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It's time to stop playing around in Among Us... It's big brain time.
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Nov 8, 2020




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Alan Howard
Alan Howard Hour ago
I love how Mark shifts gears into genius, because someone doubted his ability....
PARA PEELS 2 hours ago
When mark just lays down some info about a body and everybody be like ok lets ignore that
Who ?
Who ? 3 hours ago
Mark me and you are alike cause you like being crewmate - never gonna give you up starts playing - And so do I!!!!!
Who ?
Who ? 3 hours ago
Get rick rolled but I do like being crewmate
Dark Daemon
Dark Daemon 4 hours ago
When someone is playing a game, they're more focused on the middle of the screen, to see stuff happening around their character, they won't notice something that lasts for a couple frames on the edge of their screen most of the time, that's why the people that are just watching him, will notice it, because they don't need to focus on the same parts as the player, Ethan venting after killing Chris was still easily missable by people watching though, I had to rewind to that scene after reading people's comments about it, because I wasn't looking at the top of the screen in that exact moment. So stop blaming Mark for not seeing it, it's very likely that you wouldn't have seen it either if you were in his shoes.
Mr M
Mr M 5 hours ago
Anyone else see B I R T H vent after he killed Chris?
Emily Woodruff
Emily Woodruff 5 hours ago
Me: watches ethens pet go into the vent Mark: Ethan is clear 👁👄👁
White Wolf
White Wolf 6 hours ago
I know some of you already noticed when Markiplier went all out after Trevor's comment. It just shows that when someone isn't interested in a game but you might be surprised if they end up doing better at it than you if they're motivated enough to get serious.
spaceman77 7 hours ago
Mark was too poor to be stupid
socialgirl 378
socialgirl 378 7 hours ago
34:05 - He has insulted The Man.
kd8lvt 8 hours ago
"Let's let the boys talk" "I'm a girl..."
TheDedOne69 9 hours ago
Mark: *sees body collapse* Me: *sees body collapse and ethans pet vent after ethan vented* Me: PLS TELL ME YOU SAW THAT Mark: i dont think its ethan Me: FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFU-
Silver Chicken
Silver Chicken 9 hours ago
Mark really went, "are you challenging me?*
Kathleen Fisher
Kathleen Fisher 11 hours ago
Kathleen Fisher
Kathleen Fisher 11 hours ago
does mark ever get impossssssssstoor>
Kathleen Fisher
Kathleen Fisher 11 hours ago
the familliar voice of, mark, and ethan. :)
AirlessHidden 13 hours ago
9:00 you find like the rarator from ghost rider 🤣🤣🤣
Joshua Propes
Joshua Propes 14 hours ago
This is why I love mark
Jasper Highwind
Jasper Highwind 15 hours ago
Get 'em, Mark!
NIFFE 16 hours ago
I'm surprised there weren't more Who Killed Markiplier jokes.
Diego Alejandro
Diego Alejandro 17 hours ago
Mark should react to the Mystery Skulls series
n!tromy 18 hours ago
Memento Mori Theme Feels
Dexel 20 hours ago
I come from Russia, although I something don't understand, when they're talking,and I click like,markiplier is nice)
iLackSocialSkill 23 hours ago
bro how did he not see black LITERALLY KILL AND THEN VENT. this man is legally blind istg
Dave Crupel
Dave Crupel Day ago
For anyone curious, the song at 33:00 is called "Antidote X" by Van Sandano
zoe collins
zoe collins Day ago
Did anyone else catch when Ethan said he saw Mark in storage, but the lights were out. 👁👄👁
Dave Crupel
Dave Crupel Day ago
I knew it was Ethan in the last round. When he killed the pink guy, Mark entered the scene JUST long enough for me to catch a black top/black pet drop down that vent. Im betting Mark didn't catch that.
KingGreg7 Day ago
Darkiplier is coming for you Trevor.
Ches Beta
Ches Beta Day ago
"Not capable of self-reporting." Trevor, what have you done? :'D
ーPeach Day ago
Mark just popped off at the end lmao i'm proud
Elysian _ B.K
Andrea TheNineTalesHuman
Unbelievable video Markiplier.
