsues Voldar
Neethsues Voldar 2 months ago
I kept calling this game the forest for some reason like even in FB post I feel completely dumb
A M 2 months ago
Max_ PlaysGamez
Max_ PlaysGamez 2 months ago
AFriendlyBloke 2 months ago
9:39 The Irish Potato Famine in a nutshell.
andrew traver
andrew traver 2 months ago
When his neck is more swole than his arms XD
alexx stock
alexx stock 2 months ago
the developers watching this play-through: 😰
Panda Shoo
Panda Shoo 2 months ago
His quratiene hair thoooo ❤
Dexter Nash
Dexter Nash 2 months ago
but wheres the pink mustache
sxffer 2 months ago
"babies burned, successfully"
Light Chaos
Light Chaos 2 months ago
27:12 Accelerator nickname. 😎
K9 2
K9 2 2 months ago
*Mark steals all the potatos* Jack: I see
burbon ­
burbon ­ 2 months ago
I didn't even expect Markiplier to get so far into this dream sequence. Even though he got lost multiple times, he managed to get through. I agree that the chomp is a cheap thing, but what can you do... It's an indie studio filled with very young chaps - they are not game design experts, they are some dudes from uni. I enjoyed that episode so much that I literally felt the same dread and terror from watching Markiplier as what I felt when I was playing the game for the first time!
Nora Bråthen
Nora Bråthen 2 months ago
I thought this episode got reposted cause it came up in my notifications again just today?? I'm confused, US-first has become very confusing
ThatRussianGuy 2 months ago
i never thought id see a markiplier youtooz
Lucy 2 months ago
"I'm taking your potatoes! *But......* I will not kill you.... because _that_ would be mean." - Markiplier 2k20
Johnnyblack3 Reviews
The outroooo
DedFelloe 2 months ago
Mark's reaction to failing the dream sequence: *Genuine rage* Darkwood: Almost too easy
Whitney Colosimo
Whitney Colosimo 2 months ago
We love you!
Alyssa Neeley
Alyssa Neeley 2 months ago
Yooooooo I haven't seen mark this mad since... the last game he was mad at. Quiet anger, too. Oof.
Miranda to Mouric
Miranda to Mouric 2 months ago
Mark go into the lake... It's terrifying... Don't run.
Saleh Tanveer
Saleh Tanveer 2 months ago
Mark please make a video on scary teacher 3d
Raphael Sallan
Raphael Sallan 2 months ago
Why not watch youtube facts about dark wood then play it
Lord Of All Jays
Lord Of All Jays 2 months ago
"Almost making this too easy" Me: *I've missed that quote*
ƝıƘƱȽǠ 2 months ago
Since I saw Mark playing it I downloaded the game again, never beat it before. I wanted to beat the game and then watch Mark play it. I was so disappointed that I died at that part. But after seeing the ending I got I was actually glad that I died in the dream.
AproposOrc 2 months ago
I bet the trader knew how bad it was there so he didn’t want to go but had to go after the character in the game cuz he’s his only friend
SuperAniMan 2 months ago
Mark, I hope you understand that the Three who trade with you and the boys on the photo are related)
Josh Hamill
Josh Hamill 2 months ago
7 days to die vibes
Cakeshine 2 months ago
Him failing this ending was a blessing in disguise
joebob2299 2 months ago
"One of 'em pooped himself awake!" You don't know how many times I've said this as a nurse on night shifts.
the boss
the boss 2 months ago
I haven't played the game but it looks as you turned and ran inside, it ate you, it seems like you needed to back up into it or take your torch off. Can someone explain what you do in that situation and I know the guide mark read said "run inside instantly or fail" but I want someone's opinion who's played the game.
Billions Studios
Billions Studios 2 months ago
*getting over it flashbacks*
Marc Desjardins
Marc Desjardins 2 months ago
I regret clicking the link.
Dragaroth 2 months ago
of all the things to spoil himself with a guide for, idk why it was the final dream.
Valiantiron 2 months ago
Haha, this game is so freaky. I love it
The_man_who_speaks_in_hands Gaster
That was pretty cheap but also mark, you have gotten to max level and never use any of your abilities you basically made the game harder for no reason since you never use them all the downsides to those perks are not worth it
Dallas Strickland
Dallas Strickland 2 months ago
Mark: "I don't want to kill any of you villagers!" Also Mark: *literally steals all of their potatoes and leaves them to starve*
Daniël Fuhres
Daniël Fuhres 2 months ago
You can't reload a previous save or something? So you can get through that part right and won't fail teh dream sequence?
Dead Wolf
Dead Wolf 2 months ago
@Markiplier where is episode #12? No seriously where is Episode #12? Like this comment as much as you can so he might see it.
TKO Kairi Chapman
TKO Kairi Chapman 2 months ago
the first part didnt scare me,but you did
Mini Milo
Mini Milo 2 months ago
That's fucked up dawg. F.