THE QUEST FOR COW... | Minecraft - Part 11 

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There have to be cows... somewhere... someway... there's GOTTA BE COWS!!
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Jul 12, 2020




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Eliza Madlener
Eliza Madlener 22 hours ago
Lol him going straight down reminds me of the times when I played in middle school with my dad. We’d get lost in our mine and to get out we dig up and put block underneath us to get out on top.
Jack Mylin
Jack Mylin 3 days ago
18:46 complete safety until here
mittchell james
mittchell james 4 days ago
Ogden Zachary
Ogden Zachary 4 days ago
Nice JuniUS
Nae Nae
Nae Nae 4 days ago
21:19 The fuckin' "IT DID THE THIIIIIIIAAAAAAAAAAAAAANG!" got me way more than it should have. xD Markiplier and Lixian... a comedy team too glorious for us mere mortals.
Dark Wolf
Dark Wolf 5 days ago
Poor cows run away 🤣🤣.
Dalton Characky
Dalton Characky 5 days ago
Mark: Goes to nether to kill pigmen for leather Everyone disliked that
uwuios the third
uwuios the third 6 days ago
Nathan Childers
Nathan Childers 7 days ago
Good job mark use the drunk knowledge and big brain
Elaina Tabbert
Elaina Tabbert 7 days ago
I could have just swang at it
Raisin hook
Raisin hook 8 days ago
happy mark 21:20
Johnny Herman
Johnny Herman 8 days ago
Oh, how I wish he made a map.
LYCANTHR0PY 8 days ago
When he said he lives in a hole ALL I could think of was "I don't wanna live in a hole anymore, it makes me feel poor" from Fantastic Mr. Fox.
sp00kykilljoy 9 days ago
Someone please tell mark about bonemeal
Lindsay Shanklin
Lindsay Shanklin 10 days ago
Can we talk about the way he says book
Autumn Stevens
Autumn Stevens 10 days ago
after watching unus annus, I dont think this was his worst idea.😂😂 at 12:24
Getlo 11 days ago
Angel :p
Angel :p 12 days ago
oh mark..
Parker London
Parker London 12 days ago
John Crum
John Crum 12 days ago
Sooooo are compasses and maps just, like, taboo among the Minecraft elite or something?
Bliss Cipher
Bliss Cipher 12 days ago
Mark: Fires of... Rohan? Literally every jojo fan: 🧑🏼‍🦯🧑🏼‍🦯🧑🏼‍🦯🧑🏼‍🦯
JoNatHan K
JoNatHan K 12 days ago
You can fixt all your tools.
JoNatHan K
JoNatHan K 12 days ago
Mushroom Island
Brett Morgan
Brett Morgan 13 days ago
Mine on Level 11 exactly to get diamonds quicker
Breyden Clements
Breyden Clements 14 days ago
Okay, mark, my mans Take the cows to your compound You can breed them and infinite moo moo skin
Lucian Andries
Lucian Andries 15 days ago
18:23 WHY didn't you build a tower like this at your base, and put some glowing mushroom things on the top of it???? Pffffffffff............. 20:01 Sugar Cane grows faster on sand! And you can use bone meal as well. What? No. Never played Minecraft.
Dani Eason
Dani Eason 16 days ago
Mr. Christmas pug
Mr. Christmas pug 16 days ago
Cows: exist Mark: I do not need you Mark 2 days later: I can milk you
Shawn Pershing
Shawn Pershing 22 days ago
i dont know anything about minecraft, but even i could do better than this 17:13 as a fan of the lord of the rings, this hurt me
Bruh Yes
Bruh Yes 23 days ago
What you need for 15 Bookshelves in Minecraft : 2 stacks and 7 pieces of Sugar Cane 45 pieces of Leather 1 stack and 26 wood planks Sugar cane can be turned into paper, so it can be 45 sheets of paper.
Romin Kai Villalon
Romin Kai Villalon 23 days ago
Mark: travels very far Also Mark: makes one book shelf
Kimberlee Catena
Kimberlee Catena 24 days ago
"At this point I'm just incredibly stupid and dont remember the right way to do anything to save my life." 😂💕 lots of good relatable quotes in this one.
