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The ghosts aren't messing around this time in Phasmophobia! I think we all take turns experiences the warm embrace of the ghosts...
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Oct 7, 2020




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Lillith Rivera
I swear if none of my friends laugh that hard at my death I dont want any of em
DBZProduction 9 hours ago
"Listen , you died to a wraith-spirit-monster-giest and all of a sudden life changes okay." lol. (wraith-spirit-monster-giest.) was the best part lol.
Penny Lovins
Penny Lovins 11 hours ago
When Sean die and Mark is outside you can see someone walking up the stairs
RubiAmethyst 12 hours ago
whenever my friend and i figure out the ghost is a revenant, we start freaking out because they’re like impossible to escape from if they start hunting. my friend and i don’t have any other friends so one of us always dies and the other is on our own lmfao
Kabuto Yakushi
Kabuto Yakushi 16 hours ago
I didn't realize how funny that first death was until I watched Sean's video from an outside perspective, and hearing you screaming distantly from inside the house was absolutely hilarious.
alia ferguson
> you're playing connect 4. > if you choose the wrong move. you'll lose. > choose wisely... □□□□□□□ □■□□□□□ □■□■●□□ ( you're playing as ■ ) □■□●■■□ ●●□●●■● a b c ---------------------------------- my insta: angel16287
Jake P
Jake P Day ago
Just remember the last thing Mark said... "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!"
it ends on a cliffhanger where any one has played phas will know bob is alive cause the flashlights did not flicker lol
Bruv when Sean died they were freaking out, complete with editing and screams. And then last episode, mark legit got touched in the face by the thing and they are dying of laughter
Justin Hurrelbrink
The clock ticking! * memento mori intensifies *
Bratty Day ago
Ily mark
sychjelly Day ago
the thumbnail looks like the demon from visage in lucy's chapter
R3tr0humppa Day ago
That ending was gold.
Ants FL
Ants FL Day ago
No one: Person who I don’t know who their name is: I LOVE MONEY!!!!!!!!
The Odd Gamer
modimodo 2 days ago
DGamer135 2 days ago
Imagine thinking the UV light is a flashlight
DaxHowWeDo 2 days ago
I'm always confused watching this. Because I see a woman entity then they call it "him, he" and when it's man they call it "her, she". Am I i seeing differently? Hahaha
Robotb00gie 2 days ago
Madelyn Olsen
Madelyn Olsen 2 days ago
Mark's face after he lands that bottle flip... That is a MARK face
Thomas Burlingame
Alison Brown
Alison Brown 2 days ago
sean's grave be like "He was the first one killed... Every time."
Johnathan To Err Is Me
Did they all forget about the dirty water? By the way, I'm pretty sure the school bathroom was the ghost room. Seriously, they got four pieces of evidence in there.
Johnathan To Err Is Me
@xDaily VelvetX yeah. and they got four pieces of evidence.
xDaily VelvetX
No the revenant killed sean and they decided to leave before others die
EturnoLyon 2 days ago
Mark please heart me or respond
EturnoLyon 2 days ago
I bet he did get a picture of a bone
rainbow foxtail
rainbow foxtail 2 days ago
Jacksepticeye be like: I just took a DNA test turns out I'm 100% Irish
•AtlasAllAlone •
My aunts name is Elizabeth Miller ... I guess my Aunt is a ghost
John Johnson
John Johnson 2 days ago
14:06 i really felt like this was real (°_°)
Gabriel Giroux
Gabriel Giroux 2 days ago
10:01 who else saw the fingerprints??
Lexi Ray
Lexi Ray 2 days ago
them laughing at your death is the realest friendship
Michał Sobol
Michał Sobol 3 days ago
8:38 O_O
Madison H
Madison H 3 days ago
Why does one sound like Jean
Mohamed Manaaf Moosa Naseer
8:37 the most amazing flip in the entire history of gaming
Hershey Granger
Hershey Granger 3 days ago
Okaaay. So, the oni in the bathrooms. That remembered me that (idk why) but in all latinamericans schools there's always a leyend that says that a student died there or the director died there. I don't know why but in all the schools there's always that- I just remembered when I was more kid/little I was in a school that was literally in the mountains and the old students always were saying "hey, don't go to that bathroom over there cuz there's a ghost". Someday I went to that bathroom and h0ly sheet there was some stuff moving around and I was alone. That day I literally pissed of, hahaha
Conner Berry Steacy
8:40. Marks auditioning for Dude Perfect with that can flip
Random Person on the internet
Why dose he never use a flash light???
