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I'm finally through! I finally made it through the secret door! Where will it lead me? Am I finally free?
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Aug 21, 2020




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Comments 100   
Markiplier 3 months ago
Well that thumbnail doesn't seem quite right...
James Harris
James Harris 19 days ago
no it's perfect
Penny Williams
Penny Williams Month ago
What're you talking about? It's perfect
JD YT 2 months ago
Patrick Hofmann
Patrick Hofmann 2 months ago
you should be a voice actor :)
Akshay Poojary
Akshay Poojary 2 months ago
Don't worry about it ;)
Paige 1996
Paige 1996 20 hours ago
I am SOOO glad I finally got to the swamp lol it’s soooooo much easier to not die every two seconds and now I have guns lol btw the navigator thing is so helpful if you get lost you prick your skin or something and leave blood and it shows where you are on your map
Lezah Nosis
Lezah Nosis 7 days ago
Okay so uhhh, confused as to why the trader wants to stick together with mark in the moment.
Joelfett 11 days ago
Marks gonna mess him up
Kay Alvarado
Kay Alvarado 12 days ago
Me: stays in comment section bc i am scared Also me: watching this at 1am, in the dark, by myself
Jennifer Hermanson
Jennifer Hermanson 14 days ago
Hey Mark, has anyone told you yet how to get into the 2 chests in the 2nd wolf man’s camp? If not, wanna know?
The All Geek
The All Geek 17 days ago
I'll say it once, I'll say it again, Markiplier theme is F$$KING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!
Justin Ridgway
Justin Ridgway 21 day ago
God I love this game, but holy crap does it trigger my trypophobia
Pjwr 28 days ago
lol this game was made by 3 guys from Warsaw
Tyler MacDonald
Tyler MacDonald Month ago
The fastforward looks so cool
Tyler MacDonald
Tyler MacDonald Month ago
How is he moving single items form a stack of items?
James Savoie
James Savoie Month ago
I think dress for success means armor
James Savoie
James Savoie Month ago
Use the hunting rifle to hunt moose.
Satan Month ago
i saw zlodeje scratched on the floor in the house where it said "the word thiieves is scratched on the ground" , now, thieves is zlodeji in my language so this might be polish ( i might be completely wrong but polish is the closest to my language word wise) does anyone know what language it was?
Randa Wolf
Randa Wolf Month ago
Vega's Memory
Vega's Memory Month ago
Please tell me he realizes that he can cook the the odd meat by the end of it
benjie Sala
benjie Sala Month ago
When the trader said '' Don't open the door, let's stick together '' I honestly find that cute, and mildly heartbreaking.
Eat The Bana
Eat The Bana Month ago
i love how he plays a game with the description of "no intentional jumpscares" but because hes trying to appeal to the 2 year olds who need to have a funny loud noise to know when to feel scared, he just adds "oooo scary noise please be scared" any time something happens. this series would be so much better without all the dumbass sound effects every time something slightly startling happens. other than that one glaring flaw, this series is like 6.8/10
R P Month ago
21:31 the big reveal of the video
Katie Hineline
Katie Hineline Month ago
Marks ‘chapter two’ disbelief takes me back to his ‘sixth night?!’ With FNAF....
TheAshen1 Month ago
If I can change even 5% as many of people's lives as you have Mark I'll be happy with myself.
Autistic Pixel
Autistic Pixel Month ago
I've watched this like 6 times and everytime the swamp creature near the oldman jumpscares me
Cramspot Month ago
Lixian’s little extra edited bits in marks videos give me so much joy
Horrible Smile SKM
AnalDash Month ago
I always have to stop after binging a few episodes because my heart rate goes crazy It's so intense I love this game but I never want to play it lmao
Frances Overton
Frances Overton Month ago
I love how sometimes in games you can be really serious and smart and in other games...not much of either.
