Unus Annus - Post Mortem 

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1.5 Million people were watching as we laid Unus Annus to rest. Thank you for turning these past 365 days into something truly special. Without you, it wouldn't have mattered at all. Memento Mori.

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Nov 14, 2020




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Funny Name
Funny Name Hour ago
Bojack: "Is it terrifying?" Herb:"No I don't think so it's how it is ya know"
EthanStercay 3 hours ago
Rip lol
Jakub Piotrowski
Jakub Piotrowski 3 hours ago
Memento Mori.
Flotaku 13
Flotaku 13 4 hours ago
can we get some subscribers over to Ethan's channel
Spencer Ross
Spencer Ross 4 hours ago
toga himiko
toga himiko 4 hours ago
Manda 6 hours ago
Not me finding out about this a week after it got deleted
Butakha 6 hours ago
I feel so bad that I only found out about this after it ended😥😭
ツ L I M E ツ
ツ L I M E ツ 6 hours ago
Listen here Mark. You little bitch, listen here. If you even THINK of dele- I dont even wanna say it. BUT IF YOU DO IT. I genuinely will end my life. That's how much you have done for me. And I need you so much so dont even think about it. Love you Mark🥱
Amateur Bandit
Amateur Bandit 7 hours ago
lmao i never heard of unus annus, i only knew abt them when i was at the explore tab on insta.
WV Beer Maven
WV Beer Maven 7 hours ago
It's funny you think you could delete it but have videos scrubbed 😬😂😂
soinu foig
soinu foig 6 hours ago
What happend?
WV Beer Maven
WV Beer Maven 7 hours ago
No reason to grieve it's still there bud 🤣
soinu foig
soinu foig 6 hours ago
Serious content So anyways I have a nine to pick with Del Monte
WV Beer Maven
WV Beer Maven 7 hours ago
And yet they're still uploaded 🤣🤣 buddy I can point you to the direction in several accounts that anus unnus is uploaded again 🤷‍♂️ you've not taken it away
laureno311 7 hours ago
i will miss it my sis was very sad
Rhynne LeFey
Rhynne LeFey 7 hours ago
I'm so angry at this..... I can't mark.... i just can't
Friendly neighborhood crack addict
Ethan: I’m so devastated. Mark: fuck you del monte
Joseph McIntyre
Joseph McIntyre 7 hours ago
Pure and proper respects for unnus annus 2020 forever. ✊ And we will always remember all the greatest moments of all time that came before us, we all love you Ethan and Markiplier, and we always will remember. RIP unnus annus we will miss you.
David Pichardo
David Pichardo 7 hours ago
why do i think that his head is unproportionly small to his body no hate btw
Usha Karki
Usha Karki 8 hours ago
I'm iih both
Niccilus 8 hours ago
Whelp I’m glad I missed all of this
Dis Dude
Dis Dude 9 hours ago
Me being that one guy that hasn't watched Unus Annus watching MattPatt's theory to understand: *M H M. U H U H*
Brea Ill
Brea Ill 9 hours ago
The day after. I had slept in, and when I didnt wake up to a video. I almost cried. Ngl.🖤☠🤍
SlothMaster 64
SlothMaster 64 9 hours ago
What ever goes on the internet, stays on the internet
Abby Vetzal
Abby Vetzal 10 hours ago
Diy Gamer
Diy Gamer 10 hours ago
Serious content So anyways I have a nine to pick with Del Monte
Kreekcraft✔ 10 hours ago
What happend?
News one
News one 8 hours ago
omg soooo real
Marcus Beza
Marcus Beza 10 hours ago
So unnus and Annua are dead?
Jonathan F
Jonathan F 10 hours ago
I totally forgot about that channel
melody pond
melody pond 11 hours ago
I had so much fun unnus annus !!! Thank you for the laughs markiplier 🥰👌🏻🍿✨
Chloe Kindle
Chloe Kindle 11 hours ago
markkkkkkk stop your voice is gonna make me cry :(
CRBLX YT 12 hours ago
Me : love my channel with my fans and my subs. If I delete my channel I will literally end my life.....
callista gerling
callista gerling 12 hours ago
Scrolling through videos and saw that this was only a week ago, feels like so much longer RIP Unnus Annus
5 kids tv
5 kids tv 15 hours ago
Make Unis Annus 2
alana_calma 16 hours ago
This has most definitely already been said, but Mark could be an ASMR youtube...
