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Frostpunk... a deadly game with deadly choices. Hard enough to play alone but today I'm going to let ALL OF YOU decide how we survive. What choices will you make? How soon will you destroy the city?


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Oct 4, 2020




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The Real Macrotio
The Real Macrotio 3 hours ago
Me: Comes back after not watching Marks videos for a while. Mark: Where have you been? Me: What? Ehh.. Im sorry? Mark: WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?? Me: I DONT KNOW IM SORRY!!
ilancient0 5 hours ago
i would love to see mark play this game legit actually make progress
Tacolicouse SupremeXXL
That paper in the background is also enjoying the music 00:10
JR Witwicky
JR Witwicky 13 hours ago
God save the Soup
ji17O 16 hours ago
Please, tell me the song to the beginning.
Adam H
Adam H Day ago
Pressing like button to confirm I will make Automaton soup.
Rere Atwood
Rere Atwood Day ago
I’m sorry I’m late Senpi please don’t be mad 🙃
Johnny Speedboat
No one: Literally no one: Mark: Amy: Chica: Henry: Mark's Chat: *sOUP*
FireRedscroll Fighter
Always focus their hope, and your victory will come true.
alia ferguson
*Me coming home from a 14 hour shift Mark:" WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN"* *Me calling boss "imma have to quit"
LANSIE Day ago
Yippiee ki yay mr falcon did a wonderful play through of this game awhile back. Absolutely loved it!!
Mystery Of Autistics PRODUCTIONS
This was hilarious but I'm also kinda mad that no-one took it serious and purposefully made him fail. like maybe screwing with it for a while was fine, but just consistently making it hard for him and driving him to the ground was a trash move.
Bratty 2 days ago
Hiii mark
Laura Snyder
Laura Snyder 2 days ago
gosh hearing him mention unus annus after its death hits hard
Ethan Gale
Ethan Gale 2 days ago
Summary: "WORK HARDER CHILDEREN" "BOO HOO NO HOUSES FOR YOU!" "You crashed it...." "Children labor is children going super sayin. Quote me on that." "BOO HOO" "WHY SOUP??!" "COAL YOUR WOUNDS!"
Aydin Harper
Aydin Harper 2 days ago
I would love to see more Frostpunk
Atom Sorcerer
Atom Sorcerer 2 days ago
1:55:07 for the soup rant
Aspen Stormlock
Aspen Stormlock 2 days ago
Not gonna lie, you sound just like my parents at the start of the video.
Andrew Clauss
Andrew Clauss 3 days ago
I wasn’t here... I was deployed.... I’m sorry 😔
andreas lindstrøm
Arnold Lopez
Arnold Lopez 3 days ago
I know I'm late for this but a few weeks ago I finally got Frostpunk and played it. And I gotta say......GAME IS HARD AS FROZEN HELL!....took me 5 tries ( 3 resets, one lose, one win ) just to make it. This game does really well at testing your choices and morals, the more I messed up the more I learned to do better. In the end I got 552 survivors alive with only losing about 200 due to using the Triage law, and sending workers to save the mines. Seeing Mark like this due to everyone making awful choices really made me laugh and upset at the same time. Also I only got the soup law only if I was running low on food for my people, so yeah.....soup for the win, saw dust just made things worse.
khalz pro
khalz pro 3 days ago
yeah mark is suffering
khalz pro
khalz pro 3 days ago
congrats your one and only reply
Hell to the no Nono
I was fucking hookers
Sam Roberts
Sam Roberts 3 days ago
I was at work IM SORRY
The Guy with the Shades -Yaddigg Ya'digg?
To be fair, Mark. You did create this situation. These are your soup people. ...The Evil Within 2? Yeeeeah.....and the wheel comes back around to show you the error of your ways.
