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This video is sponsored by GungHo Online Entertainment and Ninjala! #ad
Download here: www.nintendo.com/games/detail/ninjala-switch/
Bubblegum and ninjas. What do they have in common? We’re about to find out as I jump into Ninjala, a wacky new free-to-play multiplayer arena battler for Nintendo Switch!
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...stealth is for nerds...


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Jul 1, 2020




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Fabcat Games
Fabcat Games Day ago
Me:*Sees character with fabulous blue hair* Mark: It'S A lItTlE EtHAn
TNA9 4 days ago
It's a good idea but their are too many microtransactions and it's kinda pay-to-win
Dark Wolf
Dark Wolf 4 days ago
I have this game.
Eyeless Lily Quo
Eyeless Lily Quo 6 days ago
Is it just me or does the "dancing with jewlery" song sound kinda like Megalovania?
Ethan Schmohe
Ethan Schmohe 11 days ago
Anyone notice the foreshadowing with the broken nose?
Korey Kolowena
Korey Kolowena 12 days ago
Bruh who woke up one day and said “ hey let’s give ninja bubble gum to kids”🤣🤣🤣🤣
Marion Carpenter
Marion Carpenter 15 days ago
Basically you have to spend money in the shop to get ninja with coins I actually don't know how to get those which also I don't know what what the name of the coins Ridgid Meowth head coins are called
Marion Carpenter
Marion Carpenter 15 days ago
Yo Markiplier look up song videos of Ninja Lounge de dang good
The Kitty Cat Brat
The Kitty Cat Brat 16 days ago
Wait! If Markiplier plays Ninjala... Than does he like Splatoon?
Tristan Mueller
Tristan Mueller 16 days ago
He dead the fucher
Dweagon owo
Dweagon owo 19 days ago
1:37 the fact that this man is an anime main character
Cinnamon Sun
Cinnamon Sun 26 days ago
Ninjala Is addictive
3rd Party Gaming
3rd Party Gaming 27 days ago
Ninjala is Splatoon 3
n e u m x n
n e u m x n 28 days ago
Markiplier: "for the broken nose im surely gonna get" Everyone from the future: well-
Dangermeter 1000
Kappei will now be known as Lil’ Ethan
Jessica Pineda
Jessica Pineda Month ago
Mark: "Can I do nothing?! Me: You can in AFK Arena ;)
M4D L4D Month ago
I wonder if hell play it again?
Funny Fajitas
Funny Fajitas Month ago
Mark in July: for the broken nose I'm definitely gonna get Mark in October: fights a chair, breaks his nose. Fights an Ariel hoop, breaks his nose He did predict it though 🤣
Starden Month ago
Nobody: Me: ...Todoplier
FernaLPF Month ago
splatoon 2 but no squids octopus or any deep sea creature
David Doyle
David Doyle Month ago
I just got a Markiplier ad on this video. Good job mark
Red Cyndaquil
Red Cyndaquil Month ago
Ok mark I'm very sorry but you are the worst ninjala player I have ever seen I am sorry
Red Cyndaquil
Red Cyndaquil Month ago
The hammer is the worst weapon in the game
N J Month ago
Play season 2
Tristan Gasana
Tristan Gasana Month ago
Use the sk8 hammer to automatically win
Jv DaCosta
Jv DaCosta Month ago
ur bad
Daniel Gonzalez
Daniel Gonzalez Month ago
That broken nose joke aged quite well if I do say so myself
Kaylon Katana
Kaylon Katana Month ago
"For the broken nose I'm definitely going to get" Literally watching this after he broke his nose. Twice.
Dream To Be Free
Character with blue hair= eef
CeleryStick Month ago
You did my character and hair lol
Armin-Senpai ¿
Armin-Senpai ¿ Month ago
mark suxxxx lol
Evan Groff
Evan Groff Month ago
I just got ninjala cause my game was glitchy so I hade to make a new account ;-;
Common Freak
Common Freak Month ago
markiplier predicting his broken nose: 3:50
Jack .H
Jack .H Month ago
It seems similar to splatoon in a way
7Ghost 2 months ago
i hate ninjala
Khari Phillips
Khari Phillips 2 months ago
guys is it just me or mark is becomeing a boomer
datnormal guy
datnormal guy 2 months ago
Mark indirectly called himself a default personality
Beastgamer07 2 months ago
He doesn't play it anymore because the game sucks complete ass!
Robert Wall
Robert Wall 2 months ago
this is splatoon but worse
Philip Osana
Philip Osana 2 months ago
Jk love ur video
Harry James Brion
Harry James Brion 2 months ago
And the Parryis like rock,paper,sciccors
Harry James Brion
Harry James Brion 2 months ago
And I:m nine.
Harry James Brion
Harry James Brion 2 months ago
Um actually mark I:m no mean but its pranced impon the first p silent.
Melissa Robinson
Melissa Robinson 2 months ago
Any you and your friends to fight me Burnsville or you're just a bunch of chickens that's why I said it remember when apartments
Melissa Robinson
Melissa Robinson 2 months ago
Now I'm your new enemy or they want Tulsa on Russell you know where to come burn fail at woodwind apartments oh yeah and you said it wrong you do
Azizi Byrd
Azizi Byrd 2 months ago
Developers: So do you want Splatoon or Arms? Also Developers: yes
Oni 2 months ago
reminds me of jetstream sam
Zeon The Protogen
Zeon The Protogen 2 months ago
wow what shitty graphics
Team Sirius
Team Sirius 19 days ago
Eh? The graphics seem fine to me. Not cream of the crop, sure, but they don't look _bad_ by any means.
