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Bad Guy at School is similar to Goat Simulator in that it doesn't make any sense at all. But hey! Goofy fun and broken physics are always a good time!
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Aug 3, 2020




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Comments 100   
B. Duello
B. Duello 7 hours ago
"Mark, have you seen inside my skirt?" 😂
Kyklops 21 hour ago
The amount of chaos in this video is hilarious.
Nicholas Sugay
the poor shark
Oh Dot
Oh Dot Day ago
Olivia Winter
Olivia Winter 2 days ago
since when is a pond a lake
TManClan7 2 days ago
Anyone notice a man sitting in the class room 1:27
Chris Nicholson
Chris Nicholson 2 days ago
10:58 Giovanna Theme
Hacks Mi
Hacks Mi 2 days ago
im dying
GalacticThinking 2 days ago
when mark said fornite my mind just immediately went to "wE lIkE fOrNiTe" x3
UIEX -YT 2 days ago
*Bounce *Bounce GIVE ME YOUR MONEY!! *Bounce *Bounce
Epic gamer libtard troll
Persona 6 looking awesome
MajoraVideos 2 days ago
somehow a chef bouncing on a pogo stick repeating "gimme your money" in a deadpan voice is the most intimidating thing I have seen in my life
A Coin
A Coin 3 days ago
Eventually, Markiplier stopped thinking...
Sara Klassen
Sara Klassen 3 days ago
See you on the other side.... Memento Mori
Dragon Art64
Dragon Art64 3 days ago
Why didint I see this sooner?
Eiran Keating
Eiran Keating 3 days ago
9:55 Dude just did a fucking ROCKET JUMP
Rantoni Pepperoni
14:07 Wade: I’ll help... *BOOOM!!!!!*
Spiketrap Gamer
Spiketrap Gamer 3 days ago
9:05 when hes to smol
Bryce Pirie
Bryce Pirie 3 days ago
now do it again.
J Gamer
J Gamer 4 days ago
This needs to be animated
Benjamin Fogg
Benjamin Fogg 4 days ago
Please replay this
Conjuricc 4 days ago
I don’t remember watching this-
JakeyTheDuck 4 days ago
1:48 As a skater, It really hurt to hear him say "260 Shuvit!".
Riley teft
Riley teft 4 days ago
Bethany is rite
Sparks.Ignite 5 days ago
"See you on the other side, I guess" ...*cries*
JimFilms 5 days ago
Every part of this game is legendary
a hopeless nerd
a hopeless nerd 5 days ago
22:53 my cat at three in the morning
JoelJoestar 5 days ago
This is the funniest shit I’ve ever seen
EthanMiley 5 days ago
Hearing Bob say RBG’s name hits different now 😔
Sid 6 days ago
Mark on the rocket. "I see no god here..." "Other than ME"
Hugh Tran
Hugh Tran 6 days ago
9:52 Seeing steamrolled wade run over to mark and then mark blow himself up was absolutely hilarious
Clashman 05
Clashman 05 6 days ago
Welcome to the world outside the skybox bois.
Rupe 6 days ago
suprised this video wasnt called "Gimme Your Money"
Your FBI agent
Your FBI agent 6 days ago
Holy shit I’ve never laughed harder
Mohamad Nosratian
its funny as a former game developer these bugs are so good to be removed i hope that the developers of this game keep this bugs be 😍😂😂😂😂😂
Arct!ce 7 days ago
9:28 I've never laughed so hard in my life I'm not kidding I almost threw up 15:08 16:35 23:36 Honourable mentions^
Trav 15
Trav 15 7 days ago
This has the same energy as Goat Simulator.
Narly Surfer Dude
Please do more. I died laughing at this video.
The Scrub
The Scrub 8 days ago
Wait if meat is back on the menu what was in the ham sandwich I ate for lunch
Ya_boiSinzoi 8 days ago
This Episode is just pure and utter choas between Mark, Bob and Wade I love it.
The Scrub
The Scrub 8 days ago
That one kid sitting in the back at the beginning is just like " yep just another day of my fucking life"
Manning Damant
Manning Damant 8 days ago
If it wasn't for Mark, Wade, and Bob, my Steam library would have a lot less ridiculous Indy games in it. I hope the devs of these things give you three a cut, cause I can't be the only person who buys, or even is aware of these games because of you three :)
GodsKing 8 days ago
they were so close for that field goal
Thomas Burlingame
Mark: what it means to go further beyond Me: *UNUS ANNUS INTENSIFIES*
Goldman10012 Gaming
i love bob's grandma voice
michael liggett
michael liggett 9 days ago
Why do I not remember mark uploading this
UNT4M3D N1CK 10 days ago
Goat SIM vibes
Jacob Thomas
Jacob Thomas 10 days ago
Anyone want a sprite cranberry
José Antonio Cifuentes
So this is what happended at the end of unnus annus after those final words 31:55
Tanner Jones
Tanner Jones 10 days ago
50% of this video: "Haha funny broken physics." Other 50% of this video "Gimme ur money."