Patti Morton
Patti Morton 3 days ago
Man, Markimoo's moment with the stairs was hilarious!!
GamerBoi Jenkins
GamerBoi Jenkins 3 days ago
Mark looks like he just got out of a street fight with that bandage on his nose
Mr Penumbra
Mr Penumbra 3 days ago
Bob: I’m way better than you idiots. Bob on the previous Phasmophobia video: I panic pictured.
Mr Penumbra
Mr Penumbra 3 days ago
Phasmophobia should literally be a show.
Drew Milstead
Drew Milstead 3 days ago
I love how anyone will die and everyone panics but then Mark dies and everyone is literally hysterical
Brydon Leverentz
Brydon Leverentz 3 days ago
6:55 It wasn't even a full minute after they said it was a Banshee when Sean said "Back foul demon!"
Akif life
Akif life 3 days ago
trick shot 2021 edition 8:36
Faceless Ghost
Faceless Ghost 4 days ago
My heart broke when Seán died
Kayla McGee
Kayla McGee 4 days ago
a ghost. hiding in the girl's bathroom. Hanako-kun, is that you?
Mystik Wanderer
Mystik Wanderer 4 days ago
I made up some information about the next ghost. Strength: (ghosts name) are immune to the crucifix and the smudge sticks. Weakness: saying it's name will instead calm it down instead of angering it. New items. Ghost radar: can see where the ghost is within a certain radius. But lowers the users sanity more. New objectives: find the ghost using a ghost radar. Secret cheats: 1. Players can never die. 2. Players can have night vision. 3. Players sanity can never drop.
Sock Paper towel
Sock Paper towel 4 days ago
So we just gonna ignore the fact that mark hasn’t figured out of to use the flashlight yet?
Alexis R.
Alexis R. 4 days ago
14:05 Silence Then pure chaos I got chills from that.
You Actin’ Sus Mate-
I love this video and I love it even more bc it was made on my bday :0
Shaggy 5 days ago
Like a zoinks man I am pretty sure an oni Is a Japanese word for demon
Elizabeth Wagner
Elizabeth Wagner 5 days ago
26:02 For some reason, when he said my name, my blood ran cold so fast 😂
Chewy Games
Chewy Games 5 days ago
Bob's definitely dead-
Samya Malhotra
Samya Malhotra 5 days ago
Ou look like jhon,wick
Amalia Ramadhanita
Me watching on my phone staring at my iwn face: 👁👄👁 bcs its pitch black
Jens Nelson
Jens Nelson 5 days ago
Wow cool
Matraxial Artemis
I hope someone animate this series
frog cum
frog cum 5 days ago
Avalanche _
Avalanche _ 5 days ago
"You don't have an accent you're just an idiot" made me laugh unreasonably hard Edit: spelling
Anthony T.
Anthony T. 5 days ago
I thought Wade died too?
손Son 5 days ago
Sean saying its getting to personal while wade is like "I feel fine". Proves how resistant wade is against insults over the years from Bob and Mark.
Ayo Ayo
Ayo Ayo 5 days ago
This game is so cool
Ariyah Cousineau-Meersma
I like that the ghost's names at the highschool were Micheal and Elizabeth (iykyk)
LagDon 5 days ago
10:02 noone else noticed the hand print?
Argo Roodla
Argo Roodla 6 days ago
awasome bottle flip mark!
