we're not getting out alive... | GTFO Part 1 

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GTFO is an incredible multiplayer horror game that takes you to depths you never knew you didn't want to see.
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Jan 12, 2020




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ROCK HARD BOI 21 hour ago
one of the best squads on youtube, another being mr beast's friends
Marcus Danchision
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Lupo Day ago
Does this game have a story? If so, what is it?
Lupo Day ago
What does GTFO stand for? Is it, 'Get the f*ck out?' Edit: I didn't realize the comment below me said the excact same thing until it was too late.
Robin ESJ
Robin ESJ 2 days ago
Does the name GTFO stand for Get The Fuck Out?
Rick Van Dam
Rick Van Dam 4 days ago
"You can draw on the map" Me : ok who is gone do it? 3:14
chefgweenbean 4 days ago
jack: awww this is like freaking Halo ODST ah I see you’re a man of culture
Mariah S
Mariah S 4 days ago
The one year anniversary!!
Joran 4 days ago
Its now the 1 year anniversary for this video
QueenEdwardIII 5 days ago
Can't emphasize how much I enjoyed this first part of the game!!! If you guys ever get the chance, PLEASE play through this game again.
poison ghoul
poison ghoul 6 days ago
Bob: mom in charge Wade: dad that everyone makes fun of Mark and Sean: the chaotic siblings that try and do everything themselves
Hector Villegas
Hector Villegas 6 days ago
In the beginning Mark’s character had the “DAA IM ISAAC CLARK!!!” attitude going on 😂
tryAGAIN 1987
tryAGAIN 1987 7 days ago
Mark: "Let's open the door and see what we're dealing with..." Mark and Spedicey in sync: "DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! CLOSE THE DOOR!!! CLOSE THE DOOR!!! ... ... ... We're fine."
Mikhail Selyuzhenkov
Idk, but i think sometimes Mark should hide his camera, like at the terminal, great gameplay btw
Christy P
Christy P 7 days ago
I'm re-watching his videos, (since I have nothing better to do) and I seen the title and immediately thought, "GTFO? Oh, you mean Get The F*ck Out"
xmoonx 8 days ago
me watching this: .-. I wonder what GTFO means.... Get The F*ck Out?.... probably
Omniscient Bare Bones
Why does GTFO look and feel like a first person Alien Swarm?
James Minyard
James Minyard 9 days ago
I’m sorry… But Jackie boy bringing up the ODST Hits so fucking different
KillerKlay 08
KillerKlay 08 10 days ago
Play the game RAGE!
Beau Power
Beau Power 10 days ago
Why is bob always the wise old man archetype in every video
Wolfidess Dragondol
Jack is just constant yelling when the enemy arrives
It's Crusading Time
I read GTFO as get the f*ck out!😂
K TG 11 days ago
Does gtfo stand for, get the fuck out?
Owen Hester
Owen Hester 11 days ago
Imagine they added a thing where if you talked the monsters could hear your voice
Holladazzle 11 days ago
Rewatching in 2021. I miss watching y'all play GTFO!
Jon R
Jon R 9 days ago
Same here. Not sure why they stopped playing the game
Lil Lunar
Lil Lunar 12 days ago
me when the flash there lights: the ghost is hunting hide
Abigail Clifford
Abigail Clifford 12 days ago
Is this game called get the fuck out?
Talon Gerhardt
Talon Gerhardt 12 days ago
Ben Herbert
Ben Herbert 13 days ago
The slimy geese clearly copy because chin erroneously clean underneath a true jasmine. utopian, organic planet
Vectorsaw 13 days ago
For some reason I think GTFO means Get The Fuck Out
Talon Gerhardt
Talon Gerhardt 12 days ago
yes it does
Fade 13 days ago
Did anybody else see the zombies Naruto running? XD
Arda Merih
Arda Merih 13 days ago
Marks signature editing move is just zooming in on his face, putting on reverb on the word he’s saying, and apparently it makes me laugh EVERY time it happens😭🤚
Edgar Rodriguez Martinez
Did you know that GTFO also stands for “Get The Fuck Off”
Talon Gerhardt
Talon Gerhardt 12 days ago
it means get the fuck out, but close enough
Mittens The cat
Mittens The cat 14 days ago
2:52 yeah that is what anything does that is asleep if you wake it up it wakes up
Grandkids Muise
Grandkids Muise 14 days ago
I like that jack mentioned halo
Chris Andrade
Chris Andrade 14 days ago
Whoa this was one of my Japanese Anime's. lol. That was also a reference to what Otacon said in Metal Gear when Snake vs Grey Fox.
