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Big thanks you the Game Grumps and Ross for organizing this Among Us Promixity Chat game and inviting me!
The Game Grumps ► us-first.info
RubberRoss ► us-first.info
bugsnhaxer ► us-first.info
Jadien ► us-first.info
Dooger ► us-first.info
MARKIPLIER SUB 4 GR8 CONTENT ► bit.ly/Markiplier
Spedicey ► us-first.info
Mortemer ► us-first.info
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Nov 25, 2020




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J.L. Todd the Diction Puppeteer
It's kinda cool to watch Mark go from never having played before and now getting two kills in a single round before a body is even found
Jaxcraft 28
Jaxcraft 28 13 hours ago
Mark. Please PLEASE play Dead of Night!
愛Amaterasu 23 hours ago
3:36 perfectly good pun and no one got it ✋😞
Desktop Goose
oh hi mark
Nivan Jeffries
yo, Jaidenanimations and Danny playing with Mark!
John Keeton
John Keeton Day ago
11:35 look at his face as he’s faking his personality. It slightly scares me
Jaxcraft 28
Jaxcraft 28 2 days ago
Ok. I am convinced now that BugsnHaxer is a robot. XD
Jaxcraft 28
Jaxcraft 28 2 days ago
18:56: Hmm. You 2 are kinda sus rn. XD
Jaxcraft 28
Jaxcraft 28 2 days ago
12:30: How has Mark gotten so GOOD at lying!?
Jaxcraft 28
Jaxcraft 28 2 days ago
12:06: Oh my gosh, Jack sounds so menacing.
Jaxcraft 28
Jaxcraft 28 2 days ago
I love how Jack just randomly runs past Mark screaming "Ah, Erin, run away!" XD
Jaxcraft 28
Jaxcraft 28 2 days ago
Ross: "Hi Mark Mark *Slash* 🤣
Jaxcraft 28
Jaxcraft 28 2 days ago
Man. Mark's come so far in this game. He's actually getting more invested in it.
Jaxcraft 28
Jaxcraft 28 2 days ago
6:33: Mortermer's deflecting! XD 7:07: I've made this mistake before. Mark, if you're wrong on this. XD 7:43: Dang it!
Carter Glenn
Carter Glenn 2 days ago
27:51 Remember the popcorn vid? He surely did that on "accident"
Mikey Dangerously
Hacker cracked me up in the beginning. "What do I do? Good question!" That's a good one
Blair Birecki
Blair Birecki 3 days ago
I laughed my ass off when Mark would start talking then kill them
Simp-a-licious 3 days ago
Is anyone gonna talk about how soft bugsnhaxer’s voice is? I be sounding like a ape- 🥲
HyperStar Gaming
HyperStar Gaming 3 days ago
“And what pops out of a hole? A witches hat! Followed by a body!” Mark, you’re the best man
Lewis 3 days ago
Loving the Among Us Content Mark! It's nice to see how much of our Favourite US-firstrs Come together like this.
Ohsole Meeeo
Ohsole Meeeo 3 days ago
"can i have some banana to feed my children" its just a banana peel they are poisonus....ah an uneducated person in its true habitat. not only are banana peel not poisonus they 100% edible and also contain more potassium than the banana itself does.
Lourdes Fonseca
Lourdes Fonseca 3 days ago
how many nook miles did you pay for this mod?
Lily Chavez
Lily Chavez 3 days ago
This is the worst video ever
Lily Chavez
Lily Chavez 3 days ago
@Shobco mark said to go back to this vid and make a bad comment.... Edit: we love mark
Shobco 3 days ago
@Lily Chavez haters gonna hate
Lily Chavez
Lily Chavez 3 days ago
This is for you mark...
Poplemanic123 4 days ago
New Game mode: KILL IT IF IT MOVES Rule 1: Call meeting at start of round unless on skeld. Rule 2: After meeting, whoever moves first gets voted out. Rule 3: No sabotages. Rule 4: MAX MEETINGS! Rule 5: Confirm Ejects on. Rule 6: Have fun! Description: I tried this in a public lobby and, well lets just say I could not stop laughing. ITS SO FUNNY! Among us.
