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I've found it... Pogostuck is the source of all the pain and misery in my life.
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Jul 18, 2020




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Comments 100   
Dark Wolf
Dark Wolf Day ago
Oh no rage storm is coming
Dorissa Campbell
Dorissa Campbell 3 days ago
Mark is so cute when he's mad :P
Nighting Gale
Nighting Gale 3 days ago
Did anybody notice that the ants move away from the light of the character?
Drummer Boy
Drummer Boy 3 days ago
Looks like over 700 people didn’t know stuff
Chem Mong
Chem Mong 5 days ago
oh yes the stuff. the stuff that he uploads regularly. that stuff.
Not Sure
Not Sure 5 days ago
The stuff was so crazy
Phialich 10 days ago
3 most used phrases : "OH MY GOD" "Not like this" "How was that not a boost?" Oh yeah and bonus one : "NOOOO"
Marp Beebop Chickenpox Kaij
4:16 Maaaaark. .....
Dorissa Campbell
Dorissa Campbell 3 days ago
Woah 0-0
Doughnuts -_-
Doughnuts -_- 12 days ago
0:00 thats wiered
Elle 16 days ago
The people who disliked didnt know the stuff... tsk tsk.
Doughnuts -_-
Doughnuts -_- 16 days ago
Which stuff?
SaharThe49 16 days ago
16:09, super sayian 3 transformation
Tyson Briggs
Tyson Briggs 20 days ago
I guess that plays again after the next year
hunter lyons
hunter lyons 23 days ago
i know the stuff
Muriel MacKenzie
Muriel MacKenzie 24 days ago
I just have to say: I love Lixian
Thermitemain 24 days ago
The snake face at the start is my mood
Jeff Cantrizzle
Jeff Cantrizzle 26 days ago
I remember duh stuff
Dabbing Unicorn#1
Dabbing Unicorn#1 26 days ago
Oh yeah, I totally remember the stuff!
WyntrFr0st Month ago
i think i know the stuff ;)
Devastating Turtle
the milk of failure approves this message
GothGirlWorld Month ago
This is good stuff. I listen to this stuff while I'm busy doing other stuff so it'll give me something to listen to while the stuff piles up on my desk.
Mobile Task Force Juggernaut
Ceiling: *Appears* Mark: *A NEW CHALLENGER HAS ARISEN*
Benjamin Yeager
Benjamin Yeager Month ago
begging I rate " DISGUSTING" go thro half the episode I WANT TO BE IN THE STUFF KNOWING CLUB PLZZ😣 at the end of the vid did mark become a demon?? 😥
Met Sphinx
Met Sphinx Month ago
4:18 when my parents are mad at me
music Studio
music Studio Month ago
Runa Rindo
Runa Rindo Month ago
He uses the boost too much in places he doesn't need it 😹
youssef shiref
youssef shiref Month ago
Anyones rage breaking Marks rage 4:17
Just A Regular Toaster
Larry Kan
Larry Kan Month ago
Game : *yes,floor is made out of ceiling*
Harry Mason
Harry Mason Month ago
The Stuff: 1985 horror movie about White Stuff found in a cave that gets sold as diet food but turns out to be something like blob. The movie's tagline "Are you eating it or is it eating you?" So yah I know The Stuff.
Lucas Eduardo
Lucas Eduardo Month ago
This is...the power to destroy the world,MARK NEWGATE Edit 16:07
ShockSound Production
I know the stuff, heard it wasn't that good of a movie.
Logan Schmaltz
Logan Schmaltz Month ago
yes mr marksalot youve way more than earned tht thicc bell ring bruddy
Joe Mclean
Joe Mclean Month ago
He went monkey mode in the end
Joe Mclean
Joe Mclean Month ago
Watching him play this is weird he’s not even talking to us he’s talking to the character he’s playing as and losing it
serendipity Month ago
welcome back to another episode of "I Could of Been an Engineer"
Nairn Peters
Nairn Peters 2 months ago
Marks ability to go from super angry to "thank you all for watching" is very Patrick Bateman esque
Nairn Peters
Nairn Peters 2 months ago
Mark and Felix vs The ceiling
AHK78 2 months ago
at 3:48 he reminded me of electroboom😂😂😂
Cryomaniac 2 months ago
Limey lemon
Limey lemon 2 months ago
I love hearing the screams of misery while I drink my morning jamba juice :)
ABYSS 2 months ago
At first I thought I knew the stuff but then I started second guessing whether I knew the stuff or not... But then my friend reassured me that I did know the stuff. I asked how he knew I knew the stuff and he explained it was because he went to Stuff University and had a degree in stuff. He was surprised how much stuff I knew without going to Stuff University like him.
Git Gud
Git Gud 2 months ago
17 Mins of watching Mark trying to get out of a ants colony filled with jizz while also getting really really angry is suprisingly entertaining lmao
Tabu B. Xavier
Tabu B. Xavier 2 months ago
3:39 - the moment Marks sanity starts to crack for the rest of the video.
It'sTheDoctorDruid '
Why is it SO funny to watch this guy rage!?!?!?😂😂😂
Fushicho Kurayami
Fushicho Kurayami 2 months ago
16:30 Enter Darkiplier In 3....2....1.... *"Ring The Bell. Ring It. Ring The Damn Bell. You Owe Me That Much."* ME: ZOINKS!!!! OK!!!! WILL DO!!!! DONT KILL ME!!!! +Rings Bell Immediately But Forgets I Already Rang It Ages Ago, Thus Ive Unrang It So Rings It Again.+
Joefus 2 months ago
Yeah I remember the stuff. Anyone else?
