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This is what the main character of Darkwood actually looks like...
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Aug 13, 2020




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Man kills village's only source of food and wonders why no one's around to reward him.
alix Day ago
Mannnn, I am loving this series. I’ve been taking time outta my days just to binge watch
Szszymon14 - Krytyk wszystkiego
Why is no one talking about the stupid mechanics of destroying generators? Why would they put this in game to be possible for new hideouts and make it irreversible?
Szszymon14 - Krytyk wszystkiego
30:10 My favourite quote in this video. I hope I'll think like this during doing my university assignments.
Paige 1996
Paige 1996 7 days ago
Mark: That’s gotta have some long term effects. I’ve already died once Me: ha...haha....hahahahahha....hahhahahahahahhahahahah.......not like I’ve died like an uncountable amount times or anything
Madison Menzies
Madison Menzies 9 days ago
Birthday video
Melon Man
Melon Man 12 days ago
29:59 really Mark? After everything you've learned from Unus Annus?
Melon Man
Melon Man 12 days ago
That 5 lockpicks got me good 😂
Dedrg PP1
Dedrg PP1 12 days ago
I am continuing this series after unus Annus , that was such a journey , but I was just thinking of continuing this series again .
Rubb3r Lizard
Rubb3r Lizard 13 days ago
Mark when it’s getting close to night: wait, destroyed generator. Me: it was at this moment he knew he fucked up.
Rubb3r Lizard
Rubb3r Lizard 13 days ago
Am I the only one who feels really bad for the kid with the violin
Skylar Jolley
Skylar Jolley 19 days ago
Markiplier: respecting a lack of gender before it was cool.
Eric French
Eric French 25 days ago
34:26 "I need to let the shining light inside me shine from within and make it shine outwards." -Markiplier 2020
StaticC1017 28 days ago
I know I'm late but the "stone throwing idea" actually works with the corpses, most of the time. Sometimes it makes them blow up sometimes it doesn't. It seems a little buggy. This also works with poisonous mushroom patches.
Durik Troler
Durik Troler Month ago
How do I reload the disable gun?
Justin Tankersley
Legit @24:56 I thought I was looking at a cartoon frog with its hand in its mouth.
Adrian Rojas
Adrian Rojas Month ago
Killing the sow was a good move... right?
Logan Kranrod
Logan Kranrod Month ago
The big step stomps were actually knocking which is someone leaving something useful at the door lol
KapteeniKetza Month ago
"I´m not sure if I need these weapon parts" This dude doesnt seems to be smart enough to check crafting requirements for that shotgun at crafting table?
The High Wizard Cat
i just realised who piotrek is talking about when he says "gagarin" he's talking about yuri gagarin, the first man in space and it makes sense because he uses the term "cosmonaut" when referring to space people, cosmonaut is just the russian version of an astronaut and there are so many other strange clues around too, all pointing toward this being set in russia, the names, the villagers all look like russian villagers for some reason god this game gets you thinking, i love it
karolina nowak
karolina nowak Month ago
this game is actually set in Poland, I'm pretty sure! Everything is in polish, including the names of villagers, and every note that ISNT in english is written in polish. but since russian and polish are similar, your theory was very good :) just clarifying for u
Alex Herink
Alex Herink Month ago
What's the name of the background music that starts at 22:50 ?
Zilth R1SE
Zilth R1SE Month ago
If u think about this(idk what day this was actually posted)21:39 was throw back Thursday 🙃
Dustin Sylvester
21:35 most unsettling ten seconds in the video.
VR Penguinn
VR Penguinn 2 months ago
Cakeyeater 2 months ago
It seemed like there was a door behind the pig
Rohit Tihor
Rohit Tihor 2 months ago
I never knew I needed my let’s plays commentated by kronk.
Jaden Braithwaite
Jaden Braithwaite 2 months ago
Mark: I’m going to conserve ammo and hit my shots Also mark: unloads whole clip into one enemy😂
RedWingedAngel02 2 months ago
Despite the funny context/panic, that was pretty deep, Markiplier: "I just need to be my own light source I need to be my own guide I need to let the light that is shining inside of me shine from within, and make it shine outwards That's what I need."
rask004 2 months ago
In one of the conversations with one of the villagers, they mention and ask after piotrek, and if you can find him and keep an eye on him. From the way piotrek is mentioned, plus piotrek's behaviour, the developers may have intended him to be loosely asperger-like: childlike for his age, obsessive interest, socially awkward. Which makes his side-story, and his situation in the woods and what happens to him, hit harder and feel even more tragic.