Alexander Harrison
Ross: Hi Mark. Mark: [kills Ross] Me: Was that vengeance for Mario Maker?
legalize homicide
Us among
Just Evan Estepp.
I like the prowler music
Bar dock The best dad
Subscribe for great content today... *SPEDICEY*
Patricia Kinsley
Patricia Kinsley 5 days ago
After watching this video I wish both Markiplier and Corpse have an impostor round. Would be fun to watch.
Spong15 5 days ago
Boo what a bad reality.
Tord The Funny Doofus
Jack is a detective. He guessed them both first round first meeting XD
Kracko's Exotic Butters
"boo” “what a bad youtuber" “this video is terrible" “I can’t believe I watched this video"
Hannah Nigrin
Hannah Nigrin 7 days ago
That kill was sssssssss
Ayden Sauter
Ayden Sauter 7 days ago
Spirit 7 days ago
7:55 *that was some beautiful mmmmmmmmmm*
TrueBlacksmith 7 days ago
Joavee 8 days ago
Hmmmmm Sir 🤔 Is this your only Among Us character? Your voice reminds me of a certain Among Us player with a deep soothing voice 😫😮
Agent Baguette
Agent Baguette 8 days ago
One whose name might start with a...C, perhaps?
O w O
O w O 8 days ago
jaiden? is not that character on r34? O.o
O w O
O w O 8 days ago
@Agent Baguette about jaiden
Agent Baguette
Agent Baguette 8 days ago
What are u tryna say?
kexard 8 days ago
“Arin just murdered Susie” “Yoooo- wait what?
DJ Aeul
DJ Aeul 8 days ago
1:55 how?🤯
AdamRBX 8 days ago
6:03 omg that scared me sooo much I jumped
Crimson Warrior
Crimson Warrior 8 days ago
11:15 hi mark
Zerra Reid
Zerra Reid 8 days ago
go markiplier! go!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOO
Turtle Lover
Turtle Lover 9 days ago
People out here acting so shock about Mark being so harmless then suddenly 180° killing Jack, and actually forgot that he is "the crazy butt stabber", that one psychopath that like to stab you in the butt
DG Snuggle The Pug
This video confirms that mark is secretly prowler
gamer 9 days ago
Oh hi mark. *dead*
Atlantix 9 days ago
11:35 ok that was the best kill I've seen yet lmao
Large Croissant
Large Croissant 9 days ago
Ross lived past a round. It’s him.
Xforever_HappyX -3-
Pepa: Hello Susie!
REEE KID 2 10 days ago
nice video
Hannah Mills
Hannah Mills 10 days ago
are these guys random people joining u and Jack or do u know them
Blingy 10 days ago
Ross' last words, *"Hi Mark!"* Also Hacker's laugh at 14:53 was so funny
Ohsole Meeeo
Ohsole Meeeo 10 days ago
*markiplier gets stressed....looses ability to speak* you dont fit in these games mark.
MyDogSaysMeow 11 days ago
How u put the proximity chat??
Laura Ortiz
Laura Ortiz 11 days ago
Mark going from goofy to serious as he killed people was something indescribable, like wow what a psycho
ThatOnePyroNoob 11 days ago
We are this close to the Markiplier Alpharad collab everyone has been waiting for
Diego Sayavedra Fierro
That first round really confused me
Zora The Magic
Zora The Magic 11 days ago
I live you playing
Killer Productions
Killer Productions 11 days ago
Dan is so wholesome tho
Trung Nguyen
Trung Nguyen 11 days ago
Why doesn’t Mark fix lights?
Perry Mccool
Perry Mccool 11 days ago
*Introductions at an AA meeting in a circle * "Hi I'm Mark" "I'm Emily" "I'm Eric" "SPEDICEY!!!!!" "I'm Bob"
CraftyCrab 11 days ago
11:34 and 14:59 are the best parts with the prowler theme. He sounds so normal and mid-sentence, he suddenly just goes silent after he gets them
I think I
I think I 12 days ago
Mark:lalala doin my tasks puttin things in a box working hard or hardly workin Bugzhaxer:hahaha
Marylou Pilkington
Marylou Pilkington 12 days ago
jadien animations cool
Noodle Kid
Noodle Kid 12 days ago
*S P E D I C E Y*
Garrett Carter
Garrett Carter 12 days ago
In that case, HOW THE HELL did Suzie teleport to the other side of the map if she wasn't Imposter?
hehe 12 days ago
does anyone have jack’s perspective when mark killed him in specimen??
