TRYING TO LEARN MAGIC... | Minecraft - Part 10 

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There's magic in minecraft and I'm gonna learn it! Just gotta get an enchanting table. Which means I need a book. Which means I need leather...
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Jul 6, 2020




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Comments 100   
Imperfect_star _
Markimoo killing cows.. hm
Reindawn Day ago
3:43 did he just get bonemeal
That One Youtuber
So...who wants to tell Mark that the reason he was healing so slowly is because he kept sprinting, which drains his hunger bar?
McMangos05 3 days ago
i dont like family friendly mark
Ash the Fox
Ash the Fox 3 days ago
me when i finally find the thing that i have been looking for: 3:31
karen aguirre
karen aguirre 3 days ago
Cavemen when they create fire: I'm a gunius
Dark Wolf
Dark Wolf 5 days ago
Mark the Wizard.
Lilybird 5 days ago
Mark: Has a hotbar full with tools to defend himself Also Mark: Punches enemies with his bare fist
Sabotaged By Me
Sabotaged By Me 7 days ago
JapanesBushB- name already taken
I think he should start having his robot buddy add subtitles to the video if possible. Or he could do it himself. The reason I say this is because I'm not always in a place where I'm able to listen to the rage out loud. And neither is everyone else.
Baby Alive & the Kelches
Rip unas annus Mimento mori - unas annus The clock is always ticking, tiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktiktik unas annas unas annas unas annas unas annas
Cj Matthews
Cj Matthews 4 days ago
I- I’ve never read something so grammatically wrong in my entire life..
Dimentionrush 9 days ago
I don’t have any cobblestone he says as he puts down some cobblestone
Ant1x 10 days ago
This episode was his one chance to see if the axe did damage.... he avoided using any of his tools to kill the mobs after his sword broke Edit: HE DID IT
Christina Hoover
Christina Hoover 11 days ago
"And here lies a stupid squid who couldn't figure out how to water." Mark's incredible eulogy
Rae Elemental
Rae Elemental 12 days ago
When he broke his sword I ask myself, why not use the axe?
JoNatHan K
JoNatHan K 13 days ago
Mushroom Island
Almohaned Khalil
Almohaned Khalil 13 days ago
me the hall ep : plz make a dimond sowrd mark:(makes a second dimond picaxe)
Cj Matthews
Cj Matthews 4 days ago
Oh my why cants anyone learn how to spell in these comments?
Explosive Tale
Explosive Tale 16 days ago
Just me or does Mark sound like Jabba the Hut at 14:47
Devon Cherry
Devon Cherry 17 days ago
Markiplier I just wanted to say your the best and thinks for always making me laugh
Aiden Dorsey-Carro
Aiden Dorsey-Carro 17 days ago
Brett Morgan
Brett Morgan 17 days ago
Mark, axes now do more damage then swords
LIEW EEARN Moe 20 days ago
Mark:Bookshelf? I don’t need that. Me:You need that!? Enchanting table needs to operate with a bookshelf.
Melon Tube
Melon Tube 20 days ago
Other you tubers: direct their editors off camera Markiplier: *directs his editor while recording*
gallade gamer
gallade gamer 20 days ago
Yer a wizard, mark
j3lain3 22 days ago
my dudes my dudes my bros my dude bros my fam my bro fam bro ham fam bro ham fam where is the sugar cam? bromalonmeys
j3lain3 22 days ago
dumb counter x 7
The lolicon Edits
The lolicon Edits 22 days ago
I love how when his sword breaks he just uses his hands even tho this is 1.16.3 and the axe does so much damage
Kimberlee Catena
Kimberlee Catena 23 days ago
"I don't know how to do magic." YOU ARE MAGIC. 😍😍💗😍😍
Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf 24 days ago
“Underwater river” me:😑
Blessed Balloons
Blessed Balloons 25 days ago
he legit said underwater river. I am in literal disbelief
The Real BlueNoob 1
Wait till he finds out he can use bookshelves to increase the enchantment powers
Lezin 26 days ago
Its so disturbing cause he don't know anything about enchanting
Yugi Muto
Yugi Muto 26 days ago
I have to admit that both Pewdiepie and Jacksepticeye are the best out of the three who play minecraft the best Sorry Markiplier
Purple lemon Pl
Purple lemon Pl 27 days ago
Thank you *claps* Thank you
Michael Sayaki
Michael Sayaki 28 days ago
Cow: You could not live with your own failure, where did that bring you? Back to me.
Brody Davis
Brody Davis 29 days ago
I was eating a granola bar a 4:03 and almost choked when he said that it was a dead cow
Cullen Borbonus-Bridge
when he was fighting the mobs in the cave he didint notice he had an axe
Sharqa Avanindra
He said that "im just gonna *dig up* " And he was mining Obsidian
meme cat101
meme cat101 Month ago
"It did the thing!" Markiplier 2020
Lauren Shaw-Butler
This gives me ingsiyteey
Lady Liberty
Lady Liberty Month ago
9:44. Wait’ll he makes a book and quill, lol.
Lady Liberty
Lady Liberty Month ago
5:21. Mark, look at your hunger bar...it’s going down, boyo.
Lady Liberty
Lady Liberty Month ago
4:35. *cues In This Shirt aka “I am Lost,”*
Arda G.
Arda G. Month ago
The Crypto Canuck
Pig? For leather u noob
Moustachio • 13 years ago
Me When She Said She's Home Alone 0:40
Josue Nieves
Josue Nieves Month ago
I want to start adding Junyus into my every day vocabulary
GamerDude Month ago
Mark: *chooses Efficiency over Unbreaking* Me: Ah a wise one!