JD YT 2 months ago
Chris Burnett
Chris Burnett 2 months ago
Cola and meal please no bread
Josh 2 months ago
mark is apologising to a pig - 2020
Emile La Grange
Emile La Grange 2 months ago
Hey Mark if you enjoy Dark wood you would love the game Don't Starve Together
A M 2 months ago
Michael Castaneda
Michael Castaneda 2 months ago
3:45 markimoo ostisuki new naruto/ Boruto villain confirmed sadly had to absorb chica to gain the third eye transformation
Nikexel 2 months ago
mark didnt even use his reputation with patricia :
Nikexel 2 months ago
mark didnt even use his reputation
Trenton Wieberg
Trenton Wieberg 2 months ago
This content is hilarious and I and would love to see more of it. This comment is sponsored by Raid Shadow Legends Verified.
Nico 2 months ago
Whoever did the art in this game has some serious talent... I'm obsessed with how amazing the art is. Does anyone know who the artist is? And if so, if they have a Tumblr or an Instagram or even a channel I can follow them?
Gemma Fisk
Gemma Fisk 2 months ago
Kiley Hardin
Kiley Hardin 2 months ago
That sow is terrifying to look at
Jiggy Bean
Jiggy Bean 2 months ago
Mark doing Piotrek's voice kinda sounds like Hank Venture.
Deb Morar
Deb Morar 2 months ago
Gets armor* it takes its off when he needs it*
Hachede Cuatroka
Hachede Cuatroka 2 months ago
This reminds me of the not escape series but Creepy and I'm living for it
Quinny Bonow
Quinny Bonow 2 months ago
It hurt watching mark scared about the broken generator. especially since he walked by the working one
Daniel Madsø
Daniel Madsø 2 months ago
Seeing Tyler again was quite tough for me. Is he ever coming back? How is he doing?
Valiantiron 2 months ago
In part 6, someone in the comment section informed Mark not to move the lamps so close to the windows because it gets the monsters' attention. And here we are at 6:00 where he moves the other lamp into his main room and now there are two lamps 😭😂😂😂
Alayna O'Brien
Alayna O'Brien 2 months ago
I seriously just need someone to make an hour long compilation of how many hilarious faces mark makes 💀
SharkBaitShay 2 months ago
Lixian is by far the greatest editor of all time 😂😂
Sakura morikawa
Sakura morikawa 2 months ago
"hiya.. hiya!" lmao poor rocks 🤣
Trey 2 months ago
I have Meat! Markiplier - 2020
Vidar 811
Vidar 811 2 months ago
Wait what does the cable box do at the pig shed
Admiral Hackett
Admiral Hackett 2 months ago
Does anyone else feel immense STALKER vibes from this game?
fattymccatcat 2 months ago
Careful, jumpscare at 16:02
Ethan Lee
Ethan Lee 2 months ago
Am I the only one who LOVES the fact that he threw a Naruto reference out there?!😂
-- 2 months ago
Everyone after 2020 : Heh, almost too easy Jokes aside I love this quote, but people don’t seem to understand that the point of it is to be intentionally over cocky.
Vincent the 2nd
Vincent the 2nd 2 months ago
The wolfman wanted you to "make the squeals stop" a couple episodes ago. It was just a quest for him
Jonathan Decker
Jonathan Decker 2 months ago
Mark's revelation of how stupid it was to move with 6 hours left was absolutely hilarious.
no way
no way 2 months ago
he made this vid on my birthday, i feel loved...
ZeDrMedic 2 months ago
"I would land at night of course" Piotrek is a fucking legend whose IQ soars in the heaves, what is even America doing fiddling with space science when this absolute big brain boy exists.
Willianson Mafra
Willianson Mafra 2 months ago
33:30 "It was at this moment Mark knew... *he fucked up* "
Isabella Hoots
Isabella Hoots 2 months ago
Is there a punishment in the future for dying?
KUSHY 2 months ago
Hey mark... wacha digging? Hehe...