Garrett Phipps
Garrett Phipps 3 days ago
Last time I watched one of Mark's videos was before Covid. This was the video I decided to watch first upon return. Bro I'm sorry it took so long, calm down, geez! 😂
Stephen Heninger
Stephen Heninger 3 days ago
A story about BOO soup
Krista cool g
Krista cool g 3 days ago
I'm 18
Krista cool g
Krista cool g 3 days ago
or you ok? Hello
f*** kero
f*** kero 4 days ago
f*** kero
f*** kero 4 days ago
This is just the world of snow piercer this is the people who survived without getting on the train
cee kay
cee kay 4 days ago
Xbox Game Pass has FrostPunk just a PSA to anyone reading this! I've spent the last week playing it & I totally understand Mark's love for this game/his hunger for more updates/modded content. As an added bonus to this game: When you re-watch this stream after playing the game youreself, you can appreciate Mark's disappointment/frustration with chat's "wisdom". Honestly it's impressive he lasted as long as he did based on the chat decisions 🤣👍
Miguel DeOsuna
Miguel DeOsuna 4 days ago
30 seconds in and I feel an *IMMENSE* amount of guilty come flooding in...
SilverStone 4 days ago
0:32 - ah .... ive been watching documentaries, im sorry, its just ... you havent been doing any real lets plays anymore, you played farming simulator, that only lasted a couple episodes you guys didnt even learn the whole game, and then there was ark, i very much so enjoyed the 3 episodes you made but what happened to all that talk of more? how about that? explain yourself! Mark!, now you've been playing phasmaphobia, thats fun to watch but im sure itll end up like every new siries and itll just end after less than 10 episodes ...
🤣🤣🤣if you type in markipoo mark acc comes up first with his channel hahahaha
DreamBig319 4 days ago
6:35 What everyone else hears: "You have to make BLIND choices..." What I hear: "You have to make BBBLIND choices..." I giggled. That is all. Continue to scroll through the comments.
Its like mark knows we're busy nowadays 😂
Omg 1 month ago I was busy with exams at college sorry😂😂😂
Jacob Bernardo
Jacob Bernardo 4 days ago
That intro tho
Ca'Sarin Chadwick
Bro I've been in a group home relax
fannigram 4 days ago
Can we get a "soup" counter on that intro
UnReal Cartoons
UnReal Cartoons 5 days ago
The final cities demise by soup
Emily benfield
Emily benfield 5 days ago
I’m sorry plz forgive
coffeelover07 5 days ago
Can't watch Unus Annus anymore. :P
Kuroi Haku
Kuroi Haku 5 days ago
What Unnus Anus video?
ADrill 125
ADrill 125 5 days ago
Did you guys see the book in the back just flapping around in the start
kajus makalius
kajus makalius 5 days ago
i tought its live
Scribbled 5 days ago
US-firstr scolds audience for being numerous in number
LGIO_Keanu 6 days ago
I want to see Mark play final fantasy 15 or 16 and I won't stop commenting this until he does
NoobieBa_YT 6 days ago
First 5 seconds I thought my video wsd paused
Kathy Vargo
Kathy Vargo 6 days ago
You are so funny man you make feel good 😆😆😆
Dakota Jay
Dakota Jay 6 days ago
1:56:11 this is one of the best things he’s done lmao
Carson 2721
Carson 2721 6 days ago
Mark: where have you been?!?!?! Me: wait- I don’t know where did I go?😂
Nate a weeb furry gamer
Sorry mark I’ve been watching other people
Andie Vargas
Andie Vargas 6 days ago
I really want to see Mark do a proper playthrough of this now, I hope he thinks about uploading one.
The Black Hand
The Black Hand 6 days ago
My question, why go north. Where it's even colder. Why not go to the equator
giggy beast
giggy beast 6 days ago
thats so funny because i have been off youtube for like 2 months
Derpgamer 6 days ago
a wizard is never late nor early he arrives precisely when he means to
PJOZeus 6 days ago
I blame the lack of corpse soup.
Chaosium 7 days ago
put the children in the fighting arena
Jacob Rodriguez
Jacob Rodriguez 7 days ago
What is the name of the song mark rocks out to at the beginning of the video?