Kimberlee Catena
Kimberlee Catena 24 days ago
"I have a vague memory like a fleeting nightmare in the wind." 😂😂💕
Warrior The Amazon
Warrior The Amazon 24 days ago
Is there away we can ready the symbols in the enchantment tables??
TulpechaidoplaysMC 24 days ago
I don’t think I have ever seen anyone be so CONSISTENTLY awful at Minecraft. Seriously, he does no research and in some areas barely even tries. He restarted his world because he couldn’t be assed to walk a little bit and explore the nether. Seriously he being bad was funny at first but now it’s just frustratingly annoying
Quady 25 days ago
I like how he only managed to get a bookshelf in a 22 minutes video...
Merlivider 28 days ago
Mark: I remembered that thing about bookshelves Me: reading the 174 comments telling him that in the last video.
Yeetsuf 29 days ago
Mark: Everyone quivers in fear to my knowledge. Me: Dio when did you start playing Minecraft.
Gamiya Jacques
Gamiya Jacques 29 days ago
very junyus
Natalia Eden-Winn
you shouldve kept the fire it helped show the way homeee
Natalia Eden-Winn
mark. bone meal exists
David Roddam
David Roddam Month ago
just make farm i have biggest of the brain
General Grievous
You. Killed. THE. PARROT.
Lady Liberty
Lady Liberty Month ago
18:48. Trader Joe, as I call him, howdy!
Lady Liberty
Lady Liberty Month ago
17:22. The beacons are lit! And Rohan will answer! RIDE! RIDE TO DEATH AND RUIN AND THE WORLD’S END! FORTH EORLINGAS!!
Lady Liberty
Lady Liberty Month ago
0:20. Hobbits live in holes, too! So you’re in great company!
Ashtin Voorhees
Ashtin Voorhees Month ago
*laughs in large amounts of leather from large cow farm*
This is just my day job If I had one
You think he knows that sugar cane grows faster in sand ..... nope
thestinkyman Month ago
Mark placing sugar cane in water: “ *wtf* “ Me: “you can do that?”
bamgeez Month ago
i was screaming at the screen for him to just use bonemeal for sugarcane at the beginning of the episode
Samantha Kuznik
Samantha Kuznik Month ago
11:17 - This is where the term “Markimoo” started
Twyla Proctor
Twyla Proctor Month ago
When we gunna tell him he can farm cows and other animals? Or that sugarcane grows faster in sand?
Shortatacus Shake
Meme Dad
Meme Dad Month ago
When the whole episode is about markiplier building 1 bookshelf
朔月 Month ago
20:04 that high note lol ♥️
Aditya Bhalerao
Aditya Bhalerao Month ago
Mark killing pigmen : "You know, maybe this wasn't the best idea." Literally everyone: "Oh, you think so?"
Aditya Bhalerao
Aditya Bhalerao Month ago
When mark finally learned that he can put out the fire by punching it...I literally felt like a huge rock has been lifted up from my heart...Finally...INNER PEACE!!
destinitra Month ago
Everytime Mark leaves his house Me: Look at the bloody coordinates!!!! Aaaarrrrrgggghhhh *facepalm*
Jan Moravec
Jan Moravec Month ago
There is something very satisfying about this 2:31
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan Month ago
16:28 “COW CAVE?!?!?”
Dexii Animations
1:18 Nice Ghandi impression, Mark!
Lyric Myers
Lyric Myers Month ago
cows llamas and horses all give you leather
United Kingdom
United Kingdom Month ago
Does he know about bone meal... . . . No? . . . Mk...
Flawed, Messy Life
I quiver in fear of you're stupidity 3:28
Tracy Perry
Tracy Perry Month ago
I just realized something when Mark said you thought you could hide he was looking for lether so he made a pun.
Sanana The Skenana
Seriously if mark told a story in his whisper voice, I would fall asleep. When he’s not screaming his voice is actually soothing
Alexnaru1010 Month ago
Did he not make a Cow-ering pun? Why not?
The skull Reaper
Mark: My iq has skyrocketed Mark 5 seconds later: what huuuh hoooow hhuuuh wwhaaaaaa Also mark: I’m gonna go hit a pigman for leather in a group
Retro Guru
Retro Guru Month ago
DUDE! You enchanted iron pickaxe with efficiency too? Why the effeciency, it does nothing but speed up the dying process.