Alex Samaniego
best crewmate :)
JiggePancake Day ago
When you realize that awesome sauce is fundip
Jesse Richmond
I might just be better at noticing things than Mark is but I definitely saw Ethan vent after the Chris kill. I'm really proud of how Mark figured out it was Ethan though like holy hell dude that was some real detective skill.
error Day ago
during the last detective game i knew from the beggining it was trevor and ethan during the caf kill trevor was walking away from the body but (idk why) mark didnt saw it and saw everyone else and ethan did an vent kill that was kinda hard to see the color but i did see his pet, the mini among us player, which color was black, the same as ethan also. big. brain. time.
Zukon Day ago
Love the soap opera music
Kitty InPink
Kitty InPink Day ago
Big brain time
Tayah Kinakin
Yo why he sound like Gaara at 5:47 tho...
nearly899 Day ago
unus annus it really happened it wasn't a year longer fever dream momento mori we will remember them...
ruan van tubbergh
i love mark's unus annus refrens i wanna cry becuse thy are gone
Layal Saleh
Layal Saleh Day ago
36:15 mark may have found out that it was ethan anyway, but it still bugs me that he didn't know immediately when he vented here lmao
Lillian Johnson
"From the beyond" Created by: markiplier Narrated by: markiplier Starring: markiplier
iamdri Day ago
5:46 memories...
David Martin
David Martin Day ago
How did Mark miss the mini Eathan jump into the vent?
Mythologi Day ago
15:28 he did the glitch without even realizing it was a thing
Michael Rodriguez
I genuinely love marks play of among us more than other platformers
ErEd Day ago
* saw Ethan kill and vent * “it’s definitely not Ethan
Mark: "I'm haunting you... it's me... FROM THE BEYOND!" Unus Annus theme starts playing Me: "Cries internally"
Kaylee 1342
Kaylee 1342 Day ago
Mark said he was haunting from the grave then the turncoat song played. Perfect joke.
PabloIsTrash 2 days ago
Mark is holding back.
Madison Luyao
Madison Luyao 2 days ago
5:47 thanks for dropping in unus annus music to make us cry later mark you rotten man
Madison Luyao
Madison Luyao 2 days ago
Yeah I should take a break from watching Ethan's videos obsessively, lemme watch this Markiplier video instead,,, 0:00 well fuck
Leihap 2 days ago
Okay when Mark when to upper engine and saw a body he ligit caught Ethan venting! Slow it down!!! 36:15 in play back speed 0.25 and see Ethan vent away from body
Polazoid 2 days ago
Markiplier:Dumb Markiplier:Detective Mode
Jazzygirl 3105
Jazzygirl 3105 2 days ago
36:15 You can see Ethans child going into the vent
Reynard S. H.
Reynard S. H. 2 days ago
8:56 hello, my name is markiplier, and welcome... to the world's quietest... lets play
Fizo Almighty
Fizo Almighty 2 days ago
mark is incapable of selfreport mark:i was only using 1% of my power
Linkmangamer 2 days ago
I think Darkiplier switched with mark for a day
Fizo Almighty
Fizo Almighty 2 days ago
i want mark to read me to sleep
Queer And Here
Queer And Here 2 days ago
Everyone: *talking over Mark's dramatic monologue* Me: *actually wanting to hear it* everybody shut the f*ck up
Queer And Here
Queer And Here 2 days ago
Mark: *telling a dramatic story about being in space* Everyone else: *respectively listening*
Puddle Slime
Puddle Slime 2 days ago
Mark accidentally doing the Engine Alignment glitch made me proud
oh someone with my name in this video, trevor, cool.
Bratty 2 days ago
Hey mark :)
Stool Pigeon
Stool Pigeon 2 days ago
I love you Mark! Hey Gracie, happy birthday! Tredecim annus! Go where Papa keeps Charles Martel's nickname...
Geoffrey Alejandro
Mark big brain moment
Demi Daemon
Demi Daemon 2 days ago
Shelby Black
Shelby Black 2 days ago
god thank you for having them play with another Shelby.... every time Ethan said Shelby I internally panicked lmaoooo.