Jacey Night
Jacey Night 14 days ago
I first watched a GTFO gameplay from IGP, IcyCaress, and Draegast and their gameplay is so different from this, haha.
Laura Jarpe
Laura Jarpe 14 days ago
35:56 “so anyway I started blasting”
Julianna Sabella
Julianna Sabella 14 days ago
Ok so when i saw " GTFO" My first insticnt was "Get the fuck out" but now im thinking " Get the fucking offer" like a realtors life be like-
M1zxry _TT
M1zxry _TT 14 days ago
Not every day a game is named, "Get The Fuck Out"
Widdy 15 days ago
Horror game plots are so wierd. "Yo we're gonna drop you into this deadly cave, and you're gonna leave the cave. Okay, bye!"
Ryan Vandagriff
Ryan Vandagriff 15 days ago
GTFO: get the f**k out
Evanlyrush 15 days ago
I remember watching this when it was released and now it is January 2, 2021... It still feels it was released yesterday :")
Ezra Bridger
Ezra Bridger 15 days ago
I read the date of when it was released as "Jan 13 2021" and the way the world has been I just went. "Neat", didn't care that the actual date was 2 Jan 2021, just went "Neat future man"
Canaan King
Canaan King 15 days ago
This would be fucking amazing in VR
Grigori Rasputin
Grigori Rasputin 15 days ago
Now this game needs proximity chat.
Zack Mann
Zack Mann 16 days ago
This seems fun if I had friends am I the only one who can't play games like this
Commandelicious 16 days ago
The 'hacking' is pretty awesome
Electro522 17 days ago
"And that......is just the intro level." O.o What?
Fire 17 days ago
balls clenched
BananaCat Playz
BananaCat Playz 17 days ago
Mark: I can see something through this little window Burger King: See my burger!!!
gio shariashvili
gio shariashvili 17 days ago
37:20 nice one mark
gio shariashvili
gio shariashvili 17 days ago
35:02 nice one jack
Nerf pup
Nerf pup 17 days ago
30:55 and 30:28 jack is being relatable and trying desperatly to land a joke and no ones laughing
that one YouTuber ew
12:31 heal me daddy lol
Kakha Dgebuadze
Kakha Dgebuadze 18 days ago
the second door you did 1 of the monsters did the naruto run
LadyC Blu
LadyC Blu 19 days ago
They need a proximity chat/mic sensitive update so you *actually* have to be quiet (*side-eyes Jack*)
Splitted Dreames
Splitted Dreames 19 days ago
So GTFO means get the fuck out?
Annakii pulleine
Annakii pulleine 19 days ago
GTFO stands of GET. THE. F. OUT It a joke btw c:
Annakii pulleine
Annakii pulleine 19 days ago
It a joke
0kewl 19 days ago
This dev should create a colonial marines game.
bryce curinga
bryce curinga 19 days ago
In your guys case GTFO means "GET THE FUCK OUT"
Bruh Moment
Bruh Moment 19 days ago
I like how Jack says "Just like my Japanese Animes" when he sees a tentacle monster.
Tortoise Lover
Tortoise Lover 20 days ago
yo bob is such a good leader in this video.
TNB Command
TNB Command 20 days ago
29:15 Triggerhappy indeed, jesus
lyla afton
lyla afton 20 days ago
Lol I see the title and i think GTFO stands for"Get the fck out" lol anyone else thought that?
shane wolf
shane wolf 20 days ago
mark:i don't want to get anything wrong Jack: dammit man hold it together mark: goes crazy me:facepalm
Dryanaa 20 days ago
does GTFO mean "get the fuck out"?
