THEY LEFT ME TO DIE... | Phasmophobia 

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They just left me... they left me behind... they ran away scared while I faced the ghost in Phasmophobia all alone...
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Oct 9, 2020




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dove 1357
dove 1357 4 hours ago
Everyone: *screaming and doing shit* Markiplier: spooky scary scarecrows *sends shivers down your spine*
Magic Lantern
Magic Lantern 5 hours ago
13:10 that was a good picture, the ghost flickered in and out really quickly and I think it was really exciting to see that you got the picture anyway
ExplodingCat 7 hours ago
They need to find a demon. From personal experience those will traumatize you for life.
StuckInsideATrap 12 hours ago
18:52 "Uuuuhhhhhh ....doink? CRRRSSSHHHHH" Lmao great camera placement Mark.
Laugh out Loud
23:23 Mark whistling
Torg Bjornfelderson
25:04 ₕₑₕₑₕₑ
MELLOWDRAMA 22 hours ago
I loved that part
Liar Race
Liar Race Day ago
Female horse 😂😂😂😂
Nikooo Day ago
I love how you need to be level 3 to get a flashlight that ACTUALLY works
ケルマイ Day ago
Open is In the dooryou mean
F.T. Eternal
F.T. Eternal 2 days ago
23:25 ( mark whitels for fun ) bob: Yo thats some creepy shit man whos whiteling-? ( mark : Whitels creepyer )
Bratty 2 days ago
Hair again is flawless
Thrythlind aka Luke Green
Amateur - 5 minutes of safety.... Intermediate - 2 minutes of safety.... Professional - 0 minutes of safety Banshee at any difficulty - 0 minutes of safety
Thrythlind aka Luke Green
The chance that the ghost will hunt is based on your sanity....the lower your sanity, the more often the ghost will hunt. So the Sanity pills help you deal with larger buildings giving a longer time before things will start going bad.
Thrythlind aka Luke Green
Ghost Events are when the ghost makes itself visible without actually hunting. Hunts don't count as ghost events.....for some reason.
Thrythlind aka Luke Green
Hunts last longer at higher difficulties.... At amateur level, hunts last 25 seconds. So if the ghost doesn't find you in that time, you're good. Also, the door stays locked during a hunt so you can't leave the house....you can only run from it or hide from it.....only hiding doesn't work against some ghosts and running doesn't work against others.
FurtherChimp 668
FurtherChimp 668 2 days ago
Elysian _ B.K
Elysian _ B.K 2 days ago
Every time they say Elizabeth Miller, I keep thinking SECRET TUNNELLLL
Leezie B
Leezie B 2 days ago
"Isn't that weird, single serving donut boxes" *laughs nervously in Tim Hortons* Yea... so weird... what weirdos... ...
Melania Plasko
Melania Plasko 2 days ago
mark whistling "if I only had a brain" from the wizard of oz at 23:23 😂
Broom Boi
Broom Boi 3 days ago
Friends (are dyeing) mark out side "spooky"
Madison Kies
Madison Kies 3 days ago
Nobody Mark: *walks up to the ghost and takes a picture with no fear*
Madison Kies
Madison Kies 3 days ago
Bob: "Do you eat @ss?" Mark almost immediately: *"He askes the good questions"*
Robotb00gie 3 days ago
Honeslty Mark`s and Sean`s editors do such a good job with the music
Jesse Becerra
Jesse Becerra 3 days ago
I love how they are all panicking and Mark is over taking pictures of scarecrows and saying "spooky" 😂😂
Vazoth 3 days ago
The ghost died taking a *violent shit* 7:27
Dylan Bernatzky
Dylan Bernatzky 4 days ago
27:05 EMF 5 confirmed, Markiplier - puts Spirit Box :)
Mohamed Manaaf Moosa Naseer
18:53 doink. Well that didn't go very well
Jazmynn Taylor
Jazmynn Taylor 4 days ago
23:31 XD OooooOooooooo- Bro thats sum CREEPY SHIT man- whos whitleing?- OooOOOoOoOOOOOo~~~~
Owen46 Gaming
Owen46 Gaming 4 days ago
So there is Mark Jack Wade And Bob
J00bless 4 days ago
23:25 My dad always whistled this tune lol! Is it a common thing for people to whistle or what?
Owen46 Gaming
Owen46 Gaming 4 days ago
My 29 year old brother dose to XDDD
thesad80skidd 4 days ago
imagine if this game had that vhs filter thing over it...
