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When I said that I wanted to see some ghosts... I expect it to be through a camera... NOT THIS CLOSE!!
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Oct 18, 2020




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Ender Gaming
Ender Gaming 6 hours ago
I played this once and i said on the spirit box: "Marco" Know what the ghost replies to me? An instant hunt
ChasiaLily 6 hours ago
"Ah, sure, thats the ghost singing the oompah loompah song then"
Pranav Chaudhari
Pranav Chaudhari 8 hours ago
22:29 this moment scared the shit outta me
Lauryn Sutherland
Lauryn Sutherland 10 hours ago
These videos hit different at 1 am
Alison Dawley
Alison Dawley 15 hours ago
oompa, loompa, doopadi-one, my name is mark and i dont have fun >:(
Shortstack The Marvelous
I have a theory Kitty number 1 is Sean
Night Hunter
Night Hunter 17 hours ago
As long as you have a active mic the ghost can hear you.
jason b
jason b 17 hours ago
Is that a gun or a nostrol in right corner
Super Noloo
Super Noloo 23 hours ago
4:50guy in van 10! 10! 10!
Madi Day ago
19:40 screaming at my scream that he is stupid rn
Annie Day ago
I hate how Mark just hummed the old oompa loompa song while i just sang the entire song for the rest of the video... How obsessed am I with those movies? god dammit
Bratty Day ago
Thrythlind aka Luke Green
considering how fast y'all's sanity is dropping at the streethouse I'm guessing a yurei because that's a heavy passive sanity drain even when it's not there. Phantom drops sanity when you see it. Oh, huh, Mare.
Thrythlind aka Luke Green
I think sometimes if you take a picture of an object the ghost has moved around it gives you points but I'm not absolutely sure of that. Or maybe you have to catch a picture of it soon enough after the object is moved.
Thrythlind aka Luke Green
The way my family's been doing it is to first identify the ghost room...usually means one person with thermometer in smaller places, 2 in moderate areas and 3 in larger ones. And as soon as we find the room, then we start placing things and going for objectives.
Thrythlind aka Luke Green
side note, chance to hunt is based on average sanity of the team....including anybody in the truck....so everybody should take the pills to keep the average sanity up
Thrythlind aka Luke Green
The mission isn't open yet, but the first one I think is a jinn because it keeps futzing with the electronics.
Thrythlind aka Luke Green
The ghost can hear you when it's hunting.
Thrythlind aka Luke Green
spirit box apparently doesn't work with the lights on
demi b
demi b Day ago
Elizabeth Hile
Therapist: Oompa Loompa Mark isn't real and he can't hurt you. Oompa Loompa Mark:
Sapphire Lily
What laughing that mark was hearing?? I’m wearing headphone and even rewinded and STILL didn’t hear what laughing mark was talking about???
Mr Content
Mr Content Day ago
The real ghost was the friends oompa and loompa made along the way
Elealeh Blue
Elealeh Blue Day ago
...And, then Mark started singing in Simlish... XD
Caveman Concepts
Ompa lompa do bi Di do I’ve got a gloc and its pointed at you
Sepanta Aghvami
I have an idea for the next callsigns Omega is the one in the truck Alpha 1 and 2 are the one in the building
Amelia Eastment
Wade: talking for nerds Me: talk less smile more don’t let them o god
A.P.P Day ago
That biggie smalls reference lol
MikeyCampy 2 days ago
The hits that he adds scare me the most lol
FlakesIngame 2 days ago
felili 2 days ago
this info is kinda late and idk if they still play this game but you dont have to fill the sink up it'll fill up by itself.
matt kim
matt kim 2 days ago
Drippin in my @Flea merch 🥶
Misty NightWolf
Misty NightWolf 2 days ago
Big kitty #1 was Séan, but unfortunately he didn’t make it out of the last house 😔🤚
That’s it I’m committing a hate crime
i’m so obsessed with this game
Faith Campbell
Faith Campbell 2 days ago
why dose this seem like their fist time playing this but it's #4 on the playlist--
anklejuice 2 days ago
5:47 ngl, kinda creepy, my dead great grandma’s middle name was Ruth, last name Wilson (what they called her) :blurry_eyes:
Kolten Dedeaux
Kolten Dedeaux 2 days ago
Somewhere near 27:37 I think I heard wade say "Your a goust Mark?"
Kyle Boone
Kyle Boone 2 days ago
There is tornado sirens going off outside this may be my last message all i need to say is have a great life to all
Mackenzie Chamberlain
I'm also curious. You okay my dude?
Maryjane Brown
u dead?
i shake
Madelyn Olsen
Madelyn Olsen 2 days ago
25:20 anyone else notice all the lights turn off inside?
Yudi lopez
Yudi lopez 2 days ago
Mark hides in closet and is silent: Camera *clicks* Mark:😐
Ai Yukimura
Ai Yukimura 2 days ago
Ghost: *literally in front of Mark* Mark: *holds breath* ... *takes pic*
Leann Bishop
Leann Bishop 2 days ago
This but in VR
Burak Güler
Burak Güler 2 days ago
What was the song called that mark sings?
Atcvix -
Atcvix - 3 days ago
Did u just lose followers?
Etiennette Roodman
When you went into the closet ... I actually felt like having a heart attack
Skyler Dickson
Skyler Dickson 3 days ago
Its sad that there hasnt been a single nother Phas video from Mark and the boys. Its sad. They really are the best ghostbuster team on youtube and twitch for Phasmophobia.
