THE NEW NETHER UPDATE... | Minecraft - Part 9 

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I finally explore this new nether from the nether update and it's definitely totally worth it and everything goes perfectly...
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Jun 30, 2020




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Comments 100   
blue men
blue men 6 hours ago
MARKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK you cant uSE water in the nether ;-;
Gassh 17 hours ago
Que hace macri joven en la miniatura?
Luke Brideau
Luke Brideau Day ago
This video should’ve been titled I accidentally jumped off a cliff twice
Kimberlee Catena
You are the cutest thing ever. 🥰🥰🥰
Puneet Singh
Puneet Singh 2 days ago
Apperantly he dont know he can reset nether lol😂😂
FutureDoctorz 1212
any one want to warn mark of the cave update? ye me niether
McMangos05 2 days ago
mark: not like theres nether diamonds viewers: weeeelllll...
Ash the Fox
Ash the Fox 2 days ago
rip 6:17 8:26
Kae Scott
Kae Scott 2 days ago
Mark: let’s throw away this garbage!! *throws away iron pickaxe and thinks it’s the diamond one* wait- oh ok Everybody else: your doing great sweetie.....
Jack Mylin
Jack Mylin 3 days ago
KillaQueen BiteZaDusto
wasn't that like a sheep or something eating grass when he said: "what else can break blocks while I'm still in here"??????
מיכל בריל
1:00 ITS HIROBRAIN (or however you say that)
SovietKenobi69 3 days ago
Mark:why didn’t y’all stop me Everyone in chat: Oh god no Don’t do it
EggLandXD 3 days ago
gongoozler 4 days ago
5:42 **unus annus flashbacks**
Gabriel Allen
Gabriel Allen 4 days ago
i think when his head broke the glass he lost a brain cell and tried to mlg water bucket
Justin Gill
Justin Gill 5 days ago
why is he so dumb he know that water do not work in the nether
Dark Wolf
Dark Wolf 5 days ago
Lixian was like I'm out bye 🤣🤣.
PretZzelGaming 5 days ago
You can't use water in the nether 6:15
Galzar 5 days ago
In response to marks question, we sat there and watched because Lixian told us to, and he said it would be funny. Also he gave us all hugs.
Keels Lacke
Keels Lacke 6 days ago
I had faith in you mark, with that's high jump and water bucket. But you broke that faith. Never again
Nathan Childers
Nathan Childers 6 days ago
This is a great learning experience mark should wait for comments and we should guide
WillShackAttack 6 days ago
Mark: "I may still be bitter about having to start over from the previous adventure." Me: Then click Play Selected World on the previous adventure.
Elizabeth Bonner
Elizabeth Bonner 7 days ago
Elizabeth Bonner
Elizabeth Bonner 7 days ago
I think we can all just guess that the next time Mark is in the nether, he's going to put a bed down:) BOOM
Muva Reloaded
Muva Reloaded 7 days ago
Stop bullying mark😂
The Misfit Owl
The Misfit Owl 8 days ago
Me: Yay! Mark found new Nether stuff! He's really come a long way guys! He's learning! Mark: I've got WAHHTER Me: NO MARK! DONT DO IT!
Jordan Limantara
Jordan Limantara 9 days ago
8:40 he said no in sync with the song lol!
Maylin Gustafson
Maylin Gustafson 9 days ago
Fishy 9 days ago
Pixel Donkiee
Pixel Donkiee 9 days ago
what a poor warrior
Abstract Fysics
Abstract Fysics 11 days ago
Dear God why can't he just CROUCH?!?!