꧁Aesthetics꧂ 2 days ago
I love how everyone stops talking when Mark made a discovery.
Captian Corn
Captian Corn 2 days ago
Mark in voting: so there I was standing by my task picking out the leaves one by one... 1...2...3...4..5...6 they were slowly turning crisp and brown... It must be fall back on earth... I miss those days back on the ranch farming... Mark after voting: anyways imma go do my o2 leaves thingies doo doo doo
OwlGirl 2 days ago
Captian Corn
Captian Corn 2 days ago
Mark is literally the description of absolute comedy
Philip 2 days ago
Didn't say "junius." Missed opportunity.
Ashlynn Moon
Ashlynn Moon 2 days ago
they killed unus annus first jnsndjsk
Noval Black Memes
came on here thinking the big brain thing was a joke - nah man it's big brain time
stinner2000 2 days ago
"...My monologue..."
Milo Mohr
Milo Mohr 2 days ago
i love how they all wore party hats for ethan and ethan wore the bday one, is cute
Braden Duvall
Braden Duvall 2 days ago
26:18 he called himself not smart while saying sorry :OOOOOOOOOOOO
Angeline Kingston
Right when I got out of fullscreen then there was an ad that said "You wanna laugh? Subscribe!"
David Whitley
David Whitley 2 days ago
Trevor awoke a sleeping giant when he dissed Mark like that.
Emeri Ekstrand
Emeri Ekstrand 2 days ago
I love how mark just like kinda hates among us but still plays it because his friends want him to.
Paul Stuff
Paul Stuff 2 days ago
Mark: listen to me Everyone: keeps talking about the body Mark: LISTEN TO ME
Raymond Petron
Raymond Petron 2 days ago
b i r t h and trevor
Delaney 2 days ago
1:37 that was so funny how they were all just making fun of him
AKA Adventure
AKA Adventure 2 days ago
That one girl sound so much like Rosanna Pansino from Nerdy Nummies.
E E 2 days ago
Bro the people mark play with are taking this game so seriously and it pisses me off.
PrezPez 3 days ago
Them: Mark’s filabusting wastes time! Also them: _waste time talking about how Mark’s filabusting wastes time_
Jaiden Likes dem myths
there may be ultimate imposters, but mark is an ultimate crewmate
Petruss 3 days ago
Lol eveyone is saying something about Unus Annus
PERSONNEL 3 days ago
4:57 *why the me?*
Amy Wilson
Amy Wilson 3 days ago
Black literally vented right in front of Mark and then he says he doesn't think Black is imposter
Verx Waffles
Verx Waffles 3 days ago
Mark and the gang should play the Among us game map in VRCHAT! It’d be really cool!!!😸
Saddle Tank Studios
I love how when mark reports eddys body at 33:25 and says: “Well well well.” You hear a guitar in the background.
Saddle Tank Studios
MJ-Saif 3 days ago
Whats the guitar track called?
KolbLucky 3 days ago
Hey mark to all the people commenting on the vid you made about Your niece just saying ignore them they’re just robots. And they might make you mad or sad but just remember they’re robots and don’t mean any of it 😊 ❤️ love ya mark!
Brendan Heath
Brendan Heath 3 days ago
"Not capable of self reporting" Anyone remember 2 episodes ago when he got Sean voted off and won a 1v8 by self-reporting
Polaris the Dragon
Polaris the Dragon 11 hours ago
Technically Sean reported, but he did manage to pin it on him
Майлз Прауер
Mark finally used 1% of his power.
Sayuri Rosa
Sayuri Rosa 3 days ago
Am i the only one who saw birthday boy's child go into the vent with him? At the last round when mark found chris.
kelsey t-p
kelsey t-p 3 days ago
“I haven’t seen ethan, that is the one person I haven’t seen anywhere.” *yet he stood directly in front of him while he vented and somehow didn’t see*
Man I love Mark
Random Manny
Random Manny 3 days ago
Thanks for your videos mark, I needed a good laugh