Miamicra 4 days ago
Messyalien 51
Messyalien 51 4 days ago
If you put a bar of soap in dirty water... Does the water get clean or does the soap get dirty?
Ban Gx
Ban Gx 4 days ago
When they open the door and said hey Mark! That reminded me of the room
Md. kutubuddin Uzzal
@Named my comment was greatly exaggerrated(is my spelling right?). I just thought he looked cute
Taylor Singleton
Taylor Singleton 5 days ago
Mark just being a family feud team member. "Good question good question."
Honey Lemon
Honey Lemon 5 days ago
it would be really cool to have a non-binary ghost in this game
nyxie guhl
nyxie guhl 5 days ago
I just played this game for 7 hours straight and now im even more scared of the dark
AzulExePastel 5 days ago
"Oh it's me Paul..." "How do we get rid of you?" "Give me *D O O O O O O N U T* "
Alan Viloria
Alan Viloria 5 days ago
10:33 - "Did you guys leave the house?" 10:35 - "Is mark inside? Wheres mark?" 10:39 . *DOOR SHUTS* 10:40 "OHHH, I'M DEAD! ------------------------------------------------------------- *guys outside* 10:59 - "Maybe we should just leave..... ------------------------------------------------------------- 11:09 - "OK, YEA U DIDN'T EVEN TRY TO OPEN THE DOOR!!!!" 11:12 *dying of laughter*
ColdNugz 5 days ago
i wish my friends would take this game like you guys do lmao
Jason Kelley
Jason Kelley 5 days ago
They should partner with Scott cawthon hint hint
Annanya Jain
Annanya Jain 6 days ago
23:29-23:47 I cracked up 😂, that was so funny and scary
Dusttale Gaming
Dusttale Gaming 6 days ago
Jack:"WE GOT THE ASYLUM" Also Jack: "We need sanity pills" Mark: "That's understandable"
Seraph vermilion
Seraph vermilion 6 days ago
Am I the only one that hears E throughout there entire gameplay when mark uses the spirit box? XD
K Sturgeon
K Sturgeon 6 days ago
Bob: Do you eat àŠŚ? Mark: He's asking the good questions
FireJacket 08
FireJacket 08 6 days ago
Mark: taking pictures of spooky scarecrow Sean: *dying *
Pastel Kidd
Pastel Kidd 7 days ago
Ghost adventures? More like Ghostie Bois
Jaelyn Kriegl
Jaelyn Kriegl 7 days ago
I wanna play this, but I’d be scared shitless
Jaelyn Kriegl
Jaelyn Kriegl 7 days ago
I wanna play this, but I’d be scared shitless
Lily Gardner
Lily Gardner 7 days ago
Martin Martin Martin
Ender Gaming
Ender Gaming 7 days ago
During the last video at the very end before it says to be continued you guys can see two eyes shining in the dark Scary :))
Erik Janicki
Erik Janicki 7 days ago
Bob and Jack- Ahhh the Ghost is here AAAAHHHH- Mark- *Taking a picture of a scarecrow* Oooo, spooky.
KingScorpion73 7 days ago
if film makers were ever to make a movie based on this game, they would HAVE to cast all of you to be in it. it is a MUST!
Subbled Live
Subbled Live 7 days ago
Sean: “OH GOD HES HERE RUN!!!” Mark: *taking a picture of a Scarecrow* “spooky....” ____________________________________ Bon: give me encouragement! Mark: you will have the BEST funeral. ____________________________________ Mark: ok well bobs dead....but I got this sweet pic
the crystal wolf of 2002
Marks right a mare is a female horse but why would they have mare if theres no horses
Ed King
Ed King 7 days ago
can i see how he got that white thing got on his nose? can i see the clip pls?
Ian McSwain
Ian McSwain 7 days ago
Mark said: oh my god, that scare crap out of me.😂😂🤣 Bob:😂😂😂😂😂😂😅😅😅😅🤓
Madelin Billings
Madelin Billings 7 days ago
Mark: Can you open the door??? Can you open the doooor?! Me: No one opens the door, uh uh, for a native New Yorker
CrusaderYT 7 days ago
When quarantine got you watching spoopy shit
Launcher Jake 3000
What intro suspense music name?
Awesomekid Gaming
When its hunting you gotta be quiet because thats how they find you
Youkes Bruv
Youkes Bruv 8 days ago
“Minus 8 in the hallway”
Dude McDuder
Dude McDuder 8 days ago
At 17:39 is really unsettling, as soon as Mark says “Give us a sign!” The shadow lady just appears, flying across the screen with just the sound of gurgling
M0SXS 8 days ago
ghost: kills bob and starts flickering wade: walks face first into the ghost
Noble Zero
Noble Zero 8 days ago
So does turning off your light to hide not actually do anything?
