Untitled Goose Game (FULL GAME) 

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It's time to GOOSE our way to victory. With out mighty HONKER and our beefy FOOTSIES we shall GOOSE our way to victory! Watch along as I playthrough the full game of Untitled Goose Game right now!


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Oct 6, 2019




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Toriana Seybold
At the beginning Mark had me smiling and giggling! ☺️💗
Donda The warrior
Donda The warrior 3 hours ago
Why was this in my recommended
jeremy james
jeremy james 5 hours ago
Damn mark we need to sing together man please we could do a song that i am very good at like fear is not my guide by demon hunter
Amor Charchi
Amor Charchi 5 hours ago
U are so good singer
oracio.mp4 6 hours ago
Classified 12
Classified 12 7 hours ago
Wow I would pay to hear him sing that
Kendra Gorter
Kendra Gorter 7 hours ago
This is a game?? *Mind becomes not empty*
John Blackburn
John Blackburn 7 hours ago
Magic goose song is now my ringtone
Error UwU
Error UwU 8 hours ago
Did you you just watch aladan
Gamer Pro
Gamer Pro 9 hours ago
Who else is here in the middle of the night and saw this and thought “Yes 2 hours of a goose just messing with people just for a bell”
ihtesham shafiullah
Harry Potter
Harry Potter 10 hours ago
Harry Potter
Harry Potter 10 hours ago
Harry Potter
Harry Potter 10 hours ago
Harry Potter
Harry Potter 10 hours ago
KawaiiLemon 10 hours ago
‘This is for Ethan. He’s not dead but his channel is.’ I started cackling so hard I almost threw up. Omgggg that caught me off guard XDD
Mason Cawley
Mason Cawley 21 hour ago
Mason Cawley
Mason Cawley 21 hour ago
Collin Richert
Collin Richert 21 hour ago
I was love the goose song like mark can sing
coffeeDisaster 21 hour ago
markigoose: picks up a bottle and honks in it me: hysterical laughter
Gameboy 11
Gameboy 11 22 hours ago
This is gooseiplier
Qaylah Chuechit
Qaylah Chuechit 23 hours ago
1:21:51 should I stop watching markiplier then?
Elvis 311
Elvis 311 19 hours ago
don't know
Lolud lol
Lolud lol Day ago
I got a goose 1 month ago and how did i get it? Well he broke my backyard and now his name is goosy and he is happy to live with me
༒Coconut Coffee༒
I have ADHD so I can relate!!😂
Danish DinoT
Danish DinoT Day ago
Muah heheheheh
January Jamison
Came out of my stitches in this cheered me up a lot
Courtney Hale
He has a beautiful voice lol
thatemo nerd
thatemo nerd Day ago
This is the third night I've tried to finish this, its not because of the video itself, its because i keep falling asleep after i start to really get into each part i leave off on... will they ever finish the goose video? the world may never know
Kayson is hear
0:00 I like the singing
Jose Gonzale
Jose Gonzale Day ago
Me here only because mark sings
《 greenyeet 》
Watching this at 3 am, in 2021, after my dog kicked me out of my bed
Sam Boquet
Sam Boquet Day ago
That singing is beautiful
Breea Purkey
Breea Purkey Day ago
They can all go to goose hell
Danny Merin
Danny Merin Day ago
The mighty quicksand posteriorly hang because umbrella natively mark for a outgoing ikebana. naive, scintillating cloudy
Meme O
Meme O Day ago
Best intro ever.
Moomoomilk V1
Just a humble brag that he can sing at the beginning
Joshua Liu
Joshua Liu Day ago
gave ya a sweet like
khalil f
khalil f Day ago
Karena Snider
I can't get over his voice I just love it
Cripple Day ago
Imagine getting bullied by a goose
Koen van Dijk
We made a drinking game out of every time he said goose and we died at the intro
Pooh Day ago
Mr. Nobody
Mr. Nobody Day ago
amnesia rebirth? children game
Mr. Nobody
Mr. Nobody Day ago
lol this intro is something so original and ... damn, dude, he has a good beautiful voice ... he could do many things, not just yt and games... interesting.
Noel Romerez
Noel Romerez Day ago
That intro was beautiful
Camila Quijije
Camila Quijije 2 days ago
Hay goose Maikpier
VoidPheonix17 2 days ago
Can we take time.......to listen to how good that song was.....I’m speechless but where the markiplier music xD
quinton evans
quinton evans 2 days ago
Have more intros like this mark
{Aisha The Ravenclaw}
Madison Ramsey
Madison Ramsey 2 days ago
He hit that goosey note
Mr sauce
Mr sauce 2 days ago
LeviGaming 2 days ago
Is it just me or is the goose song actually good
shamaya darnell
shamaya darnell 2 days ago
Freddy Green
Freddy Green 2 days ago
Why the fuck do i keep getting marks bs videos?
LEO SPEED 2 days ago
good song
Jason killer channel11
He's sad about his bow😂lol
The Golden Forge
The Golden Forge 2 days ago
I’m laughing as much as he is
ComedyROHRS ComedyYAAA
