WATCHING THIS VIDEO IS ILLEGAL!! | There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension - Part 3 

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There is no game here! It's already over! You're too late, you missed it! Just shoo and support the developer of this amazing not-game!
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Oct 24, 2020




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Sukhi 545
Sukhi 545 Hour ago
Saphira Luxray
Saphira Luxray 2 hours ago
I just got over Memento Mori AND YOU DO THIS TO ME?! 😭😭😭😭
Jacob Smith
Jacob Smith 3 hours ago
Exorcist Craftsman
Exorcist Craftsman 4 hours ago
Mark, this no game have 2 Ending
McClain’s Music
McClain’s Music 4 hours ago
NGL the songs they had Game and GiGi sing were pretty good
Brea Ill
Brea Ill 5 hours ago
Omg. Okay. But that GiGi song is a slap. I need it in my playlist.
YamiSpyro2011 8 hours ago
19:20 This is a perfect moment in this non game
Marilyn 9 hours ago
At 22:13 I love that part tbh like- That would be in if I was playing that game
Gamer Gabe 4.0
Gamer Gabe 4.0 10 hours ago
This NOT Game, has more plot, character development, and story, and character overall than THE LAST OF US PART 2. Why isn’t this nominated for Game of the Year?
Jesse Hypothermiac
Jesse Hypothermiac 12 hours ago
The orchestration on GiGi's song was beautiful. Singing was done beautifully and creatively as well.
PerilousPeril 13 hours ago
Whoa, the odds of it saying memento mori!?!
Mimiperron {Other way}
I totally understand the reference of Rusty lake. Btw the games they made are just AMEZING
Yana Shah
Yana Shah 16 hours ago
"The LORE. The LORE is insane" sir you....did NOT have to attack us like that
TwinRiggin12 17 hours ago
Am I the only one that got sad
Gabrielle Luclucan
Gabrielle Luclucan 21 hour ago
GG: I miss you Mr. Game English auto caption: I miss you Mr. Gay Me: Wtf???
carlos tommy
carlos tommy 22 hours ago
Mark should play the Rusty Lake games xD
Never thought if you’d raise your phone with the flashlight on?!
Lord Death
Lord Death Day ago
I know my Comment is late and I don't think people will care about this but that GiGi song is one of the best and hope fully there could be a Unnus Annus Version of the song
Sabrina Cruz
Sabrina Cruz Day ago
Idea: A New Markiplier Makes ....about him,Ethan, and Tyler freestyle rapping.
Michael Rodriguez
I feel like mark should do a freestyle series
Susan Gauthreaux
He just left us hanging... Cliffhanging...
six finger diver
22:00 mark i love you so beautiful 😍
allan alfandari
the music = gooooooood
kimberly h
kimberly h Day ago
Miallic Day ago
Weirdo The Rat Lady
Jacob Childs
Jacob Childs Day ago
this in mark fisrt time playing this but evan after so many times i stiol cry at this gam... i mean non-game
Does anyone notice that Tim elfmans stuff was just a big nightmare before Christmas reference
Blitzkrieg Day ago
Shoutout to DJ Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky for the awesome music in this game.
StormWarriors 2 days ago
Mc sick of it
Mc sick of it 2 days ago
Who knew that one game on coolmathgames would turn out like this
Rayden Lara
Rayden Lara 2 days ago
15:10 to 15:40 omfg I cannot stop laughing!
Omg my heart
bilguun erchimbaatar
*cry* * cry*
Paris M
Paris M 2 days ago
hey Rusty Lake kicks ass! screw you bro!
Mj_gacha light
Mj_gacha light 2 days ago
the last part is so funny XD
Mj_gacha light
Mj_gacha light 2 days ago
i ship game and gigi its so cute :3
Bratty 2 days ago
Hi mark
Tigron101 2 days ago
The game creator's run is hilarious. I can't get enough of it. XD
Theunderlyinghater lol
Don't mind me just making a time stamp 11:58
Edward wall
Edward wall 2 days ago
Slim shady you need to sign this man
Roberts Skull
Roberts Skull 2 days ago
16:49 “Almost there, needs some time, I have commited over 10 war crimes.”
Mitchell van der Baan
Pheonix 2 days ago
Gigi: *mentions Momento Mori in her song* Me: *silently crying with my blanket* Momento Mori
The Cave Jelly
The Cave Jelly 2 days ago
Who else came down here just for these comments?
Pure Gamer
Pure Gamer 2 days ago
GiGi's song made me cry.. :c
15:15 is the best part of the whole video
Soviet Humman
Soviet Humman 2 days ago
Clover uwu
Clover uwu 2 days ago
If a computer program got a girlfriend, you can also have one if a show got a girlfriend you can have one too :D
Kiki _Chan_NP
Kiki _Chan_NP 2 days ago
1:01:55 Mrs.Creator i think we have a problem
jprexy 913
jprexy 913 2 days ago
Memento mori everyone! Unus annus will be remembered!!
imma pOtotE_sAck
imma pOtotE_sAck 2 days ago
"nobody leaves me little love notes" mark: "fff- ah shut uP IM WORKING ON IT"
Spoopy Blogs
Spoopy Blogs 3 days ago
GiGi’s song is a fucking bop Depressing but a bop
mworkman3191 3 days ago
I would love to see Mark play the Rusty Lake games!!!
Spunge Bobb
Spunge Bobb 3 days ago
47:40 "More seriously, the financial market counters have all been reset by... the Rick Astley singer?" OH NO!! SUPERMARKETS ARE GETTING RICKROLLED INTO BACKRUPTCY!!