Alexander Collamer
Alexander Collamer 16 hours ago
I never watched a video except for that last stream
alana_calma 16 hours ago
Mark talkin' 'bout feelings and shiz - I'm here eating a mug cake... Just thought I'd put that out there
idyllil 16 hours ago
hey ua ppl with merch, how long does it take for the merch to ship-
idyllil 16 hours ago
bc it's been a month
Palamontus 10
Palamontus 10 17 hours ago
i wish i had the ability to talk like u... but without the painful effort (effort hurts me the most)
anika dryden
anika dryden 17 hours ago
i found out about unus annus a week before it ended :
Diego Alejandro
Diego Alejandro 17 hours ago
Mark should react to the Mystery Skulls series
Rushlight RobloxTM
Rushlight RobloxTM 18 hours ago
Memento Mori Post Mortem
Allen Betts
Allen Betts 19 hours ago
Heist 2!
Graxclez. exe
Graxclez. exe 20 hours ago
Archduke Xolotl
Archduke Xolotl 20 hours ago
It was so big, I never heard of it until now.
CranberryPlayz 21 hour ago
Everyone is trying to remake your channel and reposting your old videos.
Spyskeletron 21 hour ago
Is heist 2 gonna be free?
TheBlueToast 21 hour ago
I missed it 😭😭😭😭😭
TheBlueToast 21 hour ago
I’m a week late
TheBlueToast 21 hour ago
I lost track of time
GoldenLightning_ 21 hour ago
Guess I can’t come home from school anymore and binge unus annus videos because I discovered them in about September
Gamers of Legends Past
Channel is still up with 4 vids and comments turned off
Piggychopchop 21 hour ago
No thats a channel someone made with the last moments and stuff
sqwizby 21 hour ago
*after the end of unus annus* crank: i am not ok mark: I FEEL FANTASTIC
Cm punk fan boi
Cm punk fan boi 22 hours ago
Unus Annus: mr mark I don’t want to go
Sanjil Shrestha
Sanjil Shrestha 22 hours ago
one piece too
rain 22 hours ago
boy if you dont collab with ethan now
Christian Blagg
Christian Blagg 22 hours ago
MARK someone is fakeing unus annus
ZienBlox 22 hours ago
I discovered this channel today (27th November 2020). I don't really understand why you both deleted the channel and thought it was just a time waste. I did some more research and saw a 'reupload' about the final moments of the channel (which is the 12 hour stream). Like everyone was sending goodbye message and cry emojis and all of that. Turns out the channel was to tell people about *life* You don't know when and where will you die. Either your family, or your neighbors. No. That's how life works. I felt a bit sad for what happened to my grandpa, he passed away before my very eyes. (May 1st) Literally infront me of me. I realized that I made tons of mistakes for the last 13 years of my life (Almost 14 when 2021) Thank you Unus Annus for showing me that "You only life once"
rain 22 hours ago
unus annus: ends mark: yeah i feel great anyways also mark this made me cry. good job.
rain 22 hours ago
i didn’t understand at first. but i do now.
Stef 23 hours ago
Saw left the chaaaat
Treetle 23 hours ago
I’m from Timeworks
JOHLumLums Day ago
Excuse me? Heist 2????????????? PUT IT IN MY VEINS!
I sat there crying....
Dark Knight
Dark Knight Day ago
You don't know what you've got until it's gone.
Ryan A.C
Ryan A.C Day ago
this is actually retarded
The Commenter
Jokes on you.... every video was archived!!! =D 0_0 the internet never lets go of anything Mark.... ever.... long long long after you are dead... cooking with sextoys will entertain people! And sadly you have no real control of that, the internet transcends death, just as film holds onto images of the past so does the internet hold the memory of all that passes through it. it's a realm where time does not matter, and no ones wishes are complied with. Great idea for a project but this is the internet, it will be forever regardless. Also you should see all the horrible abusive comments some of your fans send to people who have archived this project, it's some pretty bad stuff.. Maybe address Unus Annus Archives to your fans and maybe let them know what you think, I don't think you want them abusing people over it. that's not what the project was about.
Sridevi Raja
Sridevi Raja Day ago
Why did he delete his channel ?
Sarah Hatzel
Sarah Hatzel Day ago
If Mark isn’t a motivational speaker, I don’t know who is. I do be crying in the club rn. Congrats to Mark, Ethan, and Amy on this amazing past year (and of course all of the amazing editors), even with everything going on, they still made some great content whilst keeping their promise. I’m just glad they genuinely enjoyed unus annus and didn’t treat it like a chore. V good of them. 😢
MrDee Jerk
MrDee Jerk Day ago
Hey mark is there a shipping problem with the last of the unnus unnus posters
PlaniSphere Day ago
Memento Mori.