—p0s!N —
—p0s!N — 6 days ago
Sean : *Is a ghost hunter* Every living ghost : *and I took that personally*
Jo_Jo 6 days ago
Does the ghost shit in the water tank cause that thing brown
Faceless Ghost
Faceless Ghost 6 days ago
did anyone else treat it as soon as wade yelled Seán? that he actually died
Fandom_Editz YT
Fandom_Editz YT 6 days ago
It’s not Elizabeth Miller is Elizabeth Afton. Aka Circus Baby
Buster bunz 97
Buster bunz 97 6 days ago
bro sean's death was just terrifying just hearing wade scream his name and hearing echoed screams
Ender Gaming
Ender Gaming 6 days ago
u can clearly see the ghost at 7:31 using slow speed Jeez it looks scary
KingScorpion73 6 days ago
when you become a ghost, they should be able to detect you, too!
JustAGirl :P
JustAGirl :P 6 days ago
I have come here to gain resistance against phasmaphobia so I will be able to get it...but I wanna get it in vr 😈
iiastro xx
iiastro xx 7 days ago
I swear to god mark if you keep using the UV light instead of the actual light imma rage :,)
Larissa Larissa
Larissa Larissa 7 days ago
Good game
Launcher Jake 3000
What intro suspense music name?
Launcher Jake 3000
What is the suspense music in the intro? Can I get the name?
Cloudy Mckinnon
Cloudy Mckinnon 7 days ago
10:50 and then there was the time everyone let Mark use the Spirit Box and he scared away the ghost. Mark: *Creepy Pennywise voice* IS ANYONE IN HERE! Ghost that had been following him: **curls in a corner and cries**
Connor Anderson
Connor Anderson 7 days ago
Okay, is the music overlayed by Mark, or is it part of the game?
Samantha Wehrmeister
im partly australian and i would love to play scary games with you though im young, and afraid of the dark, i would love to stay in the van.
From they're POV the distant prolonged scream was pretty funny....
Do they ever learn to take the bodies of their fallen comrades with them?
aljobrrr -
aljobrrr - 7 days ago
As a saints fan the fact there calling Michael thomas a pussy makes me laugh
Savvyfire 1000
Savvyfire 1000 7 days ago
When the ghost appears it is funny how it scared me and mark at the same time 🤣🤣🤣
Joseph Conrad
Joseph Conrad 7 days ago
That bottle flip tho
reena 8 days ago
14:05 i love this scene so much. sean screaming in the distance, everyone screaming for him, the editing and mark's desperate tries to help.. "SEAN? SEAN!" (distant screaming) "CAN WE DO SOMETHING? CRUCIFIX....." "The door's open Sean! The doors opened!" "Sean?" "Bob, we're gonna... we gotta go.."
Zylem Williams
Zylem Williams 8 days ago
I love this phasmophobia thing you've been doing , they're funny and scary and just overall entertaining
Hailey Lim
Hailey Lim 8 days ago
8:37 Mark:*bottle flips* Me: OHHHHHHHHHHHHH
Hailey Lim
Hailey Lim 8 days ago
Wade hear mark ghost and said it to mark and doesn’t notice
amerchy x
amerchy x 8 days ago
ur jumpscare edit was scarier than anything else omg
IMC Pilot Michael Bell
@Markiplier 8:39 That was very impressive. Nicely done.
Aesthetic Cxookie
Pappa Chef
Pappa Chef 8 days ago
Use a flashlight I can't see shiy
Pappa Chef
Pappa Chef 8 days ago
Mark please by a fucking flashlight
Hollie Walker
Hollie Walker 8 days ago
waiting the whole video for mark to use an actual flashlight and not the uv light so i can actually see whats going on
Vindictive Jade
Vindictive Jade 8 days ago
wraith spirit monster-giest
Rebekah Reckley
Rebekah Reckley 8 days ago
Did the game with the Mechanics and 7days to die games disappear I really miss them playing that
Non-Hooman 9 days ago
No one: Markiplier: 8:39 Me: " I M P R E S S I V E "
She Tries
She Tries 9 days ago
"let's do Brownstone highschool" *has to stop watching video to go into my irl highschool*
Thomas Przybylski
Can we talk about the fact that SALT is $15!!!!!!!!
Markiplier so funny ghost game you 😈😈👻🎃🎃
[GD] E
[GD] E 9 days ago
i love it when you started throwing stuff at them lol
Breanne Tipper
Breanne Tipper 9 days ago
10:04 you missed fingerprints
I Can’t Beat This
I Can’t Beat This