Aaron Hernandez
Aaron Hernandez Month ago
If you sleep in the nether you can have pig man give you gold and gold amor
KateWolfStar Month ago
Mark: *complains about living in a hole* Living in a hole: *is probably better than building a normal house, because you get resources instead of using them etc.*
Golden•Rose Month ago
Hey if you put sugarcane on sand it grows faster. If you farm the cows you need to make fences and breed them. Love the videos
Aldo Medina
Aldo Medina Month ago
@スシガタナ yeah
スシガタナ Month ago
Sugarcane does not grow faster on sand, this myth has been debunked for years.
Quyen Nguyen
Quyen Nguyen Month ago
Mark: I realised live in a hole in the ground Me: like a hobbit
Shadow FTW
Shadow FTW Month ago
Mark: *climbs three mountains and runs in a random direction looking for cows without paying atttention to where he's going* Also Mark: HoW dId I gEt LoSt????
Andrew Johnson
Andrew Johnson Month ago
"hybernating in your cow holes" mark 2020
perijaz Month ago
so whos gonna tell him about coordinates
WaterRegent Month ago
Again this triggers me to an extent unknown to man
Frost Devil
Frost Devil Month ago
18:34 lmfao this had me laughing for 5 full minutes. " Where is my home?! Where is my hom- COWW!!"
Starfish Month ago
Markiplier your Gunious is showing
Lightning Gamez
Lightning Gamez Month ago
I just realized this is basically Markiplier Dr.Stone...but instead his so fucking smart already he has to actually learn first :v
0:35 ok buddy
Chara & Frisk
Chara & Frisk Month ago
Prince Vegeta
Prince Vegeta Month ago
Markiplier, the only person to ever get excited to get bane of arthropods as an enchant
Chara & Frisk
Chara & Frisk Month ago
"I may live in a hole in the ground.....but 'least its a nice hole." -Mark 2020
Loyal Gaming
Loyal Gaming Month ago
Mark... in order to grow sugarcane faster you need sand for them to grow on.
LightningWolf77 Month ago
First house in first world: hole in the ground First house in second world: hole in the ground I'm seeing a trend here mark
TylerJSings Month ago
when you forget less than halfway through that this whole episode started because he wanted to get ONE bookshelf. lmao
Janiela Jess Ilan
Me: And who said bookshelf are useless Markiplier:.......
Maniac Matt
Maniac Matt Month ago
Why did mark sound like krunk when he said “I’m just here for the cow”
Joshua Todd
Joshua Todd Month ago
Mark: I’m going to dig straight down because I’m a genius. Everyone else: No! No! No! No!
littlemissirisie Pambrun
jaden yuki
jaden yuki Month ago
why would you ever get the productivity upgrade for the pickaxe if you can just make it immortal with unbreakable
Jack Berry
Jack Berry Month ago
I always dig straight down
Cole Hoffner
Cole Hoffner Month ago
oh, and also, sugar cane grows faster on sand...your welcome ;)
Cole Hoffner
Cole Hoffner Month ago
Mark: Spots a stranger *Jumps off pole*, "Who are yooooouuuuu???" Me: Why would you leave all that wood behind?
Ryan Cat Games
Ryan Cat Games Month ago
This is literally Mark hunting cows, getting lost, then getting LOUD and excited by an m floating from a bookshelf to a magic book. And I love it.
Nostalgia Month ago
mark: you know how cows hibernte for the winter. me: yeeaahhhh no
Its The Nicky
Its The Nicky Month ago
Mark: I'm gonna hit a pigman All of us: ah so you have chosen death Also Mark: You can see why I thought they would drop leather Also us:.....uhh.....how on earth?.......boi how in de fuck did you come to the conclusion that pigmen would drop leather
Darkcreeper Animations
I fucking died when Mark was bitching about the sugarcane again and it just grew right in front of him lmao
princessfairouz1 Tm
oh btw you can enchant books then you put the tool you want to encant in an anvil then you put the enchanting book you want then tada i d that becouse you cant encant the same tool in the encanting table so i hope that helps if you even read this