How has nobody made a remix of goosey the goose by Markiplier. I love markiplier's voice
Emily Smerud
Emily Smerud 2 days ago
How did I just realise how gosh dang GOOD Markipliers singing voice is
this user loves markiplier 'u'
Ugh my mom and her boyfriend are fighting.. so here i am.. watching this.. ~ sigh ~ My life is so shit..
nomveii 2 days ago
i think ive watched this stream 2-3 times before. im back, a couple months later. im rewatching it again. maybe a few more times.
Mallow knight
Mallow knight 2 days ago
Do i have to press B to Beak
ryzombie 2 days ago
Geese/10. Would Goose Again
Jacob Molzan
Jacob Molzan 2 days ago
It's called a 200 Igoose complex
Doodle Dot Cosplays I Lola I
i’m bored in quarantine so i wanna count how many times he says goose (if it’s not there yet it’s bc i’m currently counting or i forgot what i was doing lol) edit: i can’t do this in one sitting so time stamp is 10:48 and i’ve counted 88 jesus christ. also i’m doing any form of the word goose including geese, goosiness etc but i don’t count when he doesn’t finish the word.
The MowMans
The MowMans 2 days ago
Just saying the gooses name is goosathin
alf!e 3 days ago
i like geese
John Lang
John Lang 3 days ago
it is the wise truth of... HJONK HJONK AM GOOSE
Mimsy 3 days ago
Mimsy 3 days ago
Mark pls. Goose play harmonica.
yakoduk 3 days ago
goosey coward
Alex S
Alex S 3 days ago
Today is a wonderful day And you are a horrible goose
SCV Home Tours
SCV Home Tours 3 days ago
Goose goose goose
I liked the song at the beginning of the video!❤️
Wilson Lee
Wilson Lee 3 days ago
6:28 I know what are you thinking Mark 😂🤣 "Make the Groundkeeper WET!!" I laugh so hard at this😂
kitty pirate
kitty pirate 3 days ago
When he started singing I was thinking about geese the food.
Kharis Sims
Kharis Sims 3 days ago
Mark: "When I'm done watching you waste aw-" Shopkeeper: *Walks out* Mark: "Oh.." I'm dead 😂☠
lo strawberryjimin
g o o s e s
Lincoln 3 days ago
Jaxon Playz
Jaxon Playz 3 days ago
Is that a ps4 controller
Brian Bommarito
Brian Bommarito 3 days ago
Mark should do another playthrough of this with Momiplier. And they should each get the lady in the backyard garden to tie a ribbon around their neck (There are two ribbons, a red one and a blue one).
Brian Bommarito
Brian Bommarito 3 days ago
“The goose honks high.” -Stuart Berg Flexner
Bonnie the bunny
Bonnie the bunny 3 days ago
Omgggggg how can he sing that goooooooooooooooood
Brian Bommarito
Brian Bommarito 3 days ago
50:18 There’s a really sadistic item on the to-do list involving that soccer ball. After completing the main game, I came back to this area and discovered I had to kick the soccer ball into a back alley, through some people’s neighborhood and into a backyard where a goalie was. But in that last yard is a small hill and you will spend most of your time trying to push the soccer ball uphill to the goalie.
Nightcore Lover
Nightcore Lover 3 days ago
Ahhh, going back and watching old videos from my favorite you tubers never gets old. Mark you still got that golden egg of a sense of humor. Keep it goin man your awesome 😎
Kaleesy K
Kaleesy K 3 days ago
Mark:Sings the goose song- The people in there cars:What the heck is this goose boy doing??
Dylan Modzelesky
Dylan Modzelesky 3 days ago
Metal Gear Goose: Sons of Geese
teacher: hey isabella you there? me: goose
SpeedyTheGecko 4 days ago
Nobody: Mark: *Goose*
Sage Flor_h
Sage Flor_h 4 days ago
1:38:10 슬리퍼 물어간거 보고 빵터졌넼ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ거위금지
Joseph Kromer
Joseph Kromer 4 days ago
If people really think this dudes funny where in far worse shape then I thought.His subscribers have to be under 12 years old listen to his restarted bullshit Clown's literally playing a elementary school level game and acting like hes a 10 year old..I feel so bad for are youths they are so screwed.
Seriiko 4 days ago
The groudkeeper is so nice towards this hella annoying goose xD
Otis Matthews
Otis Matthews 4 days ago
9 * 40 My Name Is My Name Is Earl
Moshruum 4 days ago
Idk why but watching mark struggle to figure out that he needs to lock the guy out of the garden made my blood pressure rise continuously
Slpy C
Slpy C 4 days ago
I love the intro XD LOL😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣😂🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂
Itz_Kay Gacha
Itz_Kay Gacha 4 days ago
37:00 *parrots be like:*
Khalid Sharif
Khalid Sharif 4 days ago
this intro is just undescribable
Mlp Pony
Mlp Pony 4 days ago
Katie Whiteman
Katie Whiteman 4 days ago
Bro- I'm actually obsessed with his singing- w o w
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