Logan Bailey
Logan Bailey 11 days ago
go back to your last world mark
Angel :p
Angel :p 11 days ago
mark in the nether with a water bucket and no gold gave me so much. *scream power*
Hamza Tanvir
Hamza Tanvir 11 days ago
Other youtubers playing minecraft : "having a fun time and playing some minecraft having a good chat" Mark playing minecraft : *PAIN* *TEARS* *SUFFERING* *HEAVY METAL MUSIC*
Parker London
Parker London 11 days ago
cactus jack sparrow
JoNatHan K
JoNatHan K 12 days ago
Mushroom Island
Nessa 12 days ago
Yes people have jumped and landed on water but nOT IN THE NETHER MARK. *NOT IN THE NETHER*
Chiara Del Rio
Chiara Del Rio 12 days ago
mark please crouch. I believe the crouch button is shift and you have to hold it. It's so so SCARY WATCHING YOU GET DIAMONDS THAT'S UNDERNEATH LAVA WITHOUT CROUCHING
FმႼႮႺႹiႶი. xx
*applause intensifies*
DBZ- k4karotUI
DBZ- k4karotUI 13 days ago
Is anyone gonna ignore that he tried to place water in the nether?
Ghost 13 days ago
water despawns in the nether
Nesquik 14 days ago
Anyone else see the diamond at 15:48?
aDark1 14 days ago
The moment Mark mentioned the water bucket trick I was already saying no.
Jordan Nathaniel Cruickshank
me:he havent released that you cant poor water in the nether Mark: why did'nt you tell me
Brett Morgan
Brett Morgan 16 days ago
Mark: I dont care if there's Nether Diamonds. . . Everyone else: Oh it gets better then that
Joselynn Gallagher
Joselynn Gallagher 17 days ago
“Mark try’s to put water down in the nether” Us: MARK YOU IDIOT “Mark dies” Mark: NO I FPTGOT TO PIT THE WATER
Sucks to Succ
Sucks to Succ 19 days ago
When it comes to diamonds, his careful as a mouse, but when it comes to the nether, he tries to MLG water bucket...
Lozza 19 days ago
I feel like *this* episode should've been called "I LOST EVERYTHING" instead.
I Kai Ash
I Kai Ash 20 days ago
Never seen such frustrating Minecraft..
LIEW EEARN Moe 20 days ago
Mark:I saw some mlgs and they saved their life with a bucket of water. Me:You can’t place water in the nether Mark:*does it anyway*
Jaden Standish
Jaden Standish 20 days ago
Sheep: -eats- Mark: OH GOD ITS A DEMON!!!!
callmecarson 21 day ago
"I'm not an idiot" As he just tried to mlg in the nether
Shyfire 21 day ago
17:38 "THE GREAT AND POWERFUL" Me: TRIX- "...MARKIPLIER!" ...Yeah, I guess that works too
The lolicon Edits
The lolicon Edits 22 days ago
Ah yes the nether mlg water
ExplodingDaniel 22 days ago
Dara Meng Long
Dara Meng Long 22 days ago
Every Minecraft player ever when mark attempts his "mlg" move in the nether: (ಠ⌣ಠ) "oh darling..."
Noah Rabideau
Noah Rabideau 22 days ago
you are supposed to place the GOD DAMN water FIRST!!!!!!!!...but keep going you'll make it.
ActualPhactual 22 days ago
Can we just congratulate him for coming up with Diamonds? 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Romin Kai Villalon
Romin Kai Villalon 23 days ago
Mark: tries to do a MLG water bucket tick Me: OH NO Mark: Dies and cries
wishbone 23 days ago
Mark: Applaud me in the comments Everyone: *talks about how he tried to mlg with a water bucket in the nether*
Summer Weiss
Summer Weiss 23 days ago
What happened with that one kid that rubbed his face in your chest when you met them 🤣
ThreeBagels 23 days ago
Mark after the caves and cliffs update: "Where are my caves? Where are my cliffs? I don't see them from where i'm standing."
Warrior The Amazon
Warrior The Amazon 23 days ago
I think he got two of the videos mixed up...sorta
mattattack 23 days ago
mark is there nether diamonds me there is netherite
mattattack 23 days ago
why did no one tell him to just copy his world?