The papers of the book back left are moving on their own mark- You might be hsunted-
Eligner 7 days ago
He needs to make serious episodes on this this is amaxjnh
Rastabon 7 days ago
This video is a lot of fun. :)
Antonio Rac
Antonio Rac 7 days ago
Sry late one month oops
Adorath 100
Adorath 100 7 days ago
Never been in so much trouble my life after Mark asking "Where have you been?!" Me: ".....U-Uhhhhh. I can explain!"
SamusV4 8 days ago
I literally haven't been keeping up with US-first for months and Mark finally called me out on it. Mark I'm at University please don't yell at me!
JaeJae Scott
JaeJae Scott 8 days ago
he conducts with more emotions than my legitimate orchestra teacher
Yifan Shen
Yifan Shen 8 days ago
The book behind him is moving.
Jaistroyer isn't a Kool kid
I was watching jack and he made me feel bad
Crispyverse Creator
Karen has become the very thing she has sworn to destroy.. A body in the street
pb supers
pb supers 8 days ago
0:00 My soul was uncomfortable
Mike Schwarz
Mike Schwarz 8 days ago
Would watch you play this to win.
Sleepy Sloth
Sleepy Sloth 8 days ago
parkerpig10 8 days ago
i want more of this
Kitten Oatz
Kitten Oatz 8 days ago
I feel like I'm in trouble;_; An uh- 1:00 the book/paper in the background-
Selena Rose
Selena Rose 8 days ago
But...I just saw this
Luke AP
Luke AP 8 days ago
Mark should do this again.
Xandeath75 8 days ago
I felt personally attacked when he started asking where I've been because I haven't watched his videos in a bit and this is my first video coming back. Sorry Mark 😂
Treeman 9 days ago
Mark: NO CORPSE SOUP!! lil sick ol me: Please can I just have a toe? Mark: *NOOOOOOOOO!!*
I'm Nate
I'm Nate 9 days ago
Ah Yes, The Children Are Going Even Further Beyond Mark
Theblackdiamond 9 days ago
mark im sorry
Esther Esho
Esther Esho 9 days ago
mark: mentions unus annus me: sad
George Cribb
George Cribb 9 days ago
Hey Mark glad your nose healed. Glad my Bubukis worked.
Devilish AntiX
Devilish AntiX 9 days ago
Mark has been stepping up his work out routine or something because he is looking extra beefy
Koole Katze
Koole Katze 9 days ago
Does anyone know the song he used at the beginning?
Emily 9 days ago
No, but I would love to know
Skeiththe3rd 9 days ago
Stop shouting at my dad!
stepbromax 9 days ago
Logan Entertainment
The music in the beginning is amazing. Adding Marks dramatic talking, almost made me cry. 😭👌👍
John Foley
John Foley 9 days ago
I need more of this in my life.💁
Fireblight 9 days ago
'Where the h*ll have you been?" I'm sorry Mark, I went on a Game Grumps bender for a few years....
Some Egghead
Some Egghead 9 days ago
-1:32:11 (ignore this timeline, this is for me)
psycho 01
psycho 01 10 days ago
I am sorry to tell you but in 1:04 i think i saw a ghost playing with your book not to worry no freezing temperatures where detected
Lillie Ampurra
Lillie Ampurra 10 days ago
Reid Epperson
Reid Epperson 10 days ago
I always crack up when Mark gets ready to do his “BOO-HOO”
lyriziak 10 days ago
u are banished
James Barton
James Barton 10 days ago
Anyone know the music he had in at the start? Sounds awesome
Jason vetitoe
Jason vetitoe 11 days ago
Reese Alexander
Reese Alexander 11 days ago
Me during the intro: "BUT... BUT MARK I'VE ALWAYS BEEN HERE!! ALWAYS HERE WHEN YOU NEEDED!!!" *Sad/Epic music intensifies* Oh shit-
Griffen Lawrie
Griffen Lawrie 11 days ago
What is the name of this game
koyo koyo
koyo koyo 11 days ago
This was the first gameplay I've watched from mark in a few actual years, ever since I got my fist xbox one I stopped watching gameplay youtubers because all of the games I wanted to play I could now actually play. That intro felt like he was actually speaking to me and my only reaction was to f**kin cry and say sorry repeatedly. GG, we're back baby