Can0e Month ago
play terraria plz. I think it would be very fun. thank you
Matthew Loredo
Matthew Loredo Month ago
“Wood is first priority, and I can’t eat it! Gotta keep it out of my mouth” -Markiplier 2020
Covid-Free Bree
Covid-Free Bree Month ago
Yo, I'd love to say I binged him but, I put him on mute and went outside so I was still getting him views. Like if you'd do the same (probably gets no likes XDD)
ExtraRaven 2 months ago
i like how the cripple kept morphing between scottish and warfstache
Magic Pickle
Magic Pickle 2 months ago
Mark: I gotta keep it out of my mouth My brain: don’t say it, don’t say it!! Me: to late
KarbineX 2 months ago
Mark, that red glowing thing is a glare, if you stare at it, you take damage
Mike Taco
Mike Taco 2 months ago
I want to blow my brains out watching you play so badly.
KiraAsakura14 2 months ago
Ah, yes, Toys and Rifles. Simple things that make men happy.
Allan Eaton
Allan Eaton 2 months ago
Mother: eat your food Toddler: *refuses* Mother: what if it was an airplane? Toddler: 26:54
Adam Otaku Gamer
Adam Otaku Gamer 2 months ago
cHaPtEr 2?!
Willow Hope
Willow Hope 2 months ago
mark, get the wood out of your mouth hey! Put it down
Marissa Farkas
Marissa Farkas 2 months ago
MARK: Sneezes ME: Bless You
Silent Gamer
Silent Gamer 2 months ago
I'm actually impressed with the devs and those flashing lights. I have epilepsy myself and even the flashing speed that don't trigger my seizures I can still feel have a small effect on me. The devs seem to have staggered the flashing _just_ right and softened the light enough that I felt nothing whatsoever. They're good.
Aidan Owen
Aidan Owen 2 months ago
No one: Markiplier Hosting a Christmas Party: 25:17
JD YT 2 months ago
Cam 2 months ago
15:15 Secret tunneeeeeeeeeeeel
Shaquan Linton
Shaquan Linton 2 months ago
26:07 Mark: "There's like nothing......there's giving me nothing" Me: "HA........ALMOST MADE IT TOO EAZY!"
Flames 401
Flames 401 2 months ago
WOAH he said look at the time it's 10:10 and I check it's 10:10 😲
False Feathers
False Feathers 2 months ago
Bahahahah his realization that he's only on Chapter 2 was PRICELESS
Casey20 2 months ago
*Mark slapping something*: Ya close? Ya close? Game: I'm close
Breno A B L
Breno A B L 2 months ago
That was legitamably the first time I was spooked in a while v:
Obama BinLadin
Obama BinLadin 2 months ago
25:16 when she invites you over for star wars Light saber fighting but she starts getting undressed.
Kalvirl 2 months ago
Mark: "IT'S ALMOST TOO EASY" *Chapter 2* Mark: o h
Austin Johnson
Austin Johnson 2 months ago
25:15 automated santa.exe
Chloe Marasigan
Chloe Marasigan 2 months ago
Hey mark!
Rick but its not Astley
21:33 Chapter 2: exists
Trenton Wieberg
Trenton Wieberg 2 months ago
This like and comment sponsored by Raid Shadow Legends Verified.
Mori Noctis
Mori Noctis 2 months ago
Thank you for putting the flashing lights warning. Lixian is an amazing editor.
A M 2 months ago
dado gogila
dado gogila 2 months ago
I've never seen or heard Mark sneeze until now
Lore Heartwright
Lore Heartwright 2 months ago
31:15 "What have you been eating?" Wood, that's why you can't find any!
Apple Ceder
Apple Ceder 2 months ago
Are we not going to talk about his homeboy trader man like is he ok?
Kiley Hardin
Kiley Hardin 2 months ago
Centipedes that come out of the floor. FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC
Kiley Hardin
Kiley Hardin 2 months ago
Holy shit... New area new terrors FUUUUUUUUU-
ZombiStayDead 2 months ago
Mark: alright, end of game coming up, better prepare for anything Game: doesn't end Mark: I prepared for anything except this.
Ruth-Ann King
Ruth-Ann King 2 months ago
30:24 - Pirate Mark 🏴‍☠️
Tomato 2 months ago
Old blind man: (speaks) Me: PLEASE STOP IT! I'D LIKE TO GO HOME!
Frédérike Lavoie-Blais
“I will not pussy these feet” - The first thing I heard when I focused back on the video after zoning out. u_u
AFriendlyBloke 2 months ago
34:49 That's what she said.