Maisy Williams
Maisy Williams 24 days ago
"what just laughed at me....." *flashbacks to ep 6 where he got killed by a witch twice*
klarissa briones
klarissa briones 25 days ago
Mark's editor is one of the funniest editor that i ever seen, and mark is the funniest minecraft youtubers in all my youtubers list xD
Peachy Love
Peachy Love 26 days ago
Mark: *yall just watched me do that. how could you let me do that?* me: *uh... well to be fair Mark, im washing dishes*
Tie 2 Mohamad
Tie 2 Mohamad 27 days ago
Mark..... Water + nether = noob 10 IQ
Yugi Muto
Yugi Muto 27 days ago
Diamonds are not that great anymore unless you use them to make netherite weapons or armor
NeezPrestige 28 days ago
water no work in nether, only ways to get water in nether is either ice or a machine that sends it through portal,
Kris Carpenter
Kris Carpenter 28 days ago
you can't place water in the nether
Jacob Reshel
Jacob Reshel 28 days ago
Funny Markimoo Water *evaporates* in the Nether And quicker than you can land in it
Michael Sayaki
Michael Sayaki 28 days ago
This is just painful...
Angelo Gamer
Angelo Gamer 28 days ago
1:13 sheep dumb
Ultimate-M M
Ultimate-M M 28 days ago
OMG that was dum. Water doesn't work in Nether!!!!!!!!!!!!
Epic_cool_gamer Yes
Mark! Diamonds! 15:14!
Elementa -
Elementa - 29 days ago
Mark: im not dumb. Also mark: *tries to do water bucket save in the neather*
Isabelle Burkybile
Isabelle Burkybile 29 days ago
Mark... you know that you can explore 4 more feet and see the new nether update on your old world...
Farah Zainab
Farah Zainab Month ago
Pls do more family friendly videos I have no headphones so I can't watch your other videos out loud I can only watch your Minecraft
Pwnytail Month ago
Mark: I've got water Me: No- Mark: there's a way to jump from high places and stop yourself with a bucket of water Me: Mark please don't Mark: I've seen it Me, knowing that it wouldn't work even if he timed it right: MARK FOR THE LOVE OF GOD I AM BEGGING YOU TO STOP Mark: eh too late to worry about it now, **jumps** Me: **screams**
zuzana bobakova
zuzana bobakova Month ago
Aldo Medina
Aldo Medina Month ago
Kiara 'Kid' Cancino
Mark: I dunno if there’s like nether diamonds to find Me: "that's neither-right nor wrong ahahahahah I'm so sad."
Natalia Eden-Winn
if he gave up on the nether why didnt he go back to his old world loool
Snoop Daboop
Snoop Daboop Month ago
Mark I've seen mlgs do it Me mark Noo you have so much to pick for
Snoop Daboop
Snoop Daboop Month ago
Markripleir equal rip
Snoop Daboop
Snoop Daboop Month ago
Good job
Whispy Gaming
Whispy Gaming Month ago
I hope Mark doesn't find out Diamond isn't the best ore in the game...
gamepad sparkle
gamepad sparkle Month ago
I was in a car crash today and I just got home from the hospital and I needed something to make me feel better so I turned on one of marks videos and instantly started feeling better, Mark never stop doing what your doing no matter what anyone tells you, you are a god send and you make people feel 1000 times better because of it
Lauren Shaw-Butler
You suck at minecraft more than my 5 year old brother
Lauren Shaw-Butler
HahahahaH And
Lauren Shaw-Butler
You ediet woter dos not werck in nether you are noob at minecraft marck
Isabella H
Isabella H Month ago
As you wishh....*applauds hardly*👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
JustCallMeArrk Month ago
Hey Mark buddy uh the nether is too hot for uh water pal
Color Splsh
Color Splsh Month ago
the fact that mark abandoned his old world still is fucking stupid to this day.
General Grievous
Lixian twisting his face when he says “because im beautiful” I have achieved Komadee
i started playing minecraft when it was first a Beta
monhbat handmaa
monhbat handmaa Month ago
me: omg are you ok pffft haha im sorry just so funny satan: hahahahahahahahaha so funny hahahahaha sorry me: 😠😞😤 I cant stay mad at you 😏😊 but dont please
JiPPY J Month ago
If only this was live