Rose Cats
Rose Cats 12 days ago
10:45 They were in the room where it happend I WANNA BE IN THE ROOM WHER- okay ill leave
Ashton J
Ashton J 12 days ago
I watched this on Game grumps a couple days ago and my memory is so good I totally remember the imposters
Brayden Wabeke
Brayden Wabeke 12 days ago
Mark looks like a sociopath when him and jack both laugh and mark kills jack and goes back to a straight face
emo bandito
emo bandito 12 days ago
i love the prowler theme omg
Jess Mahoney
Jess Mahoney 12 days ago
Veronica Van Taco
Veronica Van Taco 13 days ago
Hacker: Yay Mark yay! Me: *MY HEART*
Fyodor Dolokhov
Fyodor Dolokhov 13 days ago
22:20 this whole part is so awkward lol poor kid
Sunny Cooper
Sunny Cooper 13 days ago
"I can't believe the Aussie Posse took us out.."
1Captain Obvious
1Captain Obvious 13 days ago
14:40 I just had to rewatch this game cause... right at the end there.... the murderous intensity in his eyes *noms on popcorn*
Rey Dragonclaw
Rey Dragonclaw 13 days ago
Bug's voice is oddly perfect for Baby's voice from Sister Location, especially at 19:31
Bunny 13 days ago
*jaiden animations?*
CubixCola 13 days ago
hi im suzy i said the hard r on a stream haha
Gazoomba 13 days ago
ImaginaryIfera 13 days ago
Dude the way he can just walk up to someone, act completely normal and have a lil' convo, he'll be smiling or laughing and then just murder someone and his face goes stone cold. Fuckin terrifying, what a madlad.
Eric Draghici
Eric Draghici 13 days ago
Markiplier is actually quite terrifying as imposter
Ca_LLeB 13 days ago
noob noob
noob noob 13 days ago
Alaska Lolapop
Alaska Lolapop 14 days ago
This comment section: 20% - “What a bad US-firstr” 30% - The way he killed Jaiden was so scary 50% - SPEDICEY
Joan Wood
Joan Wood 14 days ago
The rainy australian posteriorly subtract because domain pathogenetically analyse during a slimy brake. modern, null digger
CreativitywithGigi 14 days ago
He is a good streamer and very funny so go follow nolove_216 on TWITCH rnnnn. He is literally amazing and you’d enjoy watching him so let’s make him big.
Zangle 14 days ago
I find it funny how Mark acts like an Imposter when he’s crew but Crew when he’s imposter lol
Tom M
Tom M 14 days ago
Ocean Blumer
Ocean Blumer 14 days ago
I shall speak a quote from this video. "NO NO my accountability buddy".
Woken in a nutshell
Kae Bee
Kae Bee 14 days ago
I have been watching these videos nonstop for the past week because they are so feckin hilarious. I love how mark just walks up to someone has a mini conversation with them and then just kills mid-sentence. It's fecking awesome. FYI, I said fecking in place of the "F" word for those who are uncomfortable with curse words. :D
Bradley Baldillez
Bradley Baldillez 14 days ago
my character name is fortnite
Nicholas Davis
Nicholas Davis 11 days ago
Haha what
Bradley Baldillez
Bradley Baldillez 14 days ago
hey markiplier can you plz play among us with me
Nicholas Davis
Nicholas Davis 11 days ago
Yeah that probably isn't happening
suna 173.6jm
suna 173.6jm 14 days ago
its kinda weird to watch a letsplay without him talking to us
Bastardous Bell Pepper
"Boo” “What a bad US-firstr" “This video is terrible" “I can’t believe I watched this video” not really
Lylanotleela 15 days ago
Markiplier, there's an ad on Facebook using your thumbnail from this video. Just thought you should know.
Daily Dose Of Stupitity
yay Jaiden Animations :DDDD
matthew laird
matthew laird 15 days ago
i didn't know you guys played with jaiden animations.