AproposOrc 2 months ago
I feel bad for the hooded trader he just wanted to stay together :’(
William Gruenwald
William Gruenwald 2 months ago
Was I the only one who saw that pun mark made at the 2:26 spot. Where he has to AXEUALLY LOOK😏😏
ophelia 2 months ago
i love how mark put an epilepsy warning but not a warning for the guy LITERALLY DIGGING HIS FINGERS INTO HIS FOREHEAD
Jake Ramirez
Jake Ramirez 2 months ago
I got to keep it out of my mouth. Mark-2020
oeuf 2 months ago
the 🆃 🆁 🅴 🅴
Robberdollar 2 months ago
Mark is bad lol
dead warrior
dead warrior 2 months ago
I have no idea about what's going on but I still watch every single episode
Alayna O'Brien
Alayna O'Brien 2 months ago
It’s like you saw “CHAPTER 2” and immediately thought “the horrors....aren’t...?.....over...”
Saeran 2 months ago
Barricade the doors?! Uhhhhhh! Hello?! Ack!
Lazarus Iliopulos
Lazarus Iliopulos 2 months ago
Yey, chapter twooo!
Tyb Rurz
Tyb Rurz 2 months ago
more molotovs ! ! !
The Guy with the Shades -Yaddigg Ya'digg?
Mark: "Chapter...two..." Internally: Realizes there really is no end to this. O.O -sweats bullets finally understanding what he's gotten into-
Rayneworld 2 months ago
38:18 .. .e..f.. me: Eef? Eef is here!
RiKShaw231 2 months ago
Mark: Almost too easy Centipede: Allow us to introduce ourselves
MoreYourPops 2 months ago
*Santa be like:* 25:15
g.i joe
g.i joe 2 months ago
ah yes leftern.
Raquelle Hurst
Raquelle Hurst 2 months ago
I gotta keep it outta my mouth 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Lauren Jewel
Lauren Jewel 2 months ago
Makena Hale
Makena Hale 2 months ago
38:55 The one time Mark didn't have to ask in advance if you were close..
chimericalart 2 months ago
plot twist: the bells that the old man hears at night is jack ringing bell of spooky
IanExplains 2 months ago
The comic book at 13:07 says: "Flame".
Mad Prince Balmonk
Mad Prince Balmonk 2 months ago
Thank you for the flashing lights warning. Was able to put the phone to the side and listen on my headphones without worry of convulsing and putting my wife in a panic!
TheCatBehind 2 months ago
This game is *very* Polish. I see so many things that make me think that Mark doesn't seem to think much of... Interesting seeing your culture... be in a game
sebastien dion
sebastien dion 2 months ago
Yep I had to take a week long break after I went through the door I was so confused lmafo
Vero 89
Vero 89 2 months ago
I bin watching a whole lot of kdramas and cdramas jdramas i miss watching your videos:) took a break now ima binge watch your vids
Memento Mori
Memento Mori 2 months ago
markipler: spends time in the game thinking he's making progress, killing himself, surviving two weeks from savages thinking the games ending the game: chapter two
Bash Ro
Bash Ro 2 months ago
I've been bingewatching Mark playing Darkwood and it's been awesome, especially because he's super into it! Great job man!
William Woods (SMS)
William Woods (SMS) 2 months ago
Mark you dodged all of those except the ones that hit you
angelo serrato
angelo serrato 2 months ago
mark you have blessed us with such great content, thank you so much i look forward to these!!! such a bright spot in my day
ŸŪH BØÎ ÑŒŁ 2 months ago
He has glasses now
CatAndCrow 2 months ago
26:34 I almost threw what I was holding.
Nogard 2 months ago
Man i swear that alert that proving back may seem impossible didnt show up for me when i got to the underground entrance. Thankfully it wasnt too bad as i had most of my necessary things but still.. couldve done with more stuff
Lydia Hanger
Lydia Hanger 2 months ago
28:26 ZOCHA 🤣🤣🤣 To clarify, the name means something like "old Karen", I guess 😂 (normally it would be just Sophie)
Lydia Hanger
Lydia Hanger 2 months ago
The game: introduces a human spider Me: ...waiting patiently for a human centipede? (pls no)
Glowing Webmd
Glowing Webmd 2 months ago
Mark: think I peed my pants a bit The game not a second later Mark *already dead*
Superliminal (FULL GAME)