GamerDude Month ago
Therapist: Hitler Mark doesn't exist, he can't hurt you Hitler Mark: 2:49
Meme Dad
Meme Dad Month ago
10:51 does no one want to talk about that zombie standing on lava?
Harrie Goston
Harrie Goston Month ago
Why is it so zoomed in
Earth-Kun Month ago
Mark we know you’re a dum-dum but we all love you for it.
DankChad Month ago
🙆🙆 there goes two diamond pickaxe with lamest enchantment
paul duynisveld
paul duynisveld Month ago
im tired of dealing with fruit
paul duynisveld
paul duynisveld Month ago
baby in the woods more like babe in the woods
DrCrow Month ago
2:21 thats what she said
Retro Guru
Retro Guru Month ago
DUDE YOU WASTED YOUR ENCHANTS ON EFFECIENCY INSTEAD OF UNBREAKING! WHY? You need AFK fishing for this not to be a problem. Oh wait, YOU CAN'T AFK FISH FARM IN MINECRAFT 1.6 AND ONWARD! Ok, make a fishing pole, get as much Luck of the Sea+Lure that you can on that fishing pole and just keep fishing until you find a Mending book or any enchanted item you might like that already has mending pre-enchanted upon it. Make an anvil with your iron and combine the mending book with your diamond picker-axel and bam, an eternal tool of many left to fill the table.
Addison Knowles
Addison Knowles Month ago
Mark: ohh mysterious hole. Also mark: OHH UNDER WATER RIVER! Me: ... huh?
sourcandy Month ago
"Underwater river" -Markiplier
Oceans of Passion
mark: i’m starting to think i actually might be dumb mark 2 seconds later: *iTs aN uNdErWaTeR riVeR*
GetSniped65 Month ago
How do people find so many diamonds
Rennivenレン Month ago
a n d h e r e l i e s t h e s t u p i d s q u i d
Host Month ago
me being dumb and thinking " this was posted in July? how would he have this much progress in the beginning of the year and how dose he have the nether update?!" then i realized January was the beginning of the year not July
WaterRegent Month ago
This triggers me
Elísa Ágústsdóttir
Make a house plz in the new world ! =v
Dominick Ortega
Dominick Ortega Month ago
Me watching this Three months later "punch the fucking fire!"
An F for a E
An F for a E Month ago
5:12 diamond chicken
An F for a E
An F for a E Month ago
And 10:50 cursed zombie
Eden Leiner
Eden Leiner Month ago
me seing mark make an enchanting table and look at the empty slot and say what is that and remember in a past episode that he said lapis lazuli was useless
9:32 he couldn't figure out how to water.
Blake Baker
Blake Baker Month ago
Enchant books get anvil and you can get the upgrades you want on the tool
Chara & Frisk
Chara & Frisk Month ago
_ Dew _
_ Dew _ Month ago
@2:30 he finds a aquifer
BlueSteel Month ago
dude I had 42 diamonds and a creeper killed me and took them
YT.HappyCat Month ago
Nice enchanting
Discordia Dingle
You know, I finished watching Steven Universe recently, and now whenever I hear ‘lapis lazuli’, I just think of the character💧
bruno morgado
bruno morgado Month ago
I never knew you could get leather from a pig😆😆😆😆😆
Kendal Losinger
Kendal Losinger Month ago
tonya sumrall
tonya sumrall Month ago
12:04 is the best part of the vid
that one dude
that one dude Month ago
Make peath. Perfect
Witherman Gaming
Can we take a moment to appreciate Lixian and his work real quick?? Lixian, if you see this, just know your the funniest editor ever!
Israel Rodriguez
11:42 🤣
Anime Gamer
Anime Gamer Month ago
U put book self near it to make better weapons
Lapis Month ago
I will not come out
Its Pronounced Lap-us Laz-uh-Leet
Derfbngg Month ago
Ah, Mark's first time getting scammed by an enchantment table
Galaxy Reach
Galaxy Reach Month ago
everyine is talking about how agonizing watching him not know how to play is but IM over here like "please for the love of God stop using so many torches....PLEASE"
Zer0Zekken Month ago
10:43 I wish he photoshopped Lapis from steven universe here :>
Corbin Garrett
Corbin Garrett Month ago
¨Leather I need leather weres a gosh darn pig?¨ Markiplier, 2020
Linus Stoltz
Linus Stoltz Month ago
Mark needs to study minecraft things
Linus Stoltz
Linus Stoltz Month ago
9:03 peathe XD and in that dramatic voice XXDDDD
Khalood plays
Khalood plays Month ago
Mark your a idiot just trade with piglins they give u a lot of gold (No hate)
Spirit Gaming
Spirit Gaming Month ago
15:30 does he speak English?
Genius Guy
Genius Guy Month ago
“Maybe I’m evil” Says the man who blew up the entirety of Detroit for cake
Vonloke Month ago
For someone who never really played the game properly, he's doing surprisingly well
Jack’s Sister Emily
Mark why are you looking for paper in the forest? Come to Dunder Mifflin. Dunder Mifflin, a great a place, full of paper people.
Edward Month ago
*uNdErWaTeR rIvEr*
Kade Harward
Kade Harward Month ago
I think marks adhd is showing a little in this video 🤔
Spencer Harrison
The work Lexcium put into for these vids is great good job bro
The Matisss
The Matisss Month ago
Let's play series more like let's die series
chachan415 Month ago
am impressed