Lydia Hanger
Lydia Hanger 2 months ago
Idk but everytime when Mark kills an enemy and the dramatic music suddenly stops, I laugh :p
ꑄꋬꂚꐞꋬ 2 months ago
"Chakra" Me:Kage bunshin no jutsu
Killaron Jones
Killaron Jones 2 months ago
The generator was right in the other room the whole time
Hello Sir
Hello Sir 2 months ago
24:06 There is a person where mark was like 6 seconds ago to the bottom left by the fence
*TheWallBehindYou* 2 months ago
Math teacher: Calls on the kid in the back of the class. The kid in the back of the class: 33:53
Aceofspades 2 months ago
Lazy Fox Plays
Lazy Fox Plays 2 months ago
Markiplier: I have a goal, and am dead set to get it it. *sees something scary or weird* Why am I here? Got to go!
rubix 2 months ago
dammit, mark gets badly hurt 20 in-game minutes away from his hideout, and he wastes a bandage instead of going back to drink to the well, when he's SEEN that drinking from a well gives the "healing" status... i see a lot of comments that go more or less "stop blaming mark for every single mistake, the comments know all about the game already, you can't expect him to know everything as well!" but seriously, i didn't know that game at all before watching mark play it, all i know about it, i know because of this playthrough, and if he spent less time rushing and self-loathing, maybe he could "read" more of what the game tells him.
LordBloodySoul 2 months ago
Oh god... That pig ranch... Oh god... I think I am going to be sick...
Adrian Dayrit
Adrian Dayrit 3 months ago
Lixian's edit skills always makes Mark's videos the best.
Sophia Smith
Sophia Smith 3 months ago
25:34 is where i left off
Stephen C
Stephen C 3 months ago
"see you in the oldwoods, buddy" ugly crying
ZenRider _
ZenRider _ 3 months ago
"Destroyed generator?..." (it was this moment he knew...he fudged up).. 😆
Celina Rodriguez
Celina Rodriguez 3 months ago
I really love the editing this episode!
Karim Kaouk
Karim Kaouk 3 months ago
0:44 is it just me who burst into laughter a the small "hayaa.......hayaaa"
キャット 3 months ago
Failing to prepare is preparing to fail
I found out how To change my pic
32:51 no one: Mark: MAW MAH MEH AH
Grant The Medic
Grant The Medic 3 months ago
T B 3 months ago
When do you see what he looks like?
Thomas Doyle
Thomas Doyle 3 months ago
the battle music is lame af
Shadow Thestra9274
Shadow Thestra9274 3 months ago
21:39 I love lixian
FireRedscroll Fighter
What the hell is that!? I mean, in the pig farm, what was that?
Science Snap
Science Snap 3 months ago
Wall of flesh I think?
Yonaka no Kira
Yonaka no Kira 3 months ago
Lixian is a damn genius. You gotta love his editing
Gretel Helfrich
Gretel Helfrich 3 months ago
You really did make the right choice, Mark. Giving the key to the boy is a death sentence
LadyZapp 3 months ago
Mark sweetie, stop calling yourself an idiot when you try stuff out! I enjoy seeing you try stuff even if it doesn't work, because then you now just a little bit more about a thing and what not to do. Now you're just that much smarter! So stahp it!
Destiny Favors
Destiny Favors 3 months ago
“I AM A MAN WHO OWNS... 5 lockpicks, fiveeee!”
Curious Kasia
Curious Kasia 3 months ago
Ultra_Sas 3 months ago
Darth Vader: "I am a man who owns-" Anakin Skywalker: "-5 lockpicks"
Daniel 3 months ago
I can't wait till you discover the alternative quick attack lol. You will be OMG I wouldn't have die in so many situations.
FBI Horse
FBI Horse 3 months ago
I’ve been using this as ASMR since episode 3
Luit 3 months ago
16:02 Lixian is having too much fun editing this XD
00qverlord 3 months ago
mark you should have called this episode The Great Meat Mistake
Shikikan Graf Zeppelin
well if you set the difficulty to nightmare well once you die you die forever
Shanna Haws
Shanna Haws 3 months ago
32:49 "Whoa whoa wait! MAMA MIA!! 😍" Me: 🤣🤣🤣 It's gonna be a fun night for him.
J03yguns51 3 months ago
11:54 "Theres gotta be a way in.." ( *WALKS PAST STAIRS* )
Trinity imouto
Trinity imouto 3 months ago
Worried the military flashlight was a usefull bur mark sold it 17:31 and now gonna suspect he needed it