Sophia Turner
Sophia Turner 8 days ago
I don’t know if this will be noticed but a good way to make money for everyone is to have one person contribute everything and be bus baby and everyone else can go in and only accumulate money even if they die
Vincent Stevens
Vincent Stevens 8 days ago
look at my speedrun
Sir Nat Nana
Sir Nat Nana 9 days ago
0:43 covid19
Fredrick The Alien
Echo is my sister
Alexman1993 9 days ago
24:25 That's so funny, a Bob giggle and then he's laugh 😂
Max Ydal
Max Ydal 9 days ago
Mark and Bob: **panicking from a ghost attack** Wade: Hmm, yes emf 4 here.
Kodi Tutt
Kodi Tutt 9 days ago
Am I the only one who thought that Mark’s whistling was soothing
Adnane Haddani
Adnane Haddani 9 days ago
OOO my god bro that was super scary
Adnane Haddani
Adnane Haddani 9 days ago
hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 09:07
Adnane Haddani
Adnane Haddani 9 days ago
ooo man thats is thafanetly good and danger for 10-
Adnane Haddani
Adnane Haddani 9 days ago
hhhhhhhhh GG
Adnane Haddani
Adnane Haddani 9 days ago
dude wada hell what just happened wow
Adnane Haddani
Adnane Haddani 9 days ago
Levi Powell
Levi Powell 9 days ago
Wade: Don't say its name if you want to ask a question Mark: Is anyone there? Sean: gEorGe MArTiNez aRe yoU tHeRe
Shannon Vassallo
Shannon Vassallo 9 days ago
Phasmophobia has to be one of my most favorite markiplier series ever
dove 1357
dove 1357 5 hours ago
Antonis5343V 9 days ago
Did anyone heard that someone licking sometimes
Back game ghost you Markiplier help you Camera (Watching ghost game phasmphobia good like you) I know markiplier the game top did you man plan premier the too when you play game phasmphobia ok let'go ghost 🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃😈😈😈👻👻👻👻👻
Ino Turci
Ino Turci 10 days ago
the ghost at 19:00 didn't say "cold here" it said "in here"
Ghoost Ghost
Ghoost Ghost 10 days ago
Where is this thumbnail from
Suspicious De
Suspicious De 10 days ago
Jack: “OH GOD *HE’S HERE RUN”* Everyone: *YELLING AND PANICKING* Mark: outside taking pictures of a spooky scarecrow
dove 1357
dove 1357 5 hours ago
Lol underrated
Sarah Page
Sarah Page 10 days ago
Was he whistling the tin mans song from wizard of oz??????
Felm 10 days ago
That whistling tho
Inferno The Bear
Inferno The Bear 11 days ago
"We want to help you" *"E"*
Logan Whitaker
Logan Whitaker 11 days ago
Wade wade my gosh
Oro logio
Oro logio 11 days ago
Mark, looking at scare crow: _s p o o p_
Ugly Rat
Ugly Rat 11 days ago
Everyone: Bob? Bob? Bob? Me: *BUP*
Isabel Jarvis
Isabel Jarvis 11 days ago
Mark: Offers help to the ghost Ghost: "here, cold." Mark: *l e a v e s*
Eemil Meriläinen
Eemil Meriläinen 11 days ago
RazzleDazzle Wolf
RazzleDazzle Wolf 11 days ago
Is that FusionZGamer?
WC_richy 11 days ago
Mark: guys open the door this is not funny open the door guys Mark friends: your alive i thought u died
Yeetus Jesus
Yeetus Jesus 11 days ago
when you wake up at a sleep over 5:52
kit kat ;3
kit kat ;3 11 days ago
Anselma F.
Anselma F. 11 days ago
11:10 *"Oh hi Mark."*
Crfan09 11 days ago
Why was Mark whistling The Wizard of Oz? 😂
Thies Gerdsen
Thies Gerdsen 11 days ago
Is it weird that I think that the white thing on marks nose looks cool?
Nicebanana 101j
Nicebanana 101j 11 days ago
It would be awesome if they made unus annus a ghost in the game
Spooky_Booty 11 days ago
Bless you
andres marquez
andres marquez 11 days ago
Ngl this the only series since subnautica that i keep coming back for
retracgm 11 days ago