Erik Janicki
Erik Janicki 10 days ago
31:56 So this is where Unus Annus went after Ethan, Amy, and Mark deleted the channel
Mathematty 11 days ago
I’ve never laughed so hard
OffbeatOnbeat 11 days ago
this game makes zero sense and i love it
Eric Galloway
Eric Galloway 11 days ago
Funny how bob made a Ruth bader Ginsberg joke a month before she died.
Pencil Swappser
Pencil Swappser 11 days ago
Imagine you’re just in high school and the high school chef just comes up to you on a pogo stick, bounces on your head, and keeps “saying give me your money”
Captain Coolz — CT-3001
12:37 timestamp for me
Silas Byrd
Silas Byrd 11 days ago
So when I first saw the video the name was cut short and all I could read was “throwing sharks to ass”
Otis Crowder
Otis Crowder 12 days ago
31:49 "What it means to go even further beyond." and "See you on the other side." Fuck I miss Unus Annus.
Call Me Horizon
Call Me Horizon 12 days ago
When they fly, poor ruth is getting passed between two men
Violex 12 days ago
Rip unnus annus
Fantastic Mr. Fox
Fantastic Mr. Fox 12 days ago
Memento Mori
good boi
good boi 13 days ago
Alternate title: "we went to the borders of the universe and discovered something no one should've seen"
Hillel Kita
Hillel Kita 13 days ago
Gimme your money
Dr Games •_•
Dr Games •_• 13 days ago
Wade: “I’ll help-“ *Meteor inbound*
koleiscleaner 13 days ago
"You're going into the naughty universe" - Mark 2020
Jay Shay
Jay Shay 14 days ago
10:58 jojo?
Pandaikon0980 14 days ago
Physics: What's that?!
Breanna Bartholomew
Mark you use the rope to tie someone to the rocket
wikus west55YT
wikus west55YT 15 days ago
I need this game
aWebtoon reader
aWebtoon reader 15 days ago
31:55 Is this what it's gonna be like when Unus Annus ends?
aWebtoon reader
aWebtoon reader 15 days ago
9:45 I love how as he yeets off into the distance you can see Bob driving the steam roller into the hole 🤣
aWebtoon reader
aWebtoon reader 15 days ago
Rip Ruth
cam66432 francis239
I want more of this
Burako Shimazaki
Burako Shimazaki 16 days ago
You can only see the underverse if you follow the Necromonger faith.
Jessica Bernard
Jessica Bernard 16 days ago
Mark Bob and wede:UP UP UP Me:LOL HOW
EnderalPhantom 16 days ago
This game is so perfectly scuffed
Glitch Gaming
Glitch Gaming 16 days ago
Give me your money. Give me your money. I don't like it when you bounce on my head! That had my in hysterics
soggy splatoon
soggy splatoon 16 days ago
I now know what it means to go further beyond -unnus annus
Dylan Bundren
Dylan Bundren 17 days ago
This game is pretty much Goat Simulator but with murderous chefs.
your moms girlfriend
0:34 rest in power 🥺
MonstrousWarlock 17 days ago
jewish people be like: 15:09
Andhito rido Sami
Andhito rido Sami 18 days ago
you got steam roller who got the roller: rodda roller da taaaaaaa
Azathoth the Broken
“The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents. We live on a placid island of ignorance in the midst of black seas of infinity, and it was not meant that we should voyage far." - H.P. Lovecraft
Justin Hanley
Justin Hanley 18 days ago
9:25. "Oh my god shes flat"
CatEyedBoy 19 days ago
32:01 unus annus
Doberlee 19 days ago
give me your money
Baby Beilei
Baby Beilei 20 days ago
I mean...part 2?
Limonade Lover
Limonade Lover 20 days ago
This video killed Ruth B. Ginsberg
LuddeBoy 08
LuddeBoy 08 21 day ago
How do you mess with tus Wade !!BAAAAMMMM!!!!
This is my fifth time watching an d its still FUNNY- HOW??!
That Guy Named George
14:41 *DIVE* the school bus into the lake "So school bus today i will be your dive instructor, first things first we're gonna need to smother that engine with water so if you'll come with me . . ."
Jeanette Lopez-Kremmidas
55 seconds into the video and yet... there is a Dragon ball reference...
Oracle 23 days ago
The reason they lost inventory was because they became gods..they're eternally watching over that school and don't need the wheel
Imad Mukhtar
Imad Mukhtar 23 days ago
They’re literally throwing a shark around!🤣
Gamer Animals
Gamer Animals 24 days ago
13:45 *was drinking tea* *laughs so hard tea comes out of my nose*
Missclicked !
Missclicked ! 24 days ago
I can just imagine it🤣 The pogo stick coming to cinemas now! Pegi18/horror/GIVE ME YOUR MONEY
RichCrow 24 days ago
That Ruth joke didn't age too well.
chad gray
chad gray 24 days ago
givemeyourmoney, givemeyourmoney, givemeyourmoney, givemeyourmoney,
NightSlasher51 24 days ago
Am i the only person who thinks that when they use the gravity guns, they look like a trio of lesbians scissoring
War mommy
War mommy 14 days ago
Ahh, A man of culture.
Yo Mama
Yo Mama 24 days ago
The US-first algorithm thinks it’s garry’s mod