Victoria 2006
Victoria 2006 2 months ago
Markiplier : no one is around finally some silence Markiplier 5 seconds later : taking for five hours about *stuff*😂😂
Mac Ludlow
Mac Ludlow 2 months ago
It’s ok mark. I love you too
Roy Bateman
Roy Bateman 2 months ago
mark: tries to do an intro game: haha die
Bubble Bobbler
Bubble Bobbler 2 months ago
The angrier he gets the worse his vocabulary gets lmao
Pilot 51
Pilot 51 2 months ago
*I know the stuff*
TheNumberQuelve 2 months ago
"Why you ow?? Why you ow?? How can you ow??" -Markiplier, 2020 ...dear oh dear, he's going to regret playing this again...
Fuhong Fan
Fuhong Fan 2 months ago
I find it so funny lol.
GamerBoyZarr 2 months ago
94k people know the stuff.
PuppetMaster634 2 months ago
Haha angy mark
Viviana Evaristo
Viviana Evaristo 2 months ago
Proof that Mark is floor gang 10:43
Red Wizard000
Red Wizard000 2 months ago
I know the stuff
SMOKE 2 months ago
oh i know the stuff (edit) oh wait the bit is over
DEADENDER 2 months ago
U mean cocaine? The "stuff"?
Mitch Vechart
Mitch Vechart 2 months ago
This is like one step below getting over it.
The mayo Lord
The mayo Lord 2 months ago
I know the stuff
Wombat Person
Wombat Person 3 months ago
God the editing on the rage games is so fucking great
Matthew Billen
Matthew Billen 3 months ago
Why was it when mark was complaining abt his character like 4:40 in it qualifiers for the world😂
Melon Man
Melon Man 3 months ago
Caveman Mark everybody.
Melon Man
Melon Man 3 months ago
This is very Getting over it-esk
Miduel Hadoo Gogo
Miduel Hadoo Gogo 3 months ago
I remembered the stuff.
KateWolfStar 3 months ago
Mark: *says something about randomness and loving it* Me: Yeah, especially in Vanish, right?
Entertainment Sensation Station
leolordful 3 months ago
I know stuff
DunkMasterMehdi 3 months ago
10:35 Markiplier is Floor Gang confirmed!
William plays
William plays 3 months ago
hey mark, have u heard of stick with it?
piatas5 3 months ago
4:16 Walter White mode activated.
Cam Rowe
Cam Rowe 3 months ago
mark is done with the bit
lukas bravo
lukas bravo 3 months ago
i remember the stuff.
street ghost
street ghost 3 months ago
I love the stuff
Noob Plays
Noob Plays 3 months ago
Rage moaning checks out👌(😂)
Noob Plays
Noob Plays 3 months ago
Markaplier is me when I'm pissed and trying to be nice🙃👌😂
John Earl
John Earl 3 months ago
12:05 It sounds like he's saying Hugh Dickel
Hunter deVries
Hunter deVries 3 months ago
“The bit is over”- Markiplier 2020
Lucas Roberts
Lucas Roberts 3 months ago
The editing on this has got me dying!! 🤣🤣🤣 good job lixian hahaha
Martin Torterolo
Martin Torterolo 3 months ago
When he said that he'll end the episode if he falls, I checked how much longer the episode was. You can see where I'm going.
Wrxng Fxce
Wrxng Fxce 3 months ago
Warfstache, Darkiplier, and Ragiplier
Will The Person
Will The Person 3 months ago
16:11 😱 DARKIPLIER!!
Lil Asnee
Lil Asnee 3 months ago
Those are not maggots they are ant eggs.
Mr. NUNYA 3 months ago
They really should have a checkpoint system, at least every 100 meters. Because the difficulty reminds me of Mario Maker, where you need checkpoints.
Aurora Eschaton
Aurora Eschaton 3 months ago
4:19 wow it hurt even if he wasn’t talking to me
Hunter Burch
Hunter Burch 3 months ago
I remember the stuff, I got you mark :)
Another Wolf
Another Wolf 3 months ago
It's the kind of game made for youtuber because only few people or just none would play this type of game but a lot of people would enjoy seeing youtuber trying it hard and getting mad at it ( as we actually do )
Kira Yoshikage
Kira Yoshikage 3 months ago
I know the stuff
Dr. DJ
Dr. DJ 3 months ago
I feel really bad at laughing at poor mark releaseing his inner demons over a game like this one. It reminds me of the game were he hand to climb the mountain of garbage
Evan Anderson
Evan Anderson 3 months ago
Someone needs to make a markiplier pogostuck animated video
Johyl Green
Johyl Green 3 months ago
His voice at 5:40 reminded me of Jiraiya from Naruto to me....Hmmm
Bella Butler
Bella Butler 3 months ago
16:12 the demon has entered the chat
Entertainment Sensation Station
4:07 My jaw hurts of laughing
Alicia Schwartz
Alicia Schwartz 3 months ago
Getting over it part2
Aliza Ebert
Aliza Ebert 3 months ago
U really cheer me up when me and my dad get done talking about depressing/sad stuff
RethEldirood 3 months ago
I know Stuff.
Tiffany Michelle
Tiffany Michelle 3 months ago
12:33 *piggyplier*
Superapel180 3 months ago
Me: sees mark raging a couple minutes in the video. Also me: aah shit, here we go again.
benni4451 3 months ago
I`m not gonna lie this actually made me ring the bell.