Astrobella 3 days ago
I'm sorry but Mark’s singing was actually kinda creepy for a hot sec ngl
Journi Polk
Journi Polk 3 days ago
Omg when you have headphones/earbuds on it's at a whole nother level it's like a freaking horror game but I love it at the same time I don't know why I torture myself like this lol
The Gaming Dino0905
did anyone see that chair moove? 😨😨😨😨😨😨😱😱😱😱
lee yang
lee yang 3 days ago
why do they sound so serious?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
Atticus Is Funny, Crazy And Silly!
did you not know the ghost can come outside
toab 3 days ago
29:35 dont mind me just making a replay button for myself
matterprince gaming
i love this video and i enjoyed when wade tryed to name bob and shoved mark to the side
RIOT ClunkyDunk
RIOT ClunkyDunk 4 days ago
29:27 ompa loompa song lol
Angelle Dela Cruz
I was having a bad day and this made me feel better. So sad jack wasn't around, but it still made me laugh a whole lot
シ系シ 4 days ago
0:07 hi
Greg Forge
Greg Forge 4 days ago
I only know how to play this game because of this series
L P 4 days ago
What happens when your insanity hits 0?
Jeffrich Dayne Balacanao
This feels like sooo realistic...
Kid Williams
Kid Williams 4 days ago
I wish bob didn't interrupt Mark
Daniel Medina
Daniel Medina 4 days ago
When Mark, Bob, and Wade are talking, I’m just like, “Where’s the loud Irish man?”
El Dane Porneso
El Dane Porneso 4 days ago
I just recently watched this series and this is way too funny for us to be scared haha. Btw, where's Sean?
Suliora 4 days ago
Can someone do oompa and loompa song from mark ;D
Veda Dreher
Veda Dreher 4 days ago
This is way better than any real paranormal hunting show.
Carry On With Jessica Campbell
Lol, poor bob
Kazuichi Souda
Kazuichi Souda 4 days ago
"Sanity is overrated." - Mark or Markiplier otherwise known as oompa 1 or kitty 3
Gyre Brillig
Gyre Brillig 5 days ago
19:56 ... who else thought the circle int he middle of the screen was an eye staring back at Markiplier
Daria Rampelt
Daria Rampelt 5 days ago
Ohhhhhh... where's Sean?
little bjtch
little bjtch 5 days ago
Wtf does sanity even do
Punkichu 5 days ago
19:52 lol i was genuinely nervous lol
Dusttale Gaming
Dusttale Gaming 5 days ago
Mark: "I'm going to hide in the room I was in" So your going to hide in the room where the ghost spawned? Hmmmmmmmm good idea 👍👌
Karin Loniewski
Karin Loniewski 5 days ago
the ompa loompa song hit hard asf
Lukas Krikštaponis
5:40 did that chair move ? Or am i blind xd?
Chai 5 days ago
I love these
RCTHEVII System 5 days ago
was the ball a reference to one of buzzfeed unsolved ghost hunts? that's really clever.
Spuddy Potato
Spuddy Potato 5 days ago
Daideo is grandad in irish. Just if you wanted to know. just "Daddy OH!" Was said I was reminded on it.
Edgar B
Edgar B 5 days ago
TP 5 days ago
Am I the only one who like to watch this kind of stuff at 4 in the morning?
Rainbow Goddess
Rainbow Goddess 6 days ago
29:35 reminds me of a song (not the oompa loompa song) and i can’t remember the name or any of the actual lyrics and it’s driving me crazy
Jess Walsh
Jess Walsh 6 days ago
Best game to play with friends for sure
FireJacket 08
FireJacket 08 6 days ago
This game seems fun, but i have no friends
Aidan Wenner
Aidan Wenner 5 days ago
I have friends, but none of them has this game, i only do
Milly-jo Murray
Milly-jo Murray 6 days ago
If you know the boys they are VR youtubers and they did this in VR and if you have a headset you should do this
I am Earth 2
I am Earth 2 6 days ago
Im so late for this phasmaphobia vids
Subbled Live
Subbled Live 6 days ago
Mark: *seeing the oompa loompa song* Wade: If you’re going to sing the song do it on the radio Mark: I’m not signing the song 😡😐
THICC 6 days ago
The title pic looks like pewdiepie
Xecrius _
Xecrius _ 6 days ago
2:36 "not a brave enough boy for THIS!"
Jon Insertlastnamehere
Mark has perfect pitch
Kevin Casey
Kevin Casey 6 days ago
This is actually kinda, uniaue. Cool
Aiden Todd
Aiden Todd 6 days ago
this is too skary
Kamdus TDC
Kamdus TDC 6 days ago
RUN!!! *walks at the speed of a snail*
Trix_ Cønflict
Trix_ Cønflict 7 days ago
Famous words of markiplier: “sanity is overrated” 😂😂
Trix_ Cønflict
Trix_ Cønflict 7 days ago
Mark: “was that a ghost orb? Something just went woosh” Had me dying 😂
Aeris Vue
Aeris Vue 7 days ago
Mark: **on walkie** Guys??? **no response** Bob n Wade: **talking up a storm** Me: wHeRe's deH LoUd IRISH MaN?!?
Kerri Leavitt
Kerri Leavitt 7 days ago
9:15 “nothing bad ever happens to the Kennedys’!”
Fluffy89 7 days ago
Damn. Ur voice is so great xD
Fluffy89 7 days ago
Or they're just mic settings and equalizers ;/
Lester Roquefort
Lester Roquefort 7 days ago
Mark and Bob: -arguing- Ghosts: Should we even bother?
Gamer Gyro
Gamer Gyro 7 days ago
They shoulda got lixian to join he loves horror plus lixian would feel what mark feels for the editing
Steven Capuano
Steven Capuano 7 days ago
But where is Jack?