Fnaf god 22 Yeet
Fnaf god 22 Yeet 3 days ago
Mark starts waving his phone light me starts crying
Bob Pieczarka
Bob Pieczarka 3 days ago
I just watched a mini compilation of reactions to Gigi's song... Markiplier is the best, so genuine! I thought it was super amazing when I first watched here. Thank you so much!!
Dominic Murphin
Dominic Murphin 3 days ago
00:6 me when I make a mistake in minecraft
Dominic Murphin
Dominic Murphin 3 days ago
I meant to put 0:06
Wassim Ladjeroud
Wassim Ladjeroud 3 days ago
Plotwist the unus annus thing when they go in a portal is from this game- I mean non game!
Tomás Salgado Salinas
48:49 if you have a mirror you can read it, it says "/moveFile PROTO_GAME.BAT local//sourceCode /File moved successfully"
Gabriela's World
Gabriela's World 3 days ago
I love your rapping mark
The Great Scribbles
This has taught us a valuable lesson fund indie developers or else the world will end
MaidrobX 3 days ago
actually this was so creative, i love it
Lunah Adonis Sakari
Lunah Adonis Sakari
Oh my god the way Game cries ;;
PlaceHolder 3 days ago
Markiplier mentioned something called unus annus in this video, does anyone know what that is?
PlaceHolder 2 days ago
@The Cave Jelly you must be fun at parties
The Cave Jelly
The Cave Jelly 2 days ago
Lol are you a troll
FadexUS 3 days ago
There's no way there isn't a remake of mark singing on US-first
Die ZIEGE 3 days ago
26:51 Yay a goat my name is too „the goat“in german
Jay The Adventurer
Im sorry, i couldnt help but burst out laughing when u pulled out your phone torch 🤣🤣🤣
sby60118 3 days ago
21:47 It says mr gay on the captions.
Christian Ramos
Christian Ramos 4 days ago
We’re all gonna die?!!! Mark: I wanna play a game
AARAV - 4 days ago
This game was emotnal funny and entertaining
Shadow Thunder
Shadow Thunder 4 days ago
"Shoes full of Roxas" - I'm dead, as a huge Kingdom Hearts fan this made my day.
dionysus. 4 days ago
the unus annus..
Jack Zabramski
Jack Zabramski 4 days ago
This reminds me of unus annus
Aalyiah Homan
Aalyiah Homan 4 days ago
13:19 - 17:02
Maxzana 4 days ago
Mark making up a song...beautiful
ZephyrPyre 4 days ago
Uh oh- I’m getting arrested... I watched this video...
Hk Moment
Hk Moment 4 days ago
YOU never deleted it...
Blury Sundae
Blury Sundae 4 days ago
20:38 I fucking lost it when mark made that ripping noise effect.
Jaden Lee
Jaden Lee 4 days ago
Illegal to watch? so 3 million people broke the law? ... okay.
Anonymous 4 days ago
Don't mind me, just putting a time stamp for myself so I can watch it later 29:58
ko zawe
ko zawe 4 days ago
Game: You can still watch TV... with someone. You can go outside... to see someone. You can read book... for someone Me: *cry in my blanket tent*
Hahahaha Hahahaha haha Ha
Wait... so glitch was “born” when GiGi disappeared from whatever? Then there was no game but does that mean global gameplay globalxgame... when she disappeared she GAVE BIRTH TO A GLITCH GLITCH IS THERE CHILD OMG 😧😦🙃 Their sons an idiot 😞😒
Anne 4 days ago
I really thought that my saved game were deleted. I was so shocked. HAHAHAHA. I love this game. It made me laugh, made me use all of my brain cells left and made me feel emotional. 😭💖 Great game. Well, there is no game game is a game. Hahahaha.
Eri Alonzo
Eri Alonzo 4 days ago
“I’m not love you” -Mark 2020
Makenzie Wilson
Makenzie Wilson 4 days ago
That was a good not-game.
Agorok Doomingtonn
20:23 hits different after November 14th
john kyle namora
john kyle namora 4 days ago
I never should cry after a year but in this game makes me cry
ThatGuyFromMarz 4 days ago
Great great game.
kitty the robloxer cat
him:leave his fans:no how many ppl saw ths in total:3,024,807
BirdSandwich 5 days ago
Mr. Glitch's real name is actually skynet
Jazmine The cat
Jazmine The cat 5 days ago
When the creator got attacked by his vaccume cleaner It jump scared me
whatucker 5 days ago
MFÖ - Yalnızlık Ömür Boyu
identity gacha
identity gacha 5 days ago
identity gacha
identity gacha 5 days ago
Jazlynn’s random Channel
When Mark turned on his flashlight during Gigi song I actually paused the videox went to go get my church candles, and turned my lights off them lit the candles...❤😭😂😁🤦‍♀️👉👈
Eijiro Kirishima
Eijiro Kirishima 5 days ago
Also... did the glitch just rickroll the whole country
48:42 Hey Vsauce! Michael here.
Eijiro Kirishima
Eijiro Kirishima 5 days ago
Me: depressed because of the end of unus annus... Me: comes here for laughs (Not) Game: “momento mori” Me: welp.. fuck.... let’s go back to sadness huh?
Zalzoriano 5 days ago
Dude the first you tubers I see play this (Gtlive and Markiplier) krzzzzzz are doing their own lyrics from the beat from the /////....... from Mr zzzzz and I find that really creative because I would not be able to make my own. At least ... not yet ;)
Zalzoriano 5 days ago
Also, anyone else swing their phones too?