Zeon The Protogen
Zeon The Protogen 2 months ago
this is the worst game i have ever seen, what a disgusting splatoon ripoff
Mercedes F 800
Mercedes F 800 2 months ago
Wenn man Splatoon auf Wish bestellt.
Assassin Iron Man
Assassin Iron Man 3 months ago
Why did Mark turn into Havok for this video?
Ashy 3 months ago
The captions said “win with an Ebola” 😂
Bridgett the octoling
Mark your learning and you look cool like a Ninja
Ava Rodriguez
Ava Rodriguez 3 months ago
I’m a box...- Mark 2020
Greezy298 3 months ago
the best thing ever about the game is..... *you can turn into a box*
ROCK ON! 3 months ago
markiplier knows his yugioh
Samurai Duck
Samurai Duck 3 months ago
When I saw this I actually thought it was a ripoff of splatoon
Tylux 2008
Tylux 2008 3 months ago
Nice the 6000 Commentary
TOFU MOFU 3 months ago
earlier: aw man I wish I had the money to get ninjala. ME A FEW SECONDS AGO:YES ITS FREE IM GONNA GET SO MANY HOURS INTO THIS. NOW: aww this sucks I need to pay to look cool
Yinny Torres
Yinny Torres 3 months ago
Yeh it happend to me y have never ben 4 5 or 6 I've been ben 2 3 and 1
Killerdoobledoods Meme
Mark’s not kidding Ron’s description is literally me
Reaper 3 months ago
Legend says he wuz playin prop hunt
Snoopsteroni 3 months ago
Omg I would play this game if I could move without getting killed in the first five seconds
wolfy boy
wolfy boy 3 months ago
I for one, am ok with mark having a sponsor, as long as it's not too often, and he actually likes what he is advertising, which i think he does. :)
Abhiyan Dhungel
Abhiyan Dhungel 3 months ago
17:12 that always happens to me.
raheem world famous
raheem world famous 3 months ago
You could walk on top of walls
Milky Lemonade
Milky Lemonade 3 months ago
Battle equipment bruh
The Amazing Island Builder
When said van is the name I got happy 😃 my name is van
Mr GameBoy
Mr GameBoy 3 months ago
I owned this game for like 5 days and anyone that touches my sk8 hammer will die
Aisu Tistoto
Aisu Tistoto 3 months ago
This Somewhat reminds me of Splatoon.
Amazonite Gem
Amazonite Gem 3 months ago
Ummm excuse me the title “Worlds LOUDEST ninja” goes to Black*Star from Soul Eater
Gamerknight964 3 months ago
i dont know why but when i saw this it reminded me of splattoon for no reason at all
Lone Note
Lone Note 3 months ago
The game looks like so much fun when experienced players play it on the other hand I suck still can't figure out the controls
KIRB AND POYO 3 months ago
Markiplier: Sponsors ninjala* The game: 3000000 downloads in a few days
LazRed1 Cruz
LazRed1 Cruz 3 months ago
Um mark if you press L stick, you'll lock on target dood
Rylan Sparks 37
Rylan Sparks 37 3 months ago
Play splatoon 2 plz
Rylan Sparks 37
Rylan Sparks 37 3 months ago
Your special weapon is a booyah bomb from splatoon 2
Pan Boi
Pan Boi 3 months ago
Mark: " So, this is a game." Markiplier summed up in one sentence
alex Gamer09
alex Gamer09 3 months ago
Why does ninjala feel like a splatoon rip-off?
diamond hoe
diamond hoe 3 months ago
kinda reminds me of splatoon
Desu Wolf :P
Desu Wolf :P 3 months ago
zane boik
zane boik 3 months ago
Him:Am I winning Me:you're starting to act like my dad
Lance Johnson Jr.
Lance Johnson Jr. 3 months ago
You know that you can run up walls right
Hamza Alaraj
Hamza Alaraj 3 months ago
Hamza Alaraj
Hamza Alaraj 3 months ago
Michael Gladney
Michael Gladney 4 months ago
Only the corn sword can go under ground
red flowers with friends
all this talking makes me want to play it
Diablo Chiquita
Diablo Chiquita 4 months ago
Splatoon meets naruto
Kareem Moore jr
Kareem Moore jr 4 months ago
Meh has life drain ninja card and is lvl 100 for ninjala pass
Diablo Dorado
Diablo Dorado 4 months ago
11:40 Yugioh reference. Kaiba would be proud.
River Water
River Water 4 months ago
When I saw that you can fight with gum the first thing I thought of was bungee gum and I’ve never even watched Hunter x Hunter???
thelivingdead 4 months ago
Mark is the new ultimate despair
devil dino45
devil dino45 4 months ago
Well technically that doesn't make you a ninja if you're loud, because they're stealthy
Nick Luff
Nick Luff 4 months ago
Mekeru 4 months ago
*Bungee gum has the properties of both rubber and gum*
Salma Hassan
Salma Hassan 4 months ago
I think disappearing is like teleportation jutsu
Despacitospider 4 months ago
15:37 a little spam 20x SPeEd SPam Is just wHAT MaRk NEedS AND he goT IT.
stellar.artois 4 months ago
My brain through the whole video: *Killua???*
awesome anime
awesome anime 4 months ago
He chose van too, yey
OneManJack 4 months ago
MFW mark learns absolutely nothing from the tutorial... as per usual XD
Avery White
Avery White 4 months ago
Mom can we get Splatoon? Mom: no we have Splatoon at home. Splatoon at home:
coolboi11 Just for fun
11:39 markiplier: who fired the blue eyes white dragon Me: is dark maician there
Jazzygirl 3105
Jazzygirl 3105 4 months ago
Hey!! I know this game! Ive seen this on something, that i will not spill beans on, and on a totally normal steam that was definitely not a secret....
I'm Sorry Corpse