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In a normal game of 7 Days to Die there's a Blood Moon every 7 days... but for Wade's Birthday I decided to give him the best gift of all and make EVERY NIGHT A BLOOD MOON!!
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May 7, 2020




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Mason Bishop
Mason Bishop 14 hours ago
3:22 wades iconic getting stabbed scream
Alex Huang
Alex Huang 20 hours ago
Happy birthday wade :)
The Grubby Sir
Wades goal of making it to next year is a good goal for 2020
Kam'ryn Solomon
amy is awsome
Андрей Белясников
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Freddy Frostbear
Freddy Frostbear 2 days ago
Your Dog's name is a character from Five Nights say Freddy.
Disco dancer
Disco dancer 2 days ago
Yes it's chica
Wampus and Glompus
7:58 when mark said "Do you hate me now?" All I heard was Pain from Naruto
Johncarl Madolara
Mark you are a genius iam proud of you
Maryann Reyes
Maryann Reyes 3 days ago
The capricious point serendipitously arrange because april aditionally flap unto a foamy dill. weak, naughty shorts
kevin 4 days ago
ethan cox
ethan cox 4 days ago
wade: were so dead mark: no were fucked
Zhong Wastart
Zhong Wastart 4 days ago
birds normaly spawn at the desert
Zhong Wastart
Zhong Wastart 4 days ago
holly crap
James Hook
James Hook 4 days ago
More like 7 ways to die
Landen Larabel
Landen Larabel 4 days ago
Sarah Pryde
Sarah Pryde 5 days ago
Markiplier: oh so you're cutting grass now Markiplier: cutting grass
nick .h
nick .h 5 days ago
I dont see a difference from my normal life. Animal attacks randoms attacking you and raiding your house in the night. Guess new Mexico is crazy
Daniel Jenkins
Daniel Jenkins 6 days ago
The square window lately check because environment startlingly introduce about a boundless james. busy, grandiose protocol
Marc Thaddaeus Valenzuela
Happy bday wade
Raul Victor
Raul Victor 7 days ago
"we killing wade" "good job good job" WAIT WHAT?
Kat1213 7 days ago
mark we love you but you're a dick sometimes-
Billy Hubert
Billy Hubert 8 days ago
Is mark real
Dhall8621 9 days ago
I absolutely love this game but I literally have no one to play it with which sucks =(
Chosenmaple 99
Chosenmaple 99 9 days ago
“Why is this door barraflated?” - Intoxicated Mark
Hob 9 days ago
1:14:02 I feel like Mark could make a good Kronk voice actor sometimes.
Painted_Smile 10 days ago
when mark sang "in this place" it sounded oddly angelic
Seth Armantrout
Seth Armantrout 10 days ago
7daystodithe is a good game
echo 10 days ago
Wade: I sneezed as Elmo Me trying to run that through my head: -_-
Lexi the strange child
Happy very late birthday Wade ;w;”
Puppeteer Master
Puppeteer Master 10 days ago
I suffered from a heart attack when Mark throw 11 EGGS ON THE GROUND! ELEVEN EGGS I died
The computer dog
The computer dog 10 days ago
mark is getting kinda dark right?
EpicGamer541 11 days ago
Poor Wade
ANNOYED ANGELA 11 days ago
Mark is so wholesome in this for wade omg
Marine Sniper
Marine Sniper 11 days ago
Wade dies 18 times Mark dies 0 times
Sum1isCDK 11 days ago
1:02:50 Frozen's "Let it go" isn't even a close second
Heather Jozwiak
Heather Jozwiak 12 days ago
Their team name should be Team MarkiWade
vixiez 12 days ago
i need my turtles! he needs his turtles!
Inquisitorial Time
Inquisitorial Time 12 days ago
4:36 Mark looks like the laughing wolf meme
Anonim 12 days ago
if u make tunnels you never die in this game!! but not so deep because you will fall in the map!!
beautifuldancer 12 days ago
Oh my gosh that was painful to watch lol, not looting everything, selling all the good stuff, ditching all the things you need to make stuff.
miles Rancone
miles Rancone 12 days ago
rainbow death cat
rainbow death cat 12 days ago
I noticed my phone was on 1% and I just rushed my charger it's on 0% at the moment and I don't know how I'm writing this comment it's back up to 1% now
Sarah Barela
Sarah Barela 12 days ago
Mark why why why did you you you say ( if there is a zombie scream louder ) did you notice you said ( scream louder )
Sunny Figueroa
Sunny Figueroa 12 days ago
0:30 3:44 4:56 8:33 8:40 13:44 20:44 21:30 23:16 25:40 28:39 29:12 32:11 33:42 34:18 39:25 1:04:14 1:05:51 1:06:11 1:10:05 1:11:35 1:12:26 1:12:34 1:14:29 1:20:45
Azer Reza
Azer Reza 13 days ago
from the title, i thought this was a scientific video
Cross Skull Gaming
Cross Skull Gaming 13 days ago
I miss Unus Annus and seeing the blanket fort is killing me inside.
Giorno Giovanna
Giorno Giovanna 13 days ago
33:49 the face you make after u find a safe house after a crime
Kokichi Ouma
Kokichi Ouma 13 days ago
Wait, when is Wade's birthday,
Chris Sitton
Chris Sitton 13 days ago
your dog's name made me think of fnaf. PIZZA
Isabel Rutter
Isabel Rutter 13 days ago
Lol funniest vid ever
Xxmemey gamerxX
Xxmemey gamerxX 13 days ago
lol thats all i have to say
William Kellis
William Kellis 13 days ago
At 46:19 was he singing seagulls from bad lip sink
Sam Fontaine
Sam Fontaine 14 days ago
Mark is pretty good at the slow distorted dream-sequence voice.