Krisy Mac
Krisy Mac 20 days ago
I wish we had more plays of this game
puteraslayer 21 day ago
Subscribe from Malaysia
Longe Mote
Longe Mote 21 day ago
"welp yeah that didnt take long" lmao we all knew it would happen
rainbow worm
rainbow worm 21 day ago
I remember watching this video when it dropped during school, right before lunch. The good old pre-plague days
rainbow worm
rainbow worm 21 day ago
Back before the plague...
Chaosleader and friends
GTFO (Get the frick out)
Barry B. Sangwoo Atsumu Terushima Benson
Was it only me or did anyone think this game was about Mark doing rp with Sean, Bob, and Wade and most of it was Mark screaming "Get the fuck out!!" At them?
Dave Millers
Dave Millers 21 day ago
G:Get T:The F:Fuck O:Out
rhino 200
rhino 200 22 days ago
So the game's name is actually get the f*ck out, I like that
Envy 22 days ago
27:45 Markiplier: I'm just gonna give you ammo. Also Markiplier: Uses ammo on himself
NCKING 87 22 days ago
Can I get this on ps or xbox
señor clown
señor clown 22 days ago
man i thought this was way longer ago
Wyatt Mullikin
Wyatt Mullikin 22 days ago
Games that allow people to draw on things Girls: Draws stars Boys: Draws dick A marry christmas
AsherWolf 23 days ago
Now imagine this in VR You can thank me later 🙃
Rachel Gomez
Rachel Gomez 23 days ago
........ all i can think is " Get the F*** Out"...... is that the title or no
SOLAR NUMBER 23 days ago
Why does youtube hate me and show that with ads I DONT EVEN WATCH SHIT LIKE THAT! IM NOT INTRESTED IN SHITTY ANIME GIRLS
Ghouligan 23 days ago
This makes me want to play Space Hulk: Deathwing again
Grayson Conley
Grayson Conley 24 days ago
30:29 Jack: ohhh, it seems like one of my Japanese animes. Me: Do you mean Japanese tentacle hentai?
Grayson Conley
Grayson Conley 24 days ago
Bob says: it's easy like walking through a meadow!! (in an annoyed tone of voice). Everyone else says: don't jinx it!! (in a panicked tone of voice). Later: there's five of them!! (in a panicked tone of voice). (Basically it got much harder).
Grayson Conley
Grayson Conley 24 days ago
31:01 Jack later says: I've seen enough hentai to know where that's going. Me: How vulgar, but at least he's truthful to us, and himself.
Evanora Moon
Evanora Moon 25 days ago
The real question is…why isn’t this game in VR?
I hate You
I hate You 25 days ago
Torian Flack
Torian Flack 25 days ago
35:34 was that lag from the first time they opened the door, or is the tentacle supposed to be that fast?
Xaviergameing 25 days ago
jack wtf man lol
spoons45 25 days ago
Imagine this game but with Imperial Guardsmen and Genestealers.
Alucard _sama
Alucard _sama 26 days ago
i read get the fuck out
Dani Vee
Dani Vee 26 days ago
Every time they say "turrets" really fast, I hear turds.
Grant Kruger
Grant Kruger 26 days ago
I do love watching these guys play this.
Soulseeker 101
Soulseeker 101 26 days ago
Get the fuck out is my favorite game
TImeremortem 27 days ago
Nice video. So sad the game is trash. Janky hitboxes. Shooting all over. Enemy take half a clip before they go down. Alarm doors that forces you out of stealth. And stand still inside small circles to open doors while enemy rushes you with hitscan aimbot attacks. I did not have a good time with this.
Angelplieye 27 days ago
48:57 Me: *Reads the Prisoner Evaluation for each person* Also Me: *Realizes that Mark, Bob and Wade has high Infection levels* Me: "Welp Jack, your screwed"
NSA Trex
NSA Trex 27 days ago
Lowest wave: two aliens break down a steel door Mark: chuckles I’m in danger.
Wil VanSoolen
Wil VanSoolen 28 days ago
door, 682: SCP foundation fans: DO NOT OPEN THAT DOOR!!!!!!!!
Shwag Bullet
Shwag Bullet 28 days ago
The ODST vibes are there for sure
themelonn 29 days ago
Bob need to shut up.
granny 26 days ago
I like bob he's funny
Looner 29 days ago
another one!!