I was in military basic training while Unus Annus happened so I have no idea what it was. So these videos are basically letting me know what I missed out on.
Cole Ward
Cole Ward Day ago
They fucking deleted the fucking Chanel I’m fucking crying
Beep Boop
Beep Boop Day ago
Are you and Ethan still going to make content together?
Bobba Day ago
Unnus annus was great, I watched your popcorn video and how to make a fire video
Lord 1337
Lord 1337 Day ago
Me, that didn't see any series of Unus Annus: It's interesting concept... But now I want to see at least one chapter of this!
Bradyn Day ago
“Nothing is truly appreciated until it ends” - Markiplier
Joshua Diocares
[Deleted Channel]: Live every day like it is the last. Memento Mori. Me: we can make a religion out of this
Patrick Young
Mark I do miss unass anuss and now with you saying you think you were on your limit. I say no mark you can go beyond your limit I can name a few projects like unass anuss, heist with markiplar, markiplar tv, and many many more. I day you ranked number one of my favorite US-first creator
J C Day ago
I'm so sad I never got to watch a single unus annus video. So much was going on in my life during its existence. I was so overwhelmed with so much life. And now I feel sad that I'm grieving something I never had.
Asriel Dreemurr
I'm happy for you
XxGamingdolphin R6
You're not finished until all the channels that broke the rule of unus annus are gone.
Salizar6206 Day ago
To me, Mark just likes the concept of time and how it works. There is always one inevitable ending, no matter what you do. During 'Unus Annus', they did so much in one year, but it came to 1 end date. In 'A Heist With Markiplier', no matter what path you choose. No matter what choices you make. You always meet 1 end date. I think that is the point that Mark wants us to realize. No matter what you do in your life, you WILL reach 1 end date. The date may change because of your decisions, but there is one end to everybody. One end at our clocks stopping points. Memento Mori.
You though it would be Sans Main but it was me Dio
You’re giving me some real pastor vibes. That’s a good thing
mikin lirou
mikin lirou Day ago
"thank you for making unus annus something" Me who haven't watch any of it and regretting it: 👁👄👁
Grace Dennewitz
i’m really disappointed that i didn’t know what it was until afterwards... i wish i could’ve been there :’((
thank you so much for the amazing year mark
MicahC Tv
MicahC Tv Day ago
I didn’t get to experience a single video and I’m ashamed
mikin lirou
mikin lirou Day ago
Thanks ethan, aswell. You both inspired me to work on bigger and better things in my life.
Foxy and ZRain Gaming
um i fill bad i never watched it now i sad :(
Vermilion Productions
I know that this was probably intended, but I actually feel incredibly upset and angry at myself for missing this. I didn't even know that it existed until now, somehow one year later, which really sucks.
Zy Leak
Zy Leak Day ago
Ok I’m confused because there a new unus anus because it seems like it real but I want to ask here because I’m a bit confused is it real?
Hannah Bradley
I wish I was here to witness the channel, but instead I came back from not watching gaming youtubers in a while to people raving about Unus Annus. What... What was it? I sincerely have no clue
Alrek Arinbjorn
I will say. I would've wanted the channel to stay active for awhile longer for that last stream. Not everyone has the internet speed to see the exact second where the stream currently is.
Michael Scioli
As someone who clearly missed out on the only experience possibly like this in literal history...Thank you for making this video so I can understand why.
Stag Dragon
Stag Dragon Day ago
It's ok. They brought it up during the final hours. They're like "there's going to be that one guy who shows up and is like -"oh what's this?" *BOOSH! CHANNEL GONE!!*"
Moderator Moderator
Just like when your parents die and you reflect
Dylan Figueroa
Unus anus was my place to watch Ethan now Im like welp 😔 🤧
Hidden Cameras
Mark: Me:
Bailey S
Bailey S Day ago
whenever someone talks about unus annus all of the memory’s and videos come flooding back to me😔
momento mori
momento mori Day ago
Unns annus is back the chanal is still there wtf is happening
Someone You don’t know
I wasn’t able to watch the stream I’m so sad
Hi I’m Gill
I watched it the second it started all the way up to 1am, I really wanted to make it but I went to sleep because I got way to tired. I cried a little when I woke up at 4 to see that the stream was done and again when I woke up the same day because I went back to sleep.