Bryer Taylor
Bryer Taylor 14 days ago
i know you'll never see this but i would enjoy you playing ark survival evolved.
jessica dornburgh
jessica dornburgh 14 days ago
Mark:were in the business of fuckin people to death Me a 28 year old:I like this video even more
Josh Winchester
Josh Winchester 14 days ago
Anyone else get anxiety when watching this game
ender slayer
ender slayer 11 days ago
Azazel the curious angel :3
cod zombies but its mixed with rust
Row1000 14 days ago
1:12:10 best song ever
miles Rancone
miles Rancone 14 days ago
Oml lixian is amazing
Zachary Prather
Zachary Prather 14 days ago
18:48 cheka whants out
UndertaleReaper YT
UndertaleReaper YT 14 days ago
blade master more like TECNOBLADE
Erika Hoffhines
Erika Hoffhines 14 days ago
This video got me to buy 7 days to die
Psycho Mantis
Psycho Mantis 15 days ago
Marki:The thighs are the most important part to protect Me:Well yes that's where all our thicness comes from
Reet 15 days ago
Wade thanking people, Mark shanking people
TheStrikerJr 3451
TheStrikerJr 3451 15 days ago
When did you make this video, because my birthday is also in may
Mangle 21
Mangle 21 14 days ago
Wade’s birthday is April 3rd, Mark just posted the video later. (This is from a stream)
o wo
o wo 15 days ago
It bothers me how they never upgrade their tools
Zegan 15 days ago
grandmas dont support gaming tho
jk 15 days ago
Why is Mark telling Wade about the game when it was Wade who told him about the game in the first place? ._.
Mangle 21
Mangle 21 14 days ago
It’s because Mark made the game. I mean like he set it so they had blood moons every night.
Donna Coffey
Donna Coffey 15 days ago
Markiplier you have a crossbow a pistol and a knife
Donna Coffey
Donna Coffey 15 days ago
You have a crossbow
lilithPeachUwU 15 days ago
Happy late birthday wade!!
CyberRonin 16 days ago
Wow, the game looks a lot different now and it's only been a few months.
OwlKnight32 16 days ago
Why does Wade let them treat him like shit... lol bob and mark that is
Ronald McDonald
Ronald McDonald 16 days ago
“Oh you jump oh you jump oh you jump” now that’s what I call a abnormal titan lol
#ThePhantomGamer# 16 days ago
Didn’t wade dislocate his hand during uno or was that bob
Mangle 21
Mangle 21 14 days ago
Yeah, that was Wade.
Gerrit Beenen
Gerrit Beenen 16 days ago
I love Mark's safe song
ItsZochy 16 days ago
The best battle song. Hellmo singing seagulls poke your knees.
BasicBobcat1 James
BasicBobcat1 James 17 days ago
Sam Bannon
Sam Bannon 17 days ago
Mark surprised me with his singing
Dan Stoolmaker
Dan Stoolmaker 17 days ago
Not gonna lie. I have seen this video 3x its just pure entertainment.
shadow gaming
shadow gaming 17 days ago
isnt it funny that there playing 7 ways to die and wades birthday is on May 7th
shadow gaming
shadow gaming 14 days ago
@Mangle 21 dammit
Mangle 21
Mangle 21 14 days ago
His birthday is April 3rd, Mark just posted the video later. (This is from a stream)
TheSock 17 days ago
I love how wade was sing seagulls stop it now
Zachary Slater
Zachary Slater 17 days ago
Mark: Killing everything!!! Wade: Mark, Mark, Mark, Mark......
Colten Flora
Colten Flora 17 days ago
She’d u giv him the big gun instead of pistal
3GUYS 18 days ago
Chica in the back ground like :/
Shigekiyo Yangū
Shigekiyo Yangū 19 days ago
It’s been seven months
Shigekiyo Yangū
Shigekiyo Yangū 19 days ago
There’s no way it’s only been 7 months
Shigekiyo Yangū
Shigekiyo Yangū 19 days ago
It feels like 3 years ago
Wyatt Synoground
Wyatt Synoground 19 days ago
blood moon?????????????????????????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Max /-Hellion-\
Max /-Hellion-\ 21 day ago
Omg so true lol
Squatch TV
Squatch TV 21 day ago
My last name is dix
Squatch TV
Squatch TV 21 day ago
Love the vids man ceep it up. Subscribe to squatch TV
Maddy Czar
Maddy Czar 21 day ago
Wade in the end really said *Uno Reverse Card*
pandexx 21 day ago
its fack not faawk
PurpleTheta 22 days ago
3:16 enough said...
Angel Sumpter
Angel Sumpter 22 days ago
This video is over an hour long and I somehow never even felt bored from watching for some reason
kevin 23 days ago
Shannon-Leah Wilson
hehehe with* shove a medical hypo into your testicals now
Shannon-Leah Wilson
i argee wuth kuro
Neon _Dragon18
Neon _Dragon18 23 days ago
7 months ago Mark played 7 days to die on a week that had 7 days in it which 7 weeks later on had the Corona Pandemic which then calmed down for a bit after 7 months later on after that video which this comment will be inevitably made 7 months after the video was published and my favourite number is 17 thats not important but 7!!!!!
Atticus Music
Atticus Music 24 days ago
I know i'm MONTHS late but when birthdays role again happy birthday! and if seeing this now MERRY CHRISTMAS!
ShadowFox 